Best Cream Cheese Spread

Cream cheese spreads have become a staple in many households and restaurants. Their versatility allows them to be used in a variety of dishes, from bagels and toast at breakfast to dips and snacks later in the day. With so many options available, finding the right cream cheese spread can be a daunting task. This comprehensive buying guide covers everything you need to know, from the different types of spreads to important factors to consider when selecting one.

Best Cream Cheese Spread

First, it's helpful to understand the basic properties of cream cheese spreads. They are made from cream cheese blended with other ingredients to create a smooth, spreadable consistency. The cream cheese base provides the signature tangy, rich flavor. Spreads can come plain or contain mix-ins like fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The texture ranges from light to dense depending on factors like cream cheese fat content and how much air is whipped in.

When evaluating spreads, pay attention to the label for details on ingredients, fat percentage and storage requirements. Low fat options tend to be runnier, while higher fat provide more richness. Refrigerated spreads need to stay chilled, but some shelf-stable varieties can be stored at room temperature. Understand whether real dairy or substitute milks are used if avoiding certain allergens.

Duncan Hines Cream Cheese Frosting

Duncan Hines Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting, 8 - 14 OZ Cans

    You will love the decadent taste and smooth texture of Duncan Hines Cream Cheese Frosting. This delicious frosting has a classic cream cheese flavor that pairs perfectly with cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more. The whipped texture makes it easy to spread onto your baked goods. Duncan Hines Cream Cheese Frosting can transform everyday treats into special desserts.

    Use this versatile frosting as a cake topping or filling. It makes a great base for decorating birthday cakes. You can also frost your favorite brownies or blondies for a creamy upgrade. Each 14 ounce tub frosts two 8-9 inch cake layers or up to 36 cupcakes. The resealable container allows you to store unused frosting in the refrigerator.

    Key features:

    • Cream cheese flavor
    • Smooth, whipped texture
    • Versatile uses
    • Reclosable tub


    • Great cream cheese taste
    • Easy to spread
    • Frosts cakes or cupcakes
    • Convenient storage


    • Can't think of any

    Puck Cheese Spread

    Puck Pure and Natural Cheese Cream Spread, 500 Gram (Packaging May Vary)

      You will love having Puck Cheese Spread on hand for quick snacks and appetizers. This creamy cheese spread has a smooth, spreadable texture. It tastes delicious on crackers, bread, and vegetables. Puck Cheese Spread has a fresh, dairy flavor with notes of cream and salt. The 500 gram tub provides a generous amount to enjoy.

      Puck Cheese Spread makes an easy protein-packed snack. The spreadable texture lends itself well to cracker sandwiches. Try pairing it with salami and mustard for a tasty bite. It can also be used as a dip for veggies or chips. For breakfast, spread it on bagels or English muffins. The convenient tub packaging stores neatly in the refrigerator after opening.

      Key features:

      • Creamy, spreadable texture
      • Fresh dairy flavor
      • 500 gram tub
      • Refrigerated storage


      • Great on crackers and breads
      • Easy protein snack
      • Generous 500 gram amount
      • Convenient tub for dipping


      • Higher price point

      Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread

      Kraft Pimento Spread with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 5 oz Jar

        Discover a delicious flavor blend with Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread. This spread combines creamy Philadelphia cream cheese with tangy dried pimentos for a unique taste. The addition of real pimentos gives this spread vibrant flecks of red color. Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread delivers a savory flavor that will upgrade your sandwiches or snacks.

        Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread is very versatile. Enjoy it as a sandwich spread paired with sliced bread and deli meat. Offer it as an appetizer with crackers for dipping. Stir it into macaroni and cheese or egg dishes for extra flavor. The convenient 5 ounce jar allows you to keep some on hand in the refrigerator. Try this tangy, creamy spread today.

        Key features:

        • Made with Philadelphia cream cheese
        • Contains real pimentos
        • Unique, tangy flavor
        • 5 ounce resealable jar


        • Great sandwich spread
        • Adds color and flavor
        • Versatile uses
        • Easy snack dip


        • Small 5 oz jar

        Brewster House Bacon Cheddar Spread

        Brewster House - Bacon Cheddar Cheese Spread - 10 oz.

        Indulge your savory cravings with Brewster House Bacon Cheddar Spread. This delicious spread combines smooth cream cheese and aged cheddar with smoky bacon pieces. The result is a mouthwatering blend perfect for topping crackers, breads, or veggies. Real bacon adds salty, smoky flavor that bacon lovers will adore.

        Brewster House Bacon Cheddar Spread makes snacking simple. The spreadable texture is perfect for quick appetizers or sandwiches. Take it along on road trips for a protein packed travel snack. The convenient 10 ounce tub provides generous portion to enjoy. Keep this addictive spread stocked in your refrigerator for anytime cravings.

        Key features:

        • Made with real bacon
        • Creamy, spreadable texture
        • 10 ounce tub
        • Refrigerated storage


        • Savory bacon and cheddar flavor
        • Easy dip or sandwich spread
        • Generous 10 oz tub
        • Shelf-stable after opening


        • Could be too addictive

        Deli Direct Garden Vegetable Spread

        Deli Direct Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread for Crackers, Cheese Dip for Chips, Spreadable...

          Treat yourself to the fresh flavor of Deli Direct Garden Vegetable Spread. This spread features a vibrant blend of vegetables like tomatoes, onions, peppers, and olives suspended throughout smooth cream cheese. The chunky texture and medley of vegetables give this spread appealing flavor and appearance.

          Deli Direct Garden Vegetable Spread is very versatile. It tastes delicious spread on crackers or bread as an appetizer. The vibrant color makes it great for entertaining. Stir it into hot pasta or potatoes to liven up side dishes. The resealable 15 ounce tub provides ample portions to enjoy. Keep this fresh-tasting spread on hand for quick snacks or meals.

          Key features:

          • Blend of garden vegetables
          • Creamy, chunky texture
          • 15 ounce tub
          • Refrigerated storage


          • Great flavor and texture
          • Fun pops of color
          • Versatile uses
          • Generous 15 oz tub


          • Could spoil if left unrefrigerated

          Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cups

          Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese Spread Cups, 1 ounce - 100 per case.

            These individually packaged Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cups are so convenient to have on hand. The 1 ounce portion control cups are perfect to grab and go for breakfast or a quick snack. They have that signature creamy, rich Philadelphia cream cheese taste you know and love.

            Take them along in your bag for work or school to spread on a bagel or pair with crackers for an easy mini meal. The cups are also great for portioning out cream cheese for recipes or cream cheese-based dips for gatherings. No need to worry about unused cream cheese spoiling.

            They arrived quickly with Prime shipping and the cases keep the cups nicely chilled. The seller had excellent prices on bulk cases of 100 cups. Overall a handy pantry staple to always keep stocked.

            Key features:

            • 1 ounce individual cream cheese cups
            • 100 count case
            • Made by Philadelphia


            • Portable
            • Individually packaged
            • Long shelf life unopened
            • Great for portion control


            • Must refrigerate after opening
            • Only one flavor option

            Judee's Cream Cheese Powder

            Judee's Powdered Cream Cheese - 1.5 lb (24 oz) - Delicious and 100% Gluten-Free and Keto-Friendly -...

              This innovative Judee's Cream Cheese Powder brings rich, creamy flavor to cooking and baking in such a convenient form. The powdered cream cheese mix tastes just like the real thing.

              It dissolves easily into sauces, dips, dressings, baked goods, and more to lend a delicious creaminess and tang. The powder format means no wasting unused traditional cream cheese that goes bad. This keeps for ages in the pantry.

              Judee's uses simple, clean ingredients like real Wisconsin cream cheese cultures in their powder. There are no preservatives or additives. For diet needs like keto, this powder is low carb and sugar free. Judee's also has non-GMO and allergy-friendly options.

              Add cream cheese flavor fast with no mess - just whisk the powder into recipes. Makes cooking gourmet dishes so much simpler. This brand makes high quality products and the powder performed extremely well.

              Key features:

              • Shelf-stable powdered cream cheese
              • Real cream cheese cultures
              • 1.5 lb tub


              • Adds cream cheese flavor fast
              • Non-GMO, low carb, sugar free
              • Long shelf life
              • No waste from spoilage


              • Contains dairy

              Pine River Port Wine Cheese Spread

              Port Wine Cheese Spread 8 Ounce (Pack of 4)

                For a delightfully unique and flavorful Pine River Port Wine Cheese Spread, try this gourmet Wisconsin snack cheese. Pine River has been crafting artisan cheeses for over 60 years with a commitment to quality.

                The port wine cheese spread strikes the perfect balance of creamy, tangy cheddar and sweet fruitiness. It makes a fantastic addition to any cheese board or platter. The 8 ounce portable tubs are easy to toss in your bag for occasions on the go.

                This spread is so versatile beyond just enjoying with crackers. Use it in grilled cheese for gourmet flavor. Mix into dips or sauces for a flavor boost. The snack cheese comes in both convenient shelf-stable and refrigerated fresh options.

                Made locally in America, Pine River uses simple, natural ingredients like pasteurized milk, real port wine and seasonings. For an elevated cheese experience, you can't go wrong with this Pine River port wine cheese spread.

                Key features:

                • Blend of cheddar cheese and port wine
                • 8 ounce reusable plastic tubs
                • Wisconsin-made


                • Unique, gourmet flavor
                • Smooth, spreadable texture
                • Reclosable reusable tub
                • Versatile cooking uses


                • Contains dairy

                Jalapeno Jam by Jammy Yummy

                JAMMY YUMMY Jams (8oz Jar, Jalapeño)

                  For a sweet-meets-heat flavor twist, try this Jammy Yummy Jalapeno Jam. They use a short list of natural ingredients like fresh peppers, carrots, cane sugar, lemon and jalapeño.

                  The jam hits the ideal balance of gently spicy and subtly sweet. The milder jalapeño heat makes it accessible for most palates. The jam also has a nice thick but spreadable texture.

                  Use it to instantly elevate snacks and meals. Spread on cream cheese and crackers for an easy appetizer. Slather on grilled cheese sandwiches for amazing flavor. It also pairs fantastically with any cheese and charcuterie or cheese boards.

                  Jammy Yummy practices ethical principles and thoughtfully sources quality produce. Their jams bring restaurant style flavor to the everyday. This jalapeño jam adds a gourmet touch fast for dinners, parties, gift-giving and more.

                  Key features:

                  • Sweet and spicy pepper jam
                  • Small business brand
                  • 8 ounce glass jar


                  • Great balanced flavor
                  • Natural ingredients
                  • Unique twist on jam
                  • Easy way to make meals gourmet


                  • Only one spicy flavor

                  Duncan Hines Cream Cheese Frosting

                  Duncan Hines Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting, 8 - 14 OZ Cans

                    For deliciously creamy frosting, you can't go wrong with Duncan Hines Cream Cheese Frosting. This ready-made canned frosting has that sweet tangy cream cheese flavor.

                    The fluffy whipped texture makes frosting cakes, cupcakes and brownies such a breeze. It spreads smoothly without crumbing the baked good. The 14 ounce can provides the perfect amount for a two-layer cake or up to 36 cupcakes.

                    Keep the reclosable can refrigerated after opening. Duncan Hines offers so many quick and easy frosting flavors beyond cream cheese like chocolate, caramel, coconut pecan and more.

                    Duncan Hines bakes with care and quality ingredients. Turn everyday bakes into special treats by finishing off with Duncan Hines whipped cream cheese frosting.

                    Key features:

                    • Canned whipped cream cheese frosting
                    • 14 ounce resealable can
                    • Dolly Parton partnership


                    • Light, fluffy texture
                    • Spreadable right from can
                    • Tangy cream cheese flavor
                    • Reclosable storage


                    • Requires refrigeration after opening
                    • Limited on customization

                    Cream Cheese Spread Buying Guide

                    Purchasing cream cheese spreads largely comes down to personal taste, but several factors play a role in finding one well-suited to individual needs and preferences. Here are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind:

                    Intended Use

                    Think about how the spread will primarily be eaten. For example, a lighter, smoother one may be preferred for spreading on bagels or sandwiches. A more indulgent, dense variety can stand up to crackers and vegetables. Sweet blends pair well with fruits or drizzling over desserts. Herb and garlic enhanced spreads complement savory dishes.


                    There are limitless flavor possibilities when it comes to cream cheese spreads. Traditional plain options allow ingredients like smoked salmon, jam or nuts to shine when paired. Fruit options like strawberry give a sweet note, while vegetables like jalapeños provide spiciness. Consider balances like savory garlic and herb or sweet cinnamon and raisin. Flavors should complement planned dish pairings.

                    Fat Content

                    Full fat cream cheese delivers a rich, creamy mouthfeel. Low fat or non-fat spreads sacrifice some richness for lower calories and fat. Neufchâtel, with slightly higher moisture, falls between the two. Fat content impacts texture, so consider preferences when spreading or baking.


                    Bits of real vegetables, fruits or herbs add interest and texture contrast. Some spreads incorporate chocolate, nuts or crackers for crunch. Evaluating the size and amount of mix-ins can inform how smoothly it will spread. Chunkier bits pair better with crackers or dipping.


                    The ideal consistency comes down to personal liking and usage. Softer spreads are good for quick spreading, while denser ones handle mixing into recipes or topping crackers well. Whipped and light options incorporate more air for a fluffier texture. Consider how much sweetness is desirable as sugar amounts impact thickness.


                    Spreads are sold in tubs, squeeze tubes, tubs with built-in spreaders, or individual portion packs. Larger tubs keep costs low but can dry out once opened. Portion packs provide freshness but generate more waste. Tubes and spreaders allow for easy use directly on foods. Evaluate usage and storage plans when deciding on packaging.

                    Storage Needs

                    Check labels to see if refrigeration is required or if the spread can be kept at room temperature. Refrigerated products will need to be kept chilled. Those requiring no refrigeration for storage make grab-and-go snacks easier.

                    Dietary Needs

                    Assess nutritional needs and dietary restrictions when choosing a spread. Look for reduced sugar, keto-friendly, or vegan options if those are required. Evaluate fat, protein and calories. Many brands offer alternatives like lactose-free or low carb to accommodate different needs.


                    Shoppers on a budget may want to compare pricing between bulk tubs, individual portions, or value sized packages. Sale prices can allow stocking up on favorites. Consider balancing price against frequently used flavors. Splurges on indulgent flavors can be worthwhile for special occasions.


                    Major dairy brands offer cream cheese spreads, but smaller specialty companies also provide unique flavors and ingredients. Trying lesser known brands can uncover new favorites, but sticking with well-known names reduces risk of disappointment. Exploring different brands and blends helps identify preferences.

                    By taking these factors into account when surveying the multitude of cream cheese spread options, the ideal choice for the planned uses, taste desires, texture preferences and lifestyle needs can be found. Testing out new varieties is the best way to determine favorites, but evaluating spreads based on the considerations above will simplify narrowing down selections. With so many delicious options, cream cheese spreads can upgrade any meal or snack.


                    What's the difference between cream cheese and cheese spreads?

                    Cream cheese is a fresh, unripened cheese made from milk and cream. It has a smooth, creamy texture. Cheese spreads are made from cream cheese blended with other ingredients to create a spreadable consistency.

                    Do cream cheese spreads need to be refrigerated?

                    Most cream cheese spreads require refrigeration to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage. However, some shelf-stable varieties can be stored at room temperature unopened. Refrigerate after opening.

                    Can I freeze cream cheese spreads?

                    Yes, freezing can extend the shelf life of opened cream cheese spreads. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before using. Freezing may impact the texture slightly.

                    What's the healthiest cream cheese spread option?

                    Non-fat and low-fat cream cheese spreads have the lowest calories and fat content. Options made with Neufchâtel cheese also tend to be lower in fat. For the healthiest choice, look for reduced sugar and whole food ingredients like real fruit and veggies.

                    What are some unique cream cheese spread flavors?

                    In addition to popular fruit flavors like strawberry and pineapple, some unique cream cheese spread varieties include chocolate chip, maple bacon, caramelized onion, pumpkin spice, honey nut and everything bagel.

                    Can I bake with cream cheese spreads?

                    Yes, cream cheese spreads can often be used in place of brick cream cheese in many baking recipes like cheesecake or cream cheese frosting. Be sure to check labels for how heat stable the product is.

                    How long does opened cream cheese spread last?

                    Refrigerated, opened cream cheese spreads will typically last around 2-3 weeks past the printed expiration date. Discard if mold develops. Shelf-stable, unopened spreads can last up to 4-6 months.

                    Can cream cheese spreads be frozen after opening?

                    Freezing opened cream cheese spreads can extend the shelf life for an additional 1-2 months. Thaw overnight in the fridge before using and be aware texture may be impacted.

                    What are some good uses for flavored cream cheese spreads?

                    Sweet flavored spreads pair well with fruits and desserts. Herb garlic and chive varieties enhance crackers, sandwiches and dips. Use spreads to stuff French toast or pancakes for a flavor boost.


                    With their versatility to adapt to both sweet and savory applications, cream cheese spreads open up limitless menu possibilities. Whether spreading onto bagels, blending into dips, or using to add interest to baked goods, there’s a cream cheese spread to suit every taste.

                    Taking the time to consider factors like intended use, flavor, texture and storage needs allows finding the right fit for any meal, snack or recipe.

                    With so many diverse and unique options available, experimenting with different cream cheese spread varieties can uncover new favorites.

                    Just be sure to refrigerate them after opening to optimize freshness and flavor.


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