Laughing Cow Cheese Alternatives

The Laughing Cow is a brand of soft, spreadable cheese that comes in the form of small wedges.

Laughing Cow Cheese Alternatives

It's a childhood favorite for many and a go-to option for a quick snack or sandwich topping.

However, some people need or want to avoid dairy. Thankfully, there are plenty of good dairy-free alternatives to Laughing Cow cheese.

Why Seek Out Alternatives?

There are a few main reasons why someone may want a non-dairy replacement for Laughing Cow cheese:

  • Dairy allergies or intolerances - Some people are allergic to milk proteins or lactose intolerant. Dairy can cause issues like upset stomach, cramping, bloating, etc. A dairy-free cheese lets them enjoy the flavor without the side effects.
  • Vegan or plant-based diet - Vegans and some plant-based eaters avoid dairy and other animal products for health, environmental or ethical reasons. Non-dairy cheeses allow them to still enjoy cheesy flavors.
  • Nutritional benefits - Some dairy-free cheese alternatives have nutritional advantages over traditional dairy cheese. They can be lower in calories, fat and sodium while providing protein.
  • Lactose-free option - Even those not avoiding dairy entirely can benefit from lactose-free cheeses if lactose is an issue for them. Many dairy-free options are lower in lactose.

Qualities to Look for in a Good Replacement

An ideal non-dairy alternative to Laughing Cow will have the following qualities:

  • Creamy, spreadable texture - It should be able to be spread easily onto crackers, bread, bagels, etc. just like traditional Laughing Cow wedges.
  • Similar taste - The flavor should resemble that of dairy cheese like cheddar, gouda or swiss. It doesn't need to be an exact replica but should have a comparable creamy, cheesy taste.
  • Convenient format - Laughing Cow comes in handy individual wedges, so alternative products that also come in individual portions or spreads are ideal.
  • Nutritional value - Check nutrition facts for protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and other nutrients found in dairy cheese. Many dairy-free options are fortified to be nutritionally comparable or even superior to dairy cheese.
  • Affordable price point - As an inexpensive snack cheese, alternatives that are competitively priced with Laughing Cow offer better value. More cost-effective options in larger packages can help lower the cost per ounce.

With those criteria in mind, read on for the top picks for dairy-free alternatives to Laughing Cow that you can feel good about eating!

1. Good Planet Pepper Jack Style Wedges

Good Planet makes vegan cheese wedges modeled after the Laughing Cow. They come in 6-packs with convenient single-serve wedges. The Pepper Jack Style has some heat from jalapeño and red bell peppers.

With a creamy texture and authentic flavor, these wedges melt smoothly. They make a great topping for nachos, tacos or chili. The ingredients are non-GMO and soy-free. Each 40 calorie wedge packs 4g of protein.

Good Planet wedges are certified vegan and dairy-free. They're a smart choice for those seeking a spicy plant-based snack. While not as low in sodium as some options, they contain no cholesterol. For an everyday cheese alternative, Good Planet Pepper Jack wedges deliver on taste.

Nutrition per wedge:

  • 40 calories
  • 4g fat
  • 4g protein
  • 2g carbs
  • 380mg sodium

Where to buy: Amazon, Kroger, Sprouts, Whole Foods

2. Daiya Cutting Board Collection Shreds

Canadian brand Daiya is one of the most popular in the dairy-free cheese space. Their Cutting Board line aims to mimic traditional deli cheese shreds. The Cheddar Style is a creamy, melty pick if you like the taste of orange cheddar.

These shreds work well sprinkled over salads, tacos, nachos or anywhere else you’d use shredded cheese. They’re effortless to melt into quesadillas, grilled cheese or casseroles too. With no cholesterol or lactose, they’re a healthier, tummy-friendly alternative.

Each 1⁄4 cup serving provides 8g of protein and 25% of calcium needs. The shreds are gluten-free as well. Daiya uses tapioca flour and pea protein to craft the stretchy, melty texture of the shreds. For an easy cheese replacement, Daiya Cutting Board Cheddar Style Shreds are a go-to.

Nutrition per 1⁄4 cup:

  • 60 calories
  • 2.5g fat
  • 8g protein
  • 7g carbs
  • 390mg sodium

Where to buy: Instacart, Kroger, Sprouts, Whole Foods

3. Kite Hill Cream Cheese Style Spread

For a spreadable cheese, Kite Hill makes a delicious dairy-free “cream cheese” with a velvety texture. It works well as an alternative to schmear on a bagel or toast. The plain version provides a neutral base to dress up either sweet or savory.

Kite Hill’s fresh, mild flavor comes from cultures and simple, recognizable ingredients. It contains almond milk and a touch of vegan “honey” rather than dairy. There’s also a chive and onion variety for added flair. Kite Hill offers a nut-based take on cream cheese.

With 5g of protein and no saturated fat in a 2 tablespoon serving, this spread offers a lighter alternative to regular cream cheese. It packs a creamy punch of flavor without the dairy. Kite Hill makes an indulgent but better-for-you substitute.

Nutrition per 2 Tbsp:

  • 60 calories
  • 5g fat
  • 0g saturated fat
  • 5g protein
  • 1g carbs
  • 105mg sodium

Where to buy: Instacart, Whole Foods, Ralphs

4. Miyoko's Creamery Butter Spread

Buttery spreads are an underrated cream cheese substitute. Miyoko's Craft Creamery makes a phenomenal dairy-free butter spread with cultured cashew milk. It has a rich, decadent taste and velvety texture.

Unlike many margarines, Miyoko's Butter Spread contains no soy or additives like carrageenan. It's a short ingredient list of cashews, coconut oil, water and sea salt. This gives it a pure butter flavor.

Miyoko's makes their spreads using traditional cheesemaking techniques like fermentation. It's a clean, plant-based product with the full-fat taste of real butter. Spread on bagels or toast, it's divine.

With 8g of protein and 50% of the Daily Value for vitamin B12 per serving, this spread also boasts nutritional merits. Miyoko's Creamery Butter Spread is ideal for those missing the indulgence of real butter.

Nutrition per 2 Tbsp:

  • 100 calories
  • 11g fat
  • 8g protein
  • 0g carbs
  • 180mg sodium

Where to buy: Thrive Market, Whole Foods, Wegmans, New Seasons Market

5. Treeline Soft French-Style Cheese

Treeline takes a creative spin on French-style cheese with a creamy cashew base. Offered in herbed and garlic & herb flavors, it makes a zesty spread. The soft texture works nicely as an alternative to Laughing Cow.

This spread has a tangy, cultured taste from probiotic cultures. The mix of sunflower seeds, organic coconut and cashews gives it a rich mouthfeel. It's rennet-free and certified kosher for those seeking dairy-free kosher options.

Compared to traditional cheese, Treeline has half the calories and sodium in a 2 tablespoon serving. It also provides protein and calcium. This cultured, nut-based cheese will add a gourmet flair to any dish or snack.

Nutrition per 2 Tbsp:

  • 60 calories
  • 5g fat
  • 2g protein
  • 2g carbs
  • 110mg sodium

Where to buy: Treeline website, Whole Foods, Kroger, Wegmans

6. Violife Just Like Feta Block

Feta makes a nice tangy, crumbly replacement for Laughing Cow on things like crackers and salads. Violife Just Like Feta is a superb dairy-free feta alternative.

It has the signature crumbly texture and salty, tangy bite of traditional feta. The ingredients include coconut oil, starch, potato protein and olives for added Greek flavor. This gives it a light texture that easily crumbles over dishes.

Violife’s feta makes an easy plant-based sub for Greek salads, bruschetta or anywhere feta is used. It’s naturally lactose-free as well. Violife’s cheeses use a proprietary blend to mimic dairy while being 100% vegan. Just Like Feta is flavorful pick for feta fans.

Nutrition per 1 oz:

  • 70 calories
  • 5g fat
  • 0g protein
  • 2g carbs
  • 340mg sodium

Where to buy: Instacart, Whole Foods, Sprouts

7. Nuts for Cheese Zesty Fiesta Spread

For spicy cheese lovers, Nuts for Cheese makes a zingy Jalapeño Pepper Jack spread. It captures that spicy, creamy pepper jack taste in a cashew cheese base.

With a scoville rating of 2500 units, this spread provides some heat. Nutritional yeast adds cheesy flavor. The company uses naturally fermented cashew nuts to make a smooth, spreadable texture.

In addition to bringing fire, this cheese alternative is dairy-free and offers probiotic benefits. It makes an easy spicy spread to dress up sandwiches, tacos and more. Those missing the kick of pepper jack will appreciate this creation.

Nutrition per 2 Tbsp:

  • 70 calories
  • 6g fat
  • 2g protein
  • 3g carbs
  • 190mg sodium

Where to buy: Nuts for Cheese website, Amazon

8. Parmela Creamery Sliced Aged Cheddar

Parmela Creamery makes nut-based cheeses with the texture of real dairy cheese. Their sliced cheddar provides the melty, stretchy satisfaction of a good cheddar slice.

Using a combination of cashews, coconut oil and potato starch, Parmela achieves the pull and melt of aged cheddar. Their slices melt smoothly into grilled cheese or quesadillas. With 9g of protein per slice, this cheese alternative delivers a protein boost.

In blind taste tests, fans can’t distinguish Parmela from real cheese. This makes it a game-changer for dairy-free comfort foods. Those craving a melty cheese fix will appreciate Parmela’s cheddar. It tastes like the real deal.

Nutrition per slice:

  • 120 calories
  • 10g fat
  • 9g protein
  • 1g carbs
  • 280mg sodium

Where to buy: Parmela Creamery website, Sprouts, Safeway

9. Field Roast Chao Creamy Original Slices

Chao by Field Roast is a leading brand in the dairy-free cheese market. Their Creamy Original slices make melty sandwiches or cheese boards.

With coconut oil and potato starch, Chao achieves a smooth, stretchy texture like processed cheese slices. The taste is mild, creamy and satisfying. People rave about the authentic cheese-like mouthfeel.

Chao slices provide an easy route to grill up a classic cheese sandwich. They’re also convenient for making roll-ups with deli meat and veggies. For true melty goodness, Chao Creamy Original is a top contender.

Nutrition per slice:

  • 60 calories
  • 5g fat
  • 3g protein
  • 1g carbs
  • 330mg sodium

Where to buy: Instacart, Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway

10. Simple Truth Plant Based Cream Cheese

Simple Truth is Kroger's natural foods brand. They make a plain dairy-free cream cheese spread that nails the traditional cream cheese taste.

With a velvety texture, this spread is nice schmeared on bagels and toast. It can also be used in veggie dips, icings and cheesecakes. The ingredients include coconut oil, modified tapioca starch and pea protein.

For an affordable plain cream cheese, Simple Truth delivers. It's churned in small batches andcrafted to mimic real dairy cream cheese. The taste is spot-on and the texture light and spreadable. It's a budget-friendly Laughing Cow swap.

Nutrition per 2 Tbsp:

  • 60 calories
  • 5g fat
  • 0g protein
  • 3g carbs
  • 125mg sodium

Where to buy: Kroger, Fry's, Ralphs, King Soopers


Is dairy-free cheese healthy?

Dairy-free cheese can be a healthy choice as part of a balanced diet. Many dairy-free cheeses are lower in saturated fat and cholesterol compared to regular dairy cheese. They can also eliminate problematic ingredients for those with allergies or intolerances. However, some products are highly processed and high in sodium, so read nutrition labels. Moderation is key when enjoying vegan cheese alternatives.

Do the alternatives taste the same as regular Laughing Cow?

The taste and texture won't be exactly the same, but many high-quality brands like Good Planet come close. Look for nut-based soft cheeses and spreads. When possible, compare products side-by-side with regular Laughing Cow to find your favorite match. Flavor, creaminess and meltability vary by brand.

Where can you buy dairy-free Laughing Cow alternatives?

Specialized products like Good Planet wedges and Treeline cheeses are sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and online. Major supermarkets like Kroger and Safeway also carry options like Daiya, Chao and Simple Truth plant-based cheeses alongside regular dairy cheeses. Natural grocers, co-ops and online retailers like Thrive Market are other sources.

Is Laughing Cow going dairy-free?

Bel Brands, the maker of Laughing Cow, hasn't indicated plans to make the original cheese wedges dairy-free. However, Bel Group has started releasing dairy-free versions of its other popular cheeses like Babybel. Under the brand Nurishh, they offer plant-based cheese slices and shreds. So while traditional Laughing Cow remains dairy-based, other Bel brands now provide dairy-free alternatives.


There are now many tasty alternatives to traditional soft cheeses like Laughing Cow.

Brands like Good Planet, Miyoko's, and Treeline use high-quality ingredients to recreate the creamy, spreadable texture and indulgent taste of dairy cheese.

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