Best Cheese Spread For Crackers

Selecting the right cheese spread can truly elevate a cheese board or complement crackers and appetizers. With so many options on the market, it helps to understand the different types of cheese spreads and what makes each one unique. This buying guide aims to provide useful information to assist in finding the ideal cheese spread for entertaining or everyday snacking.

Best Cheese Spread For Crackers

When searching for a spreadable cheese, consider the primary cheeses used and how they impact flavor and texture. Soft cheeses like goat cheese or cream cheese deliver a smooth, mild, tangy spread. Hard cheeses like cheddar or parmesan bring more pronounced, sharp notes when blended into dips or spreads. Blue cheese and gorgonzola offer pungent, bold cheeses spreads with a touch of funk.

The amount of seasoning also helps distinguish cheese spreads. Herbs, spices, peppers or other mix-ins can take a cheese spread from basic to gourmet. Spreads enhanced with wine, beer or unique ingredients like fruit introduce even more complexity.

Keep in mind that cheese spreads can be served both soft and warm. Heating brings out the creamy, melted goodness in any cheese, while cooling helps retain a thick, scoopable texture. Depending on the flavors and ingredients involved, cheese dips and spreads make fantastic starters for a party served hot with crackers or cold with sliced baguette.

When evaluating quality store-bought options or recipes to make at home, recognize that simpler isn’t always worse. Sometimes a smoothly blended cream cheese seasoned with just a pinch of cracked pepper proves more satisfying than an overloaded mix of assorted cheeses and pungent add-ins. Think about the flavors that pair well together and suit your tastes. The possibilities are endless with cheese spreads, whether Wanting something mild or packed with a serious punch.

Deli Direct Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Spreadable Cheese Spread and Dip

Deli Direct, Farmers Market, Cheese Spread - Shelf Stable, Gourmet Spreadable Cheese for Crackers,...

    This creamy and smooth cheddar cheese spread from Deli Direct is a real treat. Spread it on crackers, dip pretzels in it, or use it in countless recipes.

    You'll love the aged cheddar flavor that provides the perfect boldness without being overpowering. This Wisconsin cheese spread has a delightful creaminess that makes it easy to spread or dip with. It arrives cold and fresh thanks to the icy gel packs inside the package.

    Key features:

    • Real aged cheddar flavor
    • Creamy, smooth texture
    • Packed cold to preserve freshness
    • Made in Wisconsin


    • Great cheddar flavor
    • Easy to spread
    • Stays cold during shipping
    • Supporting small business


    • A bit pricey
    • Melts quickly if left out

    Deli Direct Wisconsin Cheese Spreads Gift Basket Sampler

    Deli Direct, Farmers Market, Cheese Spread - Shelf Stable, Gourmet Spreadable Cheese for Crackers,...

      This gift basket from Deli Direct provides a tasty assortment of Wisconsin cheese spreads. It comes with aged cheddar, jalapeño, and smoked gouda flavors for lots of flavor variety.

      You'll get to sample three distinct cheese spreads that each pair well with crackers, chips, and more. The included spicy jalapeño adds a nice kick, while the smoked gouda boasts a subtle smoky flavor. Each spread has a smooth, creamy texture that makes it highly spreadable.

      Key features:

      • Gift basket with 3 cheese spreads
      • Aged cheddar, jalapeño, and smoked gouda
      • Smooth, creamy texture
      • Made in Wisconsin


      • Good value for a gift
      • Nice variety of flavors
      • Each cheese pairs well with crackers or chips
      • Highly spreadable texture


      • Small quantity of each cheese
      • Short expiration dates

      Pine River Cheese Snack Spread Variety 4 Pack

      Cheese Spread Variety - 4 Pack

        This variety pack from Pine River provides four 8-ounce tubs of quality Wisconsin cheese spread. You get to sample aged cheddar, bacon cheddar, port wine, and spicy cheese flavors for lots of taste variety.

        Each spread has a smooth, creamy texture that makes it easy to spread on crackers or dip pretzels in. The aged cheddar has that sharp cheddar bite, while the bacon cheddar adds smoky, salty notes. The port wine imparts a unique fruity flavor, and the spicy cheese provides a nice fiery kick.

        Key features:

        • Four 8-ounce cheese spreads
        • Aged cheddar, bacon cheddar, port wine, and spicy flavors
        • Creamy, smooth texture
        • Made in Wisconsin


        • Good value for 4 spreads
        • Nice assortment of flavors
        • Easy to spread texture
        • Quality Wisconsin cheese


        • Needs refrigeration
        • Could include more variety

        Deli Direct Port Wine Cheese Spread

        Deli Direct, Farmers Market, Cheese Spread - Shelf Stable, Gourmet Spreadable Cheese for Crackers,...

          This port wine cheese spread from Deli Direct puts a unique spin on cheese dip. It features a creamy cheese blend infused with fruity port wine flavor. Spread it on crackers or use it to dip pretzels, apple slices, or other snacks.

          The smooth, spreadable texture makes it easy to swirl onto crackers. You'll enjoy the sweetness imparted by the port wine mixed with savory cheese. It arrives cold and fresh, ready to enjoy right away. This spread also makes a nice appetizer for gatherings.

          Key features:

          • Port wine infused cheese spread
          • Creamy, smooth texture
          • Sweet and savory flavor
          • Ships cold to preserve freshness


          • Unique port wine flavor
          • Easy to spread
          • Great for appetizers
          • Arrives cold and fresh


          • Contains alcohol (port wine)
          • Needs refrigeration
          • Only one flavor option

          Pine River Cheese Snack Spread Variety Pack

          Cheese Snack Spread Variety 4 Pack

            This convenient variety pack from Pine River provides four 8-ounce tubs of shelf-stable Wisconsin cheese spreads. You get to sample a range of flavors like sharp cheddar, garlic and herb, port wine, and more.

            These snack cheese spreads have a smooth, creamy texture. Their convenience comes from being shelf-stable until opened. So you can store them in the pantry until ready to enjoy. Spread these versatile cheese dips onto crackers, chips, pretzels, and an assortment of snacks.

            Key features:

            • Four 8-ounce snack cheese spreads
            • Sharp cheddar, garlic & herb, port wine, and smoked gouda
            • Shelf-stable convenience
            • Made in Wisconsin


            • Convenient shelf-stable packaging
            • Nice variety of cheese flavors
            • Easy to spread texture
            • Wisconsin cheese quality


            • Needs refrigeration after opening
            • Could offer more variety

            Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread 8oz Tubs Pack of 4 Pine River

            Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread 8 Ounce (Pack of 4)

              This sharp cheddar cheese spread from Pine River is a delicious option if you enjoy the bold, tangy flavor of aged cheddar. The cheese comes in a pack of four 8 ounce tubs, which is great for stocking up if it becomes a staple in your refrigerator.

              When you first open a tub, you'll notice the rich golden orange color indicative of cheddar. Digging in, the texture is smooth and spreadable while still retaining that distinctive crumbly cheddar body. Each creamy, buttery bite coats your mouth with a mildly sharp cheddar taste that doesn't overpower but satisfies true cheese lovers. The sharpness builds as you continue eating, but it never progresses to being too strong or acidic.

              This cheese spread is quite versatile for snacking and recipes. Its spreadable texture makes it perfect for crackers, chips, pretzels, sandwiches, tacos, omelets, dips, and more. The shelf-stable tubs only require refrigeration after opening, so they are great for travel, gift baskets, picnics, potlucks, and anytime you need cheese on the go. They can even be frozen for up to 6 weeks.

              Compared to other cheddar spreads, Pine River's offers excellent fresh flavor at a reasonable price point. Just be aware that it contains less actual cheese than premium brands, using reduced lactose whey and other fillers to cut costs. But for an everyday sharp cheddar spread, it ticks all the boxes.

              Key features:

              • Pack of four 8 ounce tubs
              • Smooth, creamy, spreadable texture
              • Mildly sharp aged cheddar flavor
              • Shelf-stable until opened
              • Freezable up to 6 weeks


              • Great cheddar flavor
              • Spreadable texture is very versatile
              • Good value for the price
              • Doesn't require refrigeration until opened


              • Contains less real cheese than premium brands
              • Can be a bit salty for some tastes

              Pine River Cheese Spreads Variety Pack Sharp Cheddar-Garlic & Herb-Swiss

              Pine River Cheese Spreads - Variety Pack 3 8oz. Sharp Cheddar-Garlic & Herb-Swiss (24oz)

              If you like to switch up your snacking, this three pack of Pine River cheese spreads offers excellent variety at a reasonable price. The set includes one tub each of sharp cheddar, garlic & herb, and Swiss - three versatile flavors to spice up crackers, sandwiches, recipes, and cheese boards.

              Sharp cheddar is a familiar favorite - creamy, spreadable texture with satisfying aged cheddar bite. The garlic & herb variety is loaded with flavor, blending the richness of cheddar with savory garlic, onion, parsley and chives. And the Swiss style adds nutty, mellow sweetness. Each 8 ounce tub contains a good amount for multiple snacking sessions.

              These spreads are easy to grab from the refrigerator thanks to their spreadable consistency. They coat crackers and vegetables lightly but evenly, unlike crumbly cheese chunks. But you still get bits of cheese in every bite for texture. You can also incorporate them easily into hot sandwiches, omelets, pasta, dips, and more.

              Like all Pine River cheese spreads, these only require refrigeration after opening. So you can stash tubs in your pantry or take them on adventures without a cooler. Once opened, they will keep up to 6 weeks when frozen. This variety pack satisfies all your snacking needs in one convenient package.

              Key features:

              • Pack of 3 x 8 ounce tubs
              • Flavors: sharp cheddar, garlic & herb, Swiss
              • Smooth, spreadable texture
              • Shelf-stable until opened


              • Great variety of versatile flavors
              • Spreadable texture is easy to use
              • Doesn't require refrigeration until opened
              • Good shelf life after opening


              • Contains less real cheese than premium brands
              • Herb flavor could be stronger

              Port Wine Cheese Spread 8oz Tubs Pack of 4 Pine River

              Port Wine Cheese Spread 8 Ounce (Pack of 4)

                This port wine cheese spread from Pine River offers a sweet twist on classic cheddar. It combines aged Wisconsin cheddar with fruity port wine for a unique flavor profile. The set includes four 8 ounce tubs - perfect for always having some on hand.

                Upon first taste, you notice the deep orange color indicative of cheddar. The texture is smooth and spreadable. Flavor-wise, it starts with the nutty sharpness of aged cheddar rounded out by sweet, jammy port wine notes. The contrast creates an almost dessert-like vibe.

                This spread's creamy consistency makes it highly versatile for both snacking and recipes. It works great as a dip for fruits, crackers and pretzels or as a spread for sandwiches and burgers. You can also incorporate it into cheese balls, dips, cheese trays, and charcuterie boards. It brings something distinct.

                Like all Pine River cheese spreads, the port wine variety is shelf-stable until opened. The tubs keep well at room temperature for portability. Once opened, they require refrigeration and will last around 6 weeks when frozen. If you want a sweet twist on cheddar for your recipes and snacking, give this spread a try.

                Key features:

                • Pack of four 8 ounce tubs
                • Smooth, creamy, spreadable texture
                • Blend of sharp cheddar and sweet port wine
                • Shelf-stable until opened


                • Unique sweet and savory flavor
                • Creamy, spreadable texture
                • Versatile for snacks and recipes
                • Doesn't require refrigeration until opened


                • Contains less real cheese than premium brands
                • Fruit flavor may be too sweet for some

                Sharp Cheddar Cold Pack Cheese Spread 14 oz Shullsburg Creamery

                Shullsburg Creamery - Sharp Cheddar Cold Pack Cheese Spread - 14 oz.

                This 14 ounce tub of sharp cheddar cheese spread from Shullsburg Creamery hits the spot if you love aged cheddar flavor. It has a smooth, spreadable texture that works great for snacks and recipes.

                Shullsburg Creamery has been hand-crafting cheese for over 100 years, and their expertise shows. This cheddar spread features a beautiful rich orange color and irresistible creamy texture. Flavor-wise, it starts out mild then builds to a satisfying sharpness with nutty notes, much like aged cheddar chunks.

                The spreadable consistency makes this cheddar so versatile. It works excellently as a dip for crackers, chips, vegetables or fruit. You can also easily spread it on sandwiches, burgers, paninis, tacos, and more. Mix it into dips, omelets, mac and cheese, etc. for extra flavor. A little bit goes a long way.

                Shullsburg Creamery only uses high-quality ingredients like Wisconsin milk, cream, and cheese cultures. This does mean a higher price tag than mass-produced spreads, but you taste the difference. If you love real, aged cheddar flavor, this spread should definitely be on your radar.

                Key features:

                • 14 ounce tub
                • Sharp cheddar flavor
                • Smooth, spreadable texture
                • Hand-crafted from quality ingredients


                • Real, aged cheddar taste
                • Spreadable consistency is very versatile
                • A little goes a long way
                • Made by a reputable Wisconsin creamery


                • More expensive than typical grocery store spreads
                • Sharpness may be too strong for some

                RITZ Handi-Snacks Crackers and Cheese Dip 6 Packs

                RITZ Handi-Snacks Crackers and Cheese Dip, 6 - 0.95 oz Packs

                These RITZ cracker and cheese dip packs deliver a convenient on-the-go snack. You get 6 portable 0.95 ounce packages, each containing 5 buttery RITZ crackers paired with a creamy cheddar cheese dip.

                The packs are perfect for grabbing and going - no preparation or utensils needed. Just open, dip, and enjoy your crackers and cheese. The dip has a smooth, creamy texture and mild cheddar flavor that compliments the crispy, buttery RITZ crackers nicely.

                Each handy snack pack contains 100 calories, so you can feel good enjoying one as a mini-meal or snack. They do not require refrigeration either, making them handy to stash in your pantry, purse, backpack, or anywhere you want an imperishable savory snack on hand.

                While tasty, these cracker and cheese packs are quite small. You may wish the cheese dip portion was a bit larger to fully coat each cracker. But the convenience and portability cannot be beaten. If you want an easy grab-and-go snack for school, work, travel or any time hunger strikes, give these iconic RITZ and cheese packs a try.

                Key features:

                • 6 packs of 5 RITZ crackers and cheese dip
                • Each pack is 0.95 ounces
                • Mild cheddar cheese dip
                • No refrigeration required


                • Convenient portable packs
                • Familiar and tasty snack
                • Easy to keep on hand
                • Perfect for lunchboxes or on-the-go


                Cheese Spread For Crackers Buying Guide

                When shopping for a cheese spread, consider what qualities matter most. Here are some key factors to help find the right match:

                • Primary Cheese Type - Cheese spreads use one or more cheese varieties as the main ingredient. Common options are cream cheese, cheddar, goat cheese, gorgonzola, brie, and parmesan. The primary cheese impacts the overall flavor and texture.
                • Smooth vs. Chunky Texture - Cheese spreads run the gamut from smooth to packed with chunks of cheese. Cream cheese and goat cheese spreads tend to be velvety and spreadable while shredded or crumbled cheeses like cheddar and blue cheese offer more texture.
                • Seasonings - Herbs, spices, peppers and other flavorings add complexity to cheese spreads. Garlicchives and spices like cayenne are popular options. Get adventurous with ingredients like sundried tomatoescaramelized onions or smoked paprika.
                • Add-Ins - Ingredients like meatveggiesfruitnuts or wine blend into some cheese spreads, adding complementary flavors and textures. Bacon, fig, and pecan cheese spreads are gourmet examples.
                • Soft vs. Firm - The softness or firmness of a cheese spread depends on factors like ingredients, storage and prep method. Cream cheese and goat cheese dips tend to be soft while cheddar and parmesan often make firmer spreads.
                • Prepared vs. Homemade - Convenient store-bought options offer quick, easy cheese spreads for crackers, veggies or bread. With homemade, tailor cheese spreads to your taste. Whip up gourmet cheese balls for gifting or dip.
                • Packaging - Cheese spreads sold in tubs, jars, logs or wheels range from about 5-16 ounces. Easy squeeze bottles are great for topping burgers or sandwiches.
                • Price - Expect to pay $3 to $8 for high quality cheese spreads and dips from the grocery store deli or specialty cheese shop. Sale prices and store brands offer cheaper options for everyday snacking on a budget.

                Consider the main dishes, sides and beverages being served alongside the cheese spread. A bold blue cheese walnut spread pairs nicely with steak and red wine while a cheddar beer cheese dip complements chicken wings and ale. Think about the overall balance of flavors. The right cheese spreadchoice enhances the whole meal or snacking occasion.

                Frequently Asked Questions

                What are some popular types of cheese spreads?

                Some of the most popular varieties include:

                • Cream Cheese Spreads - Often mixed with herbs, spices, veggies or smoked salmon
                • Cheddar Cheese Spreads - Sharp cheddar or blended with peppers, bacon or other cheeses
                • Blue Cheese Spreads - Made from crumbled blue cheese and spices or fruit
                • Goat Cheese Spreads - Sometimes rolled in herbs or pepper
                • Gorgonzola Cheese Spreads - Combined with mascarpone for a creamy texture

                What is the best cheese to use for homemade spreads?

                Good options for homemade cheese spreads are cream cheese, goat cheese, brie, cheddar, gorgonzola and mascarpone. Soft cheeses are easy to blend smooth. Harder cheeses when shredded or crumbled add nice texture.

                What goes well with cheese spreads?

                Cheese spreads pair nicely with crackers, breads, vegetables, and various snacks and appetizers. Try using on top of crostini, crudités, and potato chips. Cheese spreads also make great dips for pretzels. Meat and cheese pairings work well too.

                Do cheese spreads require refrigeration?

                Yes, cheese spreads with dairy ingredients like cream cheese, goat cheese or cheddar need to remain refrigerated. Always promptly refrigerate any leftovers. Soft cheese spreads only stay fresh out at room temperature for around 2 hours.

                Can cheese spreads be frozen?

                Most cheese spreads freeze well for longer term storage. Make sure to wrap or seal spreads in airtight containers or bags. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before serving. Due to texture changes, freezing is not recommended for softer goat cheese or cream cheese based spreads.

                What is a quick and easy cheese spread recipe?

                An easy cheese ball can be made by hand mixing 8 ounces of room temperature cream cheese with 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 2 Tbsp chopped chives. Chill slightly to firm up, then shape into a ball and roll in additional chopped herbs or nuts.

                How long can I keep cheese spreads once opened?

                Store bought cheese spreads and homemade dips keep 5-7 days refrigerated. Make sure to seal or cover them properly. Discard if mold forms or you notice an off smell or flavor. For longer shelf life, consider freezing portions.


                From soft, creamy dips to chunky, bold spreads brimming with herbs and spices, quality cheese spreads deliver incredible flavor and versatility. They make great additions to any cheese board or gathering. Consider the distinct qualities of cheeses like goat, blue, cheddar and cream when selecting or making spreads. Taste preferences for smooth or chunky textures, mild or strong flavors and simple or gourmet ingredients help narrow the choices. Pair spreads with crackers, bread, veggies or other snacks. With so many wonderful options, think about when buying or preparing cheese spreads for a picnic, party or night in. A dip can be just as simple as spiced cream cheese or as exquisite as an aged gorgonzola with fig spread. Get creative with cheese combinations and accompaniments. Cheese spreads add easy appetizer appeal to any occasion.


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