Best Cheddar Cheese Spread

Cheddar cheese spread is a popular snack and sandwich topping option that is versatile, budget-friendly, and easy to make at home. With just a few simple ingredients like cheddar cheese, butter, and seasonings, you can whip up a tasty cheese spread in minutes.

Best Cheddar Cheese Spread

Cheddar cheese spreads come in a variety of flavors and textures. Traditional spreads feature the sharp, nutty flavor of aged cheddar, while flavored varieties incorporate ingredients like jalapeños, bacon, or spices. The texture ranges from smooth and creamy to thick and chunky.

There are many benefits to making your own homemade cheddar cheese spread. Store-bought spreads often contain preservatives, stabilizers, and other additives you may want to avoid. When you make it yourself, you control what goes in. Homemade spreads also allow you to customize the flavor and consistency to suit your personal taste.

Pine River Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread 8 Ounce (Pack of 4)

    The Pine River Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread is a delicious way to add cheddar flavor to crackers, vegetables, pretzels, and more. This smooth and creamy Wisconsin cheese spread is crafted with care using pasteurized cultured milk, salt, and enzymes.

    When you open a tub of Pine River Sharp Cheddar Spread, you'll immediately notice the beautiful golden color. Dig your spreader or knife in to reveal the rich, tangy cheddar notes. Slather some on a cracker or celery stick for a perfect snack or appetizer. The texture is smooth and easy to spread.

    Pine River has been handcrafting cheese spreads in Wisconsin for over 60 years. They use traditional techniques passed down through generations. This heritage shows in the full-bodied flavor of this sharp cheddar spread. It's the perfect balance of creamy and tangy.

    Some may find this spread slightly saltier than other brands. But the sharp cheddar flavor definitely shines through. This shelf-stable snack spread is very convenient for picnics, travel, and emergency food storage. The 8 ounce tub provides ample cheese dip for the whole family to enjoy.

    Key features:

    • Smooth, creamy Wisconsin cheese spread
    • Sharp and tangy cheddar flavor
    • Shelf-stable for storage and travel


    • Full cheddar flavor
    • Easy to spread texture
    • Made by a heritage Wisconsin creamery


    • Saltier than some similar spreads

    Deli Direct Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Cheese Spread

    Deli Direct, Farmers Market, Cheese Spread - Shelf Stable, Gourmet Spreadable Cheese for Crackers,...

      For an incredible aged cheddar flavor, try the Deli Direct Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Cheese Spread. This artisanal 8 ounce tub delivers a rich, nuanced cheddar taste crafted with care in Wisconsin.

      Opening the tub releases the delicious nutty aroma of aged cheddar. Dig your spreader in to reveal the smooth, seeded texture. Slather it generously on crackers, bread, vegetables, or anything that could use a boost of cheesy goodness.

      You'll notice nice crystals from the aging process, lending pleasant cheddar tang. It's creamy yet firm, spreading beautifully without being runny. This cheese dip versatility makes it a go-to for gatherings and snacking.

      Deli Direct sources their cheese spreads from small local creameries, helping support Wisconsin's long cheesemaking tradition. Their products showcase heritage flavors made slowly and meticulously for maximum taste.

      The "small batch" feel of this aged cheddar spread makes it extra special. From aroma to texture to flavor, you can tell time and care went into the aging. It hits all the right nutty, tangy notes for an incredible cheddar dip experience.

      Key features:

      • Creamy aged cheddar spread
      • Nutty, tangy Wisconsin flavor
      • Seeded texture with aging crystals


      • Incredible aged cheddar taste
      • Smooth, easy to spread texture
      • Supports artisanal Wisconsin creameries


      • Only available in 8 oz size

      Shullsburg Creamery Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread

      Shullsburg Creamery - Sharp Cheddar Cold Pack Cheese Spread - 14 oz.

      For a quintessential sharp cheddar cheese spread, try Shullsburg Creamery Sharp Cheddar. This Wisconsin-made 14 ounce tub delivers rich, mellow cheddar flavor that's perfect for snacking and recipes.

      Shullsburg Creamery handcrafts their cheese spreads in small batches. This attention to detail comes through in the smooth, creamy texture. Simply dig your spreader in and you're met with beautiful, spreadable cheddar.

      The flavor profile is dominated by pleasant sharpness, but it's nicely balanced. Hints of salt and umami combine for a moreish cheddar taste. Generously spread it on crackers, pretzels, sandwiches, and burgers to level up any meal.

      Shullsburg Creamery uses simple, natural ingredients like pasteurized milk, enzymes, and annatto. This allows the quality Wisconsin cheddar to shine. The rich color and decadent flavor are reminiscent of old fashioned cheese balls.

      This cold pack spread must be refrigerated, unlike some shelf-stable varieties. But the superior cheddar flavor is worth keeping it chilled. The 14 ounce tub provides plentiful cheese dip for entertaining and snacking.

      Key features:

      • Smooth, creamy Wisconsin cheddar spread
      • Pleasantly sharp cheddar flavor
      • Refrigerated for quality and freshness


      • Rich, mellow cheddar taste
      • Easy to spread right out of the fridge
      • Time-honored Wisconsin creamery


      • Must be refrigerated at all times

      Evaxo Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread

      Evaxo Black Diamond Extra Sharp Cheddar Spread (24 oz.)

      For serious cheddar lovers, Evaxo Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread is a dream come true. This 24 ounce tub of expertly crafted cheese delivers intense, complex cheddar flavor shaped through careful aging.

      Crack the seal and your senses are met with the delicious aroma of aged cheddar. Digging in reveals a beautiful golden cheese speckled with flavorful crystals. The texture is thick and scoopable, providing ample sharp cheddar to spread generously.

      Each luxurious bite unleashes nuanced notes of butter, salt, and umami. Hints of caramel sweetness balance the pleasant sharpness. Natural aging develops the incredible depth of flavor locked inside this cheese.

      Evaxo sources their cheddar from a generations-old creamery, allowing them to showcase heritage cheesemaking. Their expertise shines in this spread's well-developed flavor and pleasing "chew".

      This is an indulgent, sophisticated cheddar lover's dream. Use it to make gourmet cheese plates, load up burgers, or eat by the spoonful! The tub keeps this artisanal spread fresh for extended enjoyment.

      Key features:

      • Intense, aged extra sharp cheddar flavor
      • Rich and scoopable texture
      • Made using traditional aging techniques


      • Incredible sharpness and complexity
      • Loaded with flavor crystals
      • High quality artisanal cheddar


      • Too strong for mild cheddar fans

      Deli Direct Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread

      Deli Direct, Farmers Market, Cheese Spread - Shelf Stable, Gourmet Spreadable Cheese for Crackers,...

        For a quintessential sharp cheddar cheese spread, try the Deli Direct Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread. This 8 ounce Wisconsin-crafted tub provides bright, tangy cheddar flavor perfect for snacking and entertaining.

        Pop the lid and you're greeted with the delicious aroma of aged cheddar. Digging in reveals a rich golden cheese with a smooth, scoopable texture. Generously spread on crackers, chips, and veggies for an instant flavor boost.

        Each bite unleashes a burst of sharp cheddar, with pleasant hints of salt and spice. The texture is lush and spreadable without being runny. This versatility makes it easy to add bold cheddar flavor to anything.

        Deli Direct sources artisanal Wisconsin cheese to showcase the state's long cheesemaking tradition. You can taste the care that went into slowly developing the sharp flavor.

        Keep a tub of this crowd-pleasing cheddar spread on hand for instant appetizers and snacking. The resealable container locks in freshness and flavor.

        Key features:

        • Scoopable sharp cheddar cheese spread
        • Smooth, lush texture
        • Made in Wisconsin


        • Bright, tangy cheddar flavor
        • Easy to spread straight from the tub
        • High quality artisanal cheddar


        • Only available in 8 oz tubs

        Deli Direct Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread Crock

        Deli Direct Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread for Crackers, Cheese Dip for Chips, Spreadable Cheese,...

          You will love the bold sharp cheddar flavor of this spreadable cheese from Deli Direct. It comes in a cute crock that will look great on your counter or table.

          This cheese spread features a perfect balance of aged, sharp cheddar and cream for a smooth, spreadable texture. It's made using real Wisconsin cheddar blended with dairy ingredients like cream and whey. The cold pack method keeps the authentic cheddar taste. You'll appreciate the convenience of a cheese spread you can use straight from the fridge.

          Spread it on crackers, bread, or veggies for an easy snack or appetizer. It's great for entertaining or everyday meals. The resealable crock keeps the cheese fresh. Consider grabbing a few extra crocks to share this yummy cheddar spread.

          Key features:

          • Real Wisconsin aged cheddar
          • Smooth, spreadable texture
          • Sealed crock keeps cheese fresh


          • Delicious bold cheddar flavor
          • Cold pack method preserves taste
          • Convenient spreadable texture


          • Container is not microwaveable
          • Only one flavor option

          Pine River Cheese Spreads Variety Pack

          Pine River Cheese Spreads - Variety Pack 3 8oz. Sharp Cheddar-Garlic & Herb-Swiss (24oz)

          With this convenient variety pack from Pine River, you can sample multiple flavors of their popular Wisconsin cheese spreads. The pack includes sharp cheddar, garlic and herb, and Swiss - 8 oz of each!

          These cream cheese-style spreads allow you to relish that real dairy flavor in a smooth, spreadable form. They are made using a simple cold pack method that melds aged natural cheeses with cream, milk, and spices. This locks in the authentic taste.

          You'll love spreading these boldly flavored cheese spreads on crackers, pretzels, bread, and more. Their creamy texture also makes them ideal for blending into dips, sauces, or cooking. The resealable tubs keep unused portions fresh.

          Key features:


          • Taste real dairy flavor
          • Cold pack method preserves taste
          • Convenient tubs for spreading


          • Needs refrigeration
          • Not all flavors may be liked

          Pine River Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread Crock

          Sharp Cheddar Cheese (12 Oz.) Crock

          Indulge in the deliciously aged flavor of this Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese spread from Pine River. The charming retro crock adds a fun rustic touch for serving.

          Made using only Grade A cheddar aged for sharpness, this spread provides the quintessential cheddar bite. Pine River employs a traditional cold pack cheesemaking method which grinds and blends the cheddar with cream to create a smooth, spreadable texture while retaining that aged flavor.

          You'll love slathering this creamy, full flavored cheddar spread onto crackers, bread, pretzels, apples - anything your heart desires! The cute crock container keeps the cheese sealed so it stays fresh. This spread makes snacking, appetizers, and recipes more cheesy and delicious.

          Key features:

          • Sharp aged cheddar taste
          • Cold pack method preserves flavor
          • Adorable crock container


          • Real sharp cheddar flavor
          • Smooth and spreadable texture
          • Keeps cheese fresh longer


          • Only available in sharp cheddar
          • Crock not microwaveable

          MRE Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Spread

          MRE Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Spread - 24 Pack

          Spice up snack time with the zesty jalapeño cheddar flavor of this cheese spread from MRE. Inspired by military meal packs, it's a creamy, cheesy treat.

          This spread features a perfect balance of aged cheddar and spicy jalapeños for a flavorful kick. It has the smooth, squeezable texture of cheese whiz or queso dip. Just snip and squeeze onto crackers, tortilla chips, pretzels, and more for an instant app.

          Keep these handy portable tubes stocked for road trips, camping, hunting, or emergency kits. They don't require refrigeration until opened. The compact size is great for stuffing in your bag or backpack. Feel the spicy cheddar goodness anywhere!

          Key features:

          • Blend of cheddar and jalapeños
          • Smooth, squeezable texture
          • No refrigeration required before opening


          • Zesty cheddar and jalapeño flavor
          • Easy to dispense and spread
          • Very portable and packable


          • Requires refrigeration after opening
          • Only one flavor option

          Kaukana Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread Tub

          Kaukana Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread - 10 lb Tub (10 pound)

            Satisfy cravings for that aged cheddar taste anytime with Kaukana's smooth and spreadable sharp cheddar cheese. The large tub provides 10 lbs of cheesy goodness!

            Made using an authentic cold pack process, real Wisconsin cheddar cheese is blended with cream to create a lusciously creamy texture with maximum cheddar flavor. The sharpness of the aged cheddar comes through beautifully.

            This versatile cheddar spread is great for entertaining and everyday use. Spread it on sandwiches, burgers, crackers, or veggies. Add it to recipes or just eat with a spoon for a quick dairy treat! The resealable tub keeps unused portions fresh.

            Key features:

            • 10 lb tub
            • Cold pack method
            • Sharp aged cheddar flavor


            • Deliciously creamy texture
            • Real Wisconsin cheddar taste
            • Generous amount for value


            • Only available in sharp cheddar
            • Needs refrigeration after opening

            Cheddar Cheese Spread Buying Guide

            When browsing the grocery store aisles for cheddar cheese spread, there are a few key factors to consider:

            Types of Cheddar Cheese Spread

            Cheddar cheese spreads come in a range of styles:

            • Smooth and creamy: These spreads have a uniform consistency with no visible cheddar chunks. They spread easily onto crackers and bread. Cream cheese helps create a smooth texture.
            • Chunky: Chunky cheddar spreads contain small chunks of cheddar cheese throughout a creamy base. The chunks provide bursts of flavor.
            • Spiced: Spiced cheddar spreads have additions like jalapeños, onions, bacon, or spices mixed in. They provide a kick of heat or savory depth.
            • Natural: Natural spreads avoid preservatives and use simple ingredients like cheese, milk, butter, and salt. They have a shorter shelf life than processed spreads.
            • Aged: Aged cheddar spreads use sharply flavored cheddar cheeses that have been aged over 6 months. The flavor has tangy, nutty notes.
            • Reduced-fat: These spreads use low-fat cheeses and milk to cut down on fat and calories while maintaining flavor.

            Key Ingredients

            Cheddar cheese spreads are made from some combination of these main ingredients:

            • Cheddar cheese: The star ingredient. Aged, sharp cheddar provides the most flavor. The cheese can come grated or chunked.
            • Cream cheese or sour cream: Provides a smooth, creamy texture and tanginess.
            • Milk: Adds creaminess and allows the spread to reach a dippable consistency.
            • Butter: Contributes richnesscreaminess, and flavor.
            • Seasonings: Ingredients like worcestershire sauce, mustard, and hot sauce add extra flavor.

            When reviewing labels, look for spreads with simple, recognizable ingredients. Avoid anything with preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial flavors.

            Storage and Shelf Life

            Cheddar cheese spreads come either refrigerated or shelf-stable.

            • Refrigerated: Store opened in the refrigerator up to 1-2 weeks. Look for natural ingredients without preservatives.
            • Shelf-stable: Can be stored at room temperature up to 2 months. Contains preservatives to allow for longer shelf life.

            For maximum freshness and flavor, use refrigerated spreads within a week and shelf-stable spreads within a month. Unsalted butter, in particular, can go rancid quickly at room temperature.

            Uses for Cheddar Cheese Spread

            Cheddar cheese spreads are versatile ingredients. Here are some popular uses:

            • Spread on crackersbreadbagels, or sandwiches
            • Mix into cooked pastapotatoes, or vegetables
            • Use as a dip for raw veggies or chips
            • Make cheese sauce for eggs, meat, or fish
            • Stuff into mushrooms or mix into meatballs
            • Top burgersnachos, or baked potatoes
            • Flavor omeletsscrambled eggs, or quesadillas

            Experiment with integrating cheddar spread into favorite recipes for a flavor boost. Warming or melting the spread enhances the taste.

            How to Make Homemade Cheddar Cheese Spread

            Making homemade cheddar cheese spread takes just 5 minutes.


            • 1 cup shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese
            • 4 ounces cream cheese, softened
            • 2 tablespoons butter, softened
            • 1/4 cup milk
            • 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
            • 1/4 teaspoon ground mustard
            • Dash of hot sauce


            1. In a food processor, combine the cream cheesebutter, and milk. Process until smooth and well-blended, about 1 minute.
            2. Add the shredded cheddar cheese and process for 30 seconds, until incorporated.
            3. Add the Worcestershire saucemustard, and hot sauce. Process for 10-15 seconds until fully combined.
            4. Scrape down sides of processor, then process for another 10-15 seconds or until smooth and creamy.
            5. Transfer the cheese spread to a sealable container. Smooth the top with a spatula.
            6. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before using to allow flavors to blend. Keeps in fridge for up to 1 week.

            To make a chunky spread, add extra cubed or shredded cheese in step 4 and pulse 8-10 times for chunky texture.

            For a spiced spread, you can mix in any combination of minced jalapeño, green onion, bacon pieces, onion powder, garlic powder, or other spices.

            Adjust the cream cheese to cheddar ratio to achieve your desired consistency. For an ultra-smooth spread, use more cream cheese. For thick and chunky, use less.


            What is the best cheese to use?

            A good quality extra sharp or aged cheddar provides the most flavor. Avoid pre-shredded cheese which has anti-caking agents. Shred your own block of cheese.

            Can I use low fat or nonfat ingredients?

            Yes, you can substitute reduced-fat cream cheese, low fat milk, and reduced-fat cheddar. The spread may turn out a bit thinner.

            How long does homemade cheese spread last?

            Store homemade cheese spread in an airtight container in the fridge for 5-7 days. It can also be frozen for up to 3 months.

            What’s the difference between cheese spread and cheese dip?

            Cheese spreads are thicker with a consistency for spreading, while dips are more liquid for dipping chips and veggies. Add extra milk or cream to turn a spread into a creamy cheese dip.

            Can I use other cheeses besides cheddar?

            You can substitute or mix in other cheeses like Monterey jack, gruyere, or Swiss. The flavor will vary depending on the cheese. Cheddar provides the classic flavor profile.

            Should cheese spread be served warm or cold?

            It can be served either way! Warming it up enhances the melted cheesy flavor, while chilled allows the texture to firm up for better spreading.

            What goes well with cheddar cheese spread?

            Cheddar spread pairs well with crackers, pretzels, bread, apples, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, cured meats, roasted vegetables, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and more!


            Cheddar cheese spread is a tasty and versatile ingredient to always keep on hand. It can be used in many ways, from a simple snack to flavoring elegant recipes. Making your own cheese spread at home rewards you with a fresh, homemade taste free of preservatives.

            With a few pantry staples like quality cheese, butter, and seasonings, you can whip up flavorful cheddar spreads in minutes. Customize the flavor and texture to suit your tastes. Store homemade spreads for a week in the fridge to ensure freshness.


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