Best Pimento Cheese Spread

Pimento cheese spread is a southern United States staple that has been around for over a century. It is a creamy, spicy cheese spread made from shredded cheese, mayonnaise, pimentos, and seasoning. Pimento cheese can be used in many ways - as a sandwich spread, a dip, or even as the main filling in hors d'oeuvres. It's versatile, flavorful, and downright addictive.

Pimento cheese likely originated in the late 19th or early 20th century in the South. One theory is that it was created by farmers who had access to a lot of milk and cheese. Another possibility is that it was invented by food vendors as a spreadable snack item to sell at baseball games. The first published recipes for pimento cheese spread appeared in the early 1900s.

Best Pimento Cheese Spread

Whatever its exact origin, pimento cheese has become a beloved southern staple over the years. It's considered by many to be a comfort food with nostalgic ties. The blend of creamy cheese, mayo, chopped pimentos, and spices is satisfying and highly craveable. Pimento cheese spread can be found everywhere from fine dining establishments to gas stations in the South.

Making your own pimento cheese spread at home is easy and allows you to customize it to suit your tastes. You can control the amount of spice, creaminess, and tang. Homemade pimento cheese requires just a few ingredients and comes together in just 10 minutes or less. It also makes a great gift or snack to share at parties and potlucks.

When shopping for ready-made pimento cheese spread, be sure to check the ingredients list and nutritional information. Quality brands will use natural ingredients like real cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and pimentos. Watch out for versions with a lot of preservatives or stabilizers. The spread should have a nice balance of flavors without being overly salty or tangy.

Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread

Kraft Cheese Spread, Pimento, 5 Ounce

    This Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread is a delicious classic that will make your sandwiches and snacks flavorful. The rich and creamy cheddar cheese mixed with diced pimentos creates a tangy, savory flavor that is hard to resist. Spread it generously on crackers or bread for an instant appetizer, or add it to cooked pasta or veggies for an extra pop of cheesy goodness. A little goes a long way with this flavor-packed spread.

    The convenience of the resealable jar makes it easy to store this spread in the fridge for snacking anytime. The 5 ounce size is perfect for individual use. Simply pry the button off carefully and you're all set to enjoy the cheesy goodness inside. This spread also makes a great addition to recipes like macaroni and cheese or casseroles when you want an extra punch of cheesy flavor.

    Key features:

    • Creamy and tangy pimento cheese flavor
    • Perfect for spreading on sandwiches or snacking with crackers
    • Convenient resealable 5 oz jar


    • Delicious classic flavor
    • Endless recipe versatility
    • Easy to store and use


    • Smaller 5 oz size

    Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread Pack of 2

    Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread 5 Oz (Pack of 2)

    This two-pack of Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread is perfect for cheese lovers. The rich, creamy cheddar cheese and diced pimentos create a uniquely delicious flavor that is versatile and satisfying. Generously spread it on your favorite crackers, bread, or toast for an instant cheesy snack anytime. You can also add dollops to cooked pasta, veggies, or casseroles to take the flavor up a notch.

    Having two resealable 5 ounce jars makes it convenient to always have this tasty spread on hand in the fridge. The smaller size also prevents waste since you can open one jar at a time. When ready to use, simply pry the button on the lid open carefully. Then dig into the smooth, creamy texture and tangy cheddar pimento flavor inside. This spread makes an easy, tasty addition to any meal.

    Key features:

    • Pack of two 5 oz resealable jars
    • Tangy and creamy pimento cheddar flavor
    • Easy to spread on sandwiches or snacks


    • Satisfying classic flavor
    • Convenient pack of two
    • Endless recipe versatility


    • Only 5 oz jar size

    Kraft Pimento Spread with Philadelphia Cream Cheese

    Kraft Pimento Spread with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 5 oz Jar

      This Kraft Pimento Spread gets an extra boost of creaminess from Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The result is a rich, velvety texture and full-bodied flavor you're sure to love. Generously spread it on crackers, bread, or celery sticks for an irresistible snack. You can also add dollops into recipes like macaroni and cheese, casseroles, or mashed potatoes when you want extra cheesy decadence.

      The blend of cream cheese and diced pimentos gives this spread a delightfully smooth, creamy mouthfeel and tangy cheddar flavor. It's versatile enough to enjoy on its own or add oomph to recipes. The convenient 5 ounce resealable jar makes it easy to pull this spread out of the fridge whenever you get a craving. Simply pry the lid open carefully and you're ready to start spreading the cheesy goodness.

      Key features:

      • Made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese
      • Creamy, smooth texture
      • Tangy cheddar pimento flavor


      • Velvety, rich texture
      • Deliciously creamy flavor
      • Convenient 5 oz jar


      • Only available in 5 oz size

      Prices Pimento Cheese Spread

      Prices Pimento Cheese Spread, 7 Ounce Cup -- 12 per case.

        With its unique flavor and creamy texture, this Prices Pimento Cheese Spread is sure to become a snack-time staple. Generously spread it onto crackers, bread, or celery for instant cheesy satisfaction. The diced pimentos mixed into the creamy cheddar cheese base creates a tangy flavor that is hard to resist. You can also add it to recipes like mac and cheese or casseroles when you want an extra punch of cheesy richness.

        The 7 ounce plastic cups make this spread easy and convenient to use. Simply peel back the lid when you're ready to dig into the smooth, velvety texture inside. This spread has the perfect balance of spicy and creamy flavors that will awake your tastebuds. Keep a few cups stocked in the fridge for quick and delicious snacks or cooking anytime. It might just become your new go-to flavor booster.

        Key features:

        • Unique pimento cheddar flavor
        • Creamy, smooth texture
        • Convenient 7 oz plastic cups


        • Satisfyingly creamy mouthfeel
        • Tangy cheddar and spicy pimento flavors
        • Easy to use and store


        • Only available in 7 oz cup size

        Kraft Pimento Spread Pack of 6

        Kraft Pimento Spread, 5 Ounce (Pack of 6)

          This pack of six 5 ounce jars of Kraft Pimento Spread is perfect for keeping creamy, tangy flavor on hand anytime. Generously spread it onto sandwiches, mix it into recipes, or eat it straight with your favorite crackers for a satisfying snack. The rich cheddar cheese and spicy pimentos combine into a luxuriously velvety texture with robust flavor you're sure to love.

          Having six resealable jars makes it easy to always have this versatile spread available in your fridge. The 5 ounce size is great for individual use or snacks on the go. When ready to indulge, simply pry the button on the lid open carefully. Then dig into the creamy, cheesy goodness inside. With so many ways to enjoy it, this flavorful spread might become your new snack-time staple.

          Key features:

          • Pack of six 5 oz jars
          • Creamy, velvety texture
          • Tangy cheddar and spicy pimento flavors


          • Convenient multi-pack
          • Delicious classic flavor
          • Easy to spread and enjoy


          • Only available in 5 oz jars

          Prices Original Pimiento Cheese Spread

          Original Pimiento Cheese Spread, 12 Ounce Cup - 12 per case._AB

          You will love the classic taste of Prices Original Pimiento Cheese Spread. This spreadable cheese is made with real cheddar cheese, pimiento peppers, and salad dressing for a delicious Southern flavor. When you open the cup, you will notice the bright orange color from the pimiento.

          Scoop out the smooth, creamy cheese and pair it with crackers or chips for a satisfying snack. The cheese has a wonderful creamy and tangy flavor that is hard to resist. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a summer picnic or backyard barbecue. Spread it on sandwiches for a lunchtime treat.

          This pimiento cheese spread comes in a convenient 12 ounce plastic cup. The resealable lid keeps the cheese fresh after opening. It’s a product of Texas and brings that Southern charm and comfort food appeal. Keep a few cups on hand to enjoy anytime.

          Key features:

          • Made with real cheddar cheese and pimientos
          • Creamy, tangy flavor
          • Comes in 12 oz resealable cups


          • Delicious classic flavor
          • Smooth, spreadable texture
          • Convenient packaging


          • Contains high fructose corn syrup

          Pimento Cheese Spread Buying Guide

          Pimento cheese spread is a staple snack and sandwich topping in the American South. But not all pimento cheese options are created equal in terms of taste and ingredients. Here is an in-depth buying guide to help you select a quality pimento cheese spread:

          Check the Main Ingredients

          The first thing to look at when evaluating a pimento cheese product is the actual cheese used. The best pimento cheese spreads will be made with natural, shredded cheddar as the first ingredient. Avoid products that use "cheese food", as this contains more fillers and less real cheese.

          The cheese should ideally be aged cheddar for more flavor. Aged cheddar will provide a sharper, tangier taste and bolder orange color. Young or mild cheddar may result in blander pimento cheese.

          Mayonnaise is also a key ingredient in authentic pimento cheese recipes. Go for whole egg mayo rather than soybean or light mayo options. Whole eggs give the spread a richer texture.

          Finally, the red pimento peppers should be noticeable in a quality pimento cheese. Look for chopped or diced pimentos rather than a blend of red peppers and paprika. This ensures real pimento flavor.

          Check for Natural Ingredients

          The best tasting and healthiest pimento cheese options will use real, natural ingredients. Things like cheddar cheese, milk, mayonnaise, pimentos, and spices. High quality brands will usually state "no preservatives" on the label.

          Be wary of pimento cheese spreads with a long list of stabilizers, emulsifiers, modified food starch, and chemical preservatives. These extra ingredients are used to extend shelf life but can alter the flavor.

          It's also best to avoid pimento cheese made with hydrogenated or artificial oils. Go for products made with olive oil, canola oil, or real mayonnaise. This results in better texture and taste.

          Consider Shredded vs. Block

          Pimento cheese can be purchased either pre-shredded or in a block form. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

          Pre-shredded pimento cheese is convenient and ready to use straight out of the container. However, pre-shredding can sometimes cause cheese to dry out and clump. The texture may be less creamy.

          Buying pimento cheese in block form requires you to shred it yourself. But this allows you to achieve the exact shred size you want. It also keeps the cheese from drying out before use. Block pimento cheese often has a more velvety, moist texture when freshly shredded.

          So weigh your options and cooking needs when deciding between block and pre-shredded pimento cheese. Those short on time may opt for the convenience of pre-shredded. While those seeking ultimate texture may want to shred their own block.

          Consider Spicing Options

          Pimento cheese requires some seasonings and spices to balance out the rich creaminess. Most brands offer either mild or spicy versions.

          Those who don't tolerate much heat should go for mildly spiced pimento cheese. Jalapenos and cayenne sometimes provide the heat in spicier blends.

          Other common seasoning options include paprika, salt, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, black pepper, and onion/garlic powders. Think about flavor preferences before selecting a particular brand.

          You can also season and tweak homemade pimento cheese to suit your tastes. Start with less spice and adjust upwardly as desired. It’s easier to make pimento cheese more spicy than to tone down the heat.

          Mind the Sodium Content

          Pimento cheese does tend to be fairly high in sodium, due to the cheese, mayo, and certain spices. When comparing brands, keep an eye on the sodium levels.

          Some low-sodium pimento cheese options are available. However, these may compromise on flavor by using low-sodium cheese shreds.

          Those watching their salt intake can focus on getting most sodium from other foods in their diet. Also, you can rinse shredded cheese in cold water before making homemade pimento cheese to remove some salt.

          In general, traditional pimento cheese often ranges between 450-700mg sodium per serving. Anything significantly higher could likely use less salt during production.

          Check the Color

          When it comes to pimento cheese appearance, brighter is better. A vivid orange color indicates plenty of cheddar cheese and real pimento peppers.

          Pale or dull-colored spreads may rely more on spray-dried cheddar powder versus real cheese shreds. They may also use paprika instead of true red pimento peppers.

          A neon orange hue is ideal when shopping for ready-made pimento cheese or making it yourself. This vibrant color is appealing and reflects quality ingredients.

          Consider the Uses

          Think about your intended uses for pimento cheese when shopping. Are you planning to use it strictly as a sandwich spread? Or will you also serve it as an appetizer with crackers and vegetables?

          Very creamy, soft pimento cheese works best as a spreadable dip. However, these soft blends may make sandwiches messy.

          Firmer pimento cheese holds its shape better on sandwiches. But it may not spread as nicely onto crackers.

          Understand your pimento cheese priorities before buying. Consider purchasing two options - a firmer cheese for sandwiches and softer one for appetizers.

          Or stick with a moderately soft blend that does the job for both uses. Just avoid very crumbly pimento cheese, as this can become frustrating to work with.

          By keeping these factors in mind when shopping, you can select a top-notch pimento cheese spread to enjoy. Look for natural ingredients, real cheddar, and vibrant color. Consider the intended uses and spice level as well. With so many tasty options, you're sure to find an ideal pimento cheese to become your new favorite snack.


          What's the Difference Between Pimento Cheese and Pimiento Cheese?

          These names refer to the same type of cheese spread. Pimento and pimiento are just two different words for the same red, heart-shaped peppers used in the recipe. Certain brands seem to prefer one spelling convention over the other, but there is no difference in the actual dish itself.

          What Kind of Cheese is Used in Pimento Cheese?

          The gold standard for pimento cheese is using shredded extra-sharp cheddar. Aged cheddar provides that signature tang and gives the spread a vivid orange color. Young or mild cheddar may result in more bland and pale-colored pimento cheese. White cheddar or other cheese varieties are also sometimes used, but aged cheddar remains the ideal choice.

          Is Pimento Cheese Spicy?

          Traditional pimento cheese recipes don't include much heat on their own. They rely more on black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and paprika for flavor. However, many commercial brands now offer spicy varieties made with jalapeno peppers, chipotles, or cayenne pepper. So pimento cheese today can range from mild to moderately spicy depending on your choice.

          How Long Does Homemade Pimento Cheese Last?

          Properly stored homemade pimento cheese will last around 5-7 days in the refrigerator. To maximize freshness, store it in an airtight container to prevent drying out. Also keep it towards the back of the fridge furthest from the door. And press plastic wrap directly atop the surface before sealing the container. This helps prevent oxidation.

          Can You Freeze Pimento Cheese?

          Freezing is a great way to preserve homemade pimento cheese for long-term storage. Simply transfer it to freezer bags or airtight containers, removing excess air. Thaw in the refrigerator before using again. Freezing should not significantly degrade the texture or taste.

          What are Good Pimento Cheese Substitutes?

          Some good substitutes for pimento cheese include:

          While they won't mimic the exact flavor, these options can fill in when pimento cheese is unavailable.

          What Can You Do With Pimento Cheese?

          Beyond sandwiches and spreads, pimento cheese also shines when incorporated into recipes, such as:

          • Pimento cheese hors d’oeuvres or bites
          • Pimento cheese deviled eggs
          • Baked pimento cheese dip or spread
          • Pimento cheese biscuits or rolls
          • Pimento cheese pancakes or waffles
          • Pimento cheese omelets or scrambled eggs

          So get creative with this versatile southern staple! It's just as at home in appetizers and main dishes as it is in dips, sandwiches and sides.


          For over a century, pimento cheese has been a cherished southern food tradition.

          Its creamy, spicy appeal is hard to rival. Making or buying quality pimento cheese comes down to checking ingredients, spice level, color, and intended use.

          Opt for natural components, real aged cheddar, pimentos, and moderate fat content. Customize the overall texture and kick to your preferences.


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