What is Käse Cheese?

Käse cheese, pronounced "kɛːzə", is an award-winning artisan cheese made in India by the women-led company Käse. Established in 2016, Käse aims to produce high quality, all-natural cheeses while providing sustainable livelihoods for differently abled women.

What is Käse Cheese

Käse makes over 40 varieties of fresh and aged cheeses using milk ethically sourced from small local dairy farmers. Their cheeses are completely natural with no additives, preservatives, stabilizers or emulsifiers.

The name Käse comes from the German word for cheese. The founders Anu and Namrata chose this name after their first cheese, a German-style quark, was well received.

Käse began with a social mission to provide skills training and jobs for differently abled women. The founders asked themselves how they could teach valuable skills without requiring formal education. Making cheese was the answer.

Käse's Cheesemaking Philosophy

Käse focuses on artisanal cheesemaking techniques and clean processing. They work directly with ethical farmers to get fresh milk from free-range cows and buffaloes. The milk is then turned into cheese with no shortcuts - no additives, stabilizers or chemicals.

"Great milk, clean cheese" is Käse's motto. Their inspiration comes from traditional cheesemaking, which they adapt to work with Indian milk and terroir. By collaborating with shepherds and pastoral communities, Käse aims to create sustainable local cheese production.

Käse Cheese Varieties

With over 40 varieties, Käse makes cheeses inspired by techniques and styles from around the world. Their unique cheeses combine global methods with local Indian spices, herbs and other ingredients.

Some examples of Käse cheeses include:

  • Manchego - an Indian take on the famous Spanish cheese, aged 3-4 months
  • Halloumi - the beloved grilling cheese from Cyprus, made with cow, goat or sheep milk
  • Sandwich Mix - a blend of mozzarella and cheddar with spices designed for grilled sandwiches
  • Fetta - creamy, buffalo milk fetta infused with garlic, chilies and other flavors
  • Savoury Spreads - soft, spreadable cream cheeses blended with herbs and spices
  • Marinated Fetta - fetta marinated in olive oil and Mediterranean herbs

Käse's Founders

Käse was founded by two women entrepreneurs focused on quality cheese and social impact:

  • Namrata Sundaresan is an internationally certified cheesemaker and trainer. She teaches aspiring cheesemakers and hosts cheese tasting events. Namrata brings her business experience in trade and investment.
  • Anuradha Krishnamoorthy heads Käse's operations, compliance and social programs. She has two decades of social sector experience and leads skill development initiatives for disabled Indians.

Awards and Recognition

Käse's innovative model has brought international recognition:

  • Silver Medal at 2023 World Cheese Awards
  • Bronze Medal at 2022 World Cheese Awards
  • The Indian President's Nari Shakti Award for women empowerment in 2018
  • Devi Awards for dynamism and contributions to the field in 2023
2023World Cheese Awards Silver Medal
2022World Cheese Awards Bronze Medal
2018President's Nari Shakti Award
2023Devi Awards

Empowering Communities

Beyond its founding mission, Käse collaborates to support India's traditional pastoral communities. These shepherding communities supply abundant, high-quality milk from free-range livestock.

By training local youth in cheesemaking, Käse helps pastoral groups gain livelihoods making cheese. Their model allows pastoral communities to preserve surplus milk while reflecting the local terroir.

The Future of Artisan Cheese

As pioneers in India's artisan cheese industry, Käse strives to retain its small-scale craft approach even while growing. They engage with customers and collaborators to keep improving and co-create the future of Indian specialty cheese.

Käse sees a thriving market developing for small-scale, artisanal Indian cheese reflective of the diverse local landscapes and cultures.

Awards for Käse

Despite being a young company, Käse has earned outstanding reviews and awards.

Some testimonials include:

"Really some of the best cheese in India!" Karen Anand, Mumbai

They've also won high honors like the President's Award and Devi Award for women entrepreneurs. Their dedication to quality and social impact shines through in every cheese variety they make.


What types of cheese does Käse make?

Käse makes over 40 varieties of Indian-style artisan cheese. This includes fresh and aged cheeses inspired by techniques from Europe and worldwide. They make cheese from cow, buffalo, goat and sheep milk.

How can Käse ship cheese in India's hot climate?

Käse has specialized techniques for packaging and shipping cheese around India. The cheeses arrive cooled with ice packs to preserve quality. Käse provides guidance on cheese storage and service as well.

Is Käse cheese vegetarian?

Yes, all Käse cheeses are 100% vegetarian, with no animal-based rennet. Their cheeses are made using microbial rennet and locally sourced ethically produced milk.

Can I visit the Käse cheesemaking facilities?

Käse conducts workshops on cheesemaking, tasting and pairing at their studio in India. Contact them through their website for event details or to inquire about visits.


Käse Cheese is pioneering the artisanal cheese industry in India with its all-natural, craft cheeses. Made from local milks reflective of India's diverse landscapes, Käse cheeses adapt global techniques to Indian terroir.

As award-winning cheesemakers empowering disabled women, Käse aims to sustain pastoral communities through cheese production. In just seven years, they've become leaders in specialty Indian cheese.

With a dedication to quality ingredients and ethical models, Käse represents the bright future of small-scale cheesemaking in India.

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