Cheese Moments Alternatives

Cheese Moments were a beloved cheese-flavored crispy snack produced by Walkers back in the 1990s. The crunchy pillow-shaped bites were filled with a creamy, cheesy center that oozed out when you bit into them.

Cheese Moments Alternatives

Unfortunately, Cheese Moments were discontinued in the early 2000s, leaving many fans disappointed. However, over the years, several alternatives have emerged to satisfy the craving for these moreish morsels.

Why Were Cheese Moments So Popular?

Before diving into the alternatives, it's worth looking at why Cheese Moments had such a devoted following in the first place:

  • Unique flavor - The combination of crunchy outer shell with soft, gooey cheese filling gave them a taste unlike any other snack at the time. The creamy cheese flavor was bold and distinctive.
  • Addictive texture - The crispy shell gave way to a smooth, molten center, creating an enjoyable textural contrast in each bite. This made them highly moreish.
  • Nostalgia factor - For those who grew up in the 80s/90s, Cheese Moments evoke happy memories. The nostalgia gives them an extra appeal.
  • Pub snack - Cheese Moments became a popular accompaniment to drinks in bars/pubs. Their high fat/salt content made them perfect for soaking up alcohol.
  • Limited availability - As a discontinued product, part of the appeal was the excitement when they were occasionally spotted in shops. Finding them felt like striking gold.

It was the tantalizing flavor, texture, nostalgia factor and scarcity value that made Cheese Moments so sought after. Fans are still looking for suitable alternatives today.

Closest Match - Cheesy Footballs

The snack that comes closest to the original Cheese Moments is Cheesy Footballs produced by Burton's Biscuit Company.

They have the same classic cheese flavor encased in a crispy outer shell. When you bite into one, the creamy filling oozes out, providing the signature Cheese Moments experience.

In terms of appearance, Cheesy Footballs resemble smaller Cheese Moments pillows. They are round in shape rather than having the traditional "football" look. But the similarities are clear.

Most importantly, the taste takes you right back to Cheese Moments in their heyday. They have that familiar fried cheese flavor with a satisfying crunch.

You can find Cheesy Footballs in most major supermarkets today. They are often sold alongside other Burton's snacks like Wotsits and Fish 'n' Chips.

If you're looking to recreate the nostalgic Cheese Moments taste, Cheesy Footballs are the closest direct substitute. The texture and cheese flavor profile mirror the originals very closely. They'll satisfy any Cheese Moments cravings.

Key Takeaway: Cheesy Footballs by Burton's are the closest match to Cheese Moments in terms of taste and texture.

Other Brands Worth Trying

While Cheesy Footballs are the closest direct replacement, other brands have similar cheese-flavored crunchy snacks that may also hit the spot:

1. Snackrite Cheese Moments

Snackrite makes a product actually called "Cheese Moments" that are essentially a cheaper supermarket own-brand version.

They are the same pillow shape as the original Cheese Moments and replicate the taste fairly well. The cheese flavoring is quite artificial and synthetic compared to Cheesy Footballs but they offer that nostalgia fix.

You can find Snackrite Cheese Moments in Home Bargains, B&M, and some Co-op stores. At just £1 per pack, they provide a budget way to get your Cheese Moments fix.

2. Tesco Cheese Snacks

Tesco makes its own brand of crunchy cheese bites that are very reminiscent of Cheese Moments.

They are described as "crunchy golden snacks with a soft, smooth cheese flavour centre" - which perfectly sums up the Cheese Moments appeal.

Tesco Cheese Snacks have the same moreish taste and texture combo. And being an own-brand product, they are cheaper than mainstream brands.

3. Aldi Snackrite Cheese Burst Pillows

Aldi's version of cheese-filled pillow snacks are called Cheese Burst Pillows under the Snackrite label.

They replicate the crips outside and creamy cheese middle of Cheese Moments. The cheese flavor is fairly mild but still captures that nostalgic taste.

At just £1.09 a pack, these are one of the most affordable Cheese Moments alternatives out there.

4. Asda Cheese Bites

Asda's own-brand Cheese Bites offer a very close match to Cheese Moments in terms of taste, crunch and melt-in-the-mouth filling.

The morsels of cheese filling inside the crispy shell provide that signature flavor and texture combo. And at £1 a pack, they are a budget-friendly option.

5. Morrisons Cheese Snacks

Morrisons also does its own version of crispy cheese snacks that fans say are just like Cheese Moments.

They have the exact same pillow shape and crispy fried coating enveloping the molten cheese center. Taste-wise, they capture the originals well.

At around £1.25 per pack, these are readily available for a quick Cheese Moments fix.

Other Cheese-Flavored Crisps to Try

As well as pillow-shaped snacks, some standard cheese-flavored crisps can also satisfy cravings:

  • Walkers Cheese & Onion - A classic crisps flavor that offers strong cheesy notes.
  • Golden Wonder Cheesey - These crisps pack a bold, mature cheddar punch.
  • Wotsits - The tangy cheese flavoring has similarities to Cheese Moments.
  • Quavers - The curly texture and cheesy taste makes these a good substitute.
  • Cheeselets - These mini cheese-flavored crackers offer a crispy, cheesy hit.
  • Cheese Puffs - Light, crunchy and with an intense cheese flavor.

So if you don't fancy pillow-shaped snacks, cheese-flavored crisps like those above can also do the job. Pop a bag to enjoy the classic Cheese Moments cheesiness.

Recreating the Cheese Moments Experience

While no substitute is exactly the same as the original, you can optimize the alternatives and recreate aspects of the Cheese Moments experience:

  • Eat them cold - For maximum crunch, chill cheese snacks before eating. The colder temperature enhances the crisp texture.
  • Eat in moderation - To avoid the taste becoming overwhelming, have small handfuls at a time rather than the whole pack.
  • Accompany with drinks - Enjoy cheese snacks with alcoholic or soft drinks for the full pub experience.
  • Try different brands - Get a multi-pack with different cheese snacks to find your perfect match.
  • Add other flavors - Eat along with other savory snacks like bacon fries to create flavor combinations.

With the right brands, preparation and eating methods, you can get as close as possible to the original Cheese Moments with today's alternative cheesy snacks.

Homemade Alternatives

If you want to fully recreate the Cheese Moments taste, you could try making your own at home:

  • Make a simple cheese biscuit dough cut into rounds. Sandwich two together with a cheese filling.
  • Make choux pastry balls, fill with cheese sauce, coat in breadcrumbs and deep fry.
  • Stuff small bread rolls or puff pastry with cheese then bake or fry until crispy.
  • Fill crackers or sandwiches with cheese slices/spread and fry in oil until the cheese melts.

With the right dough, fillings and cooking method, you could potentially make a homemade version that tastes just like you remember. Get creative and enjoy the baking process!

Are Cheese Moments Coming Back?

There are often rumors that Cheese Moments may finally make a comeback. Back in 2015, Walkers responded to a petition to bring them back by saying:

"It's great to see so much love for our old favourites, Cheese Moments. While we can't promise a comeback at this stage, our teams certainly share the petitioners' enthusiasm for this classic flavour!"

So there is still hope! Many fans continue to campaign for their return. For now, the various alternatives above offer the closest way to enjoy the Cheese Moments taste once again.


Where can I buy Cheese Moments today?

Unfortunately original Cheese Moments were discontinued years ago. The closest alternative is Cheesy Footballs which you can find in most major supermarkets.

Why did they stop making Cheese Moments?

It's not clear, but Cheese Moments were a product of the 90s so they likely fell out of fashion. Production costs may also have played a part.

What do Cheese Moments taste like?

Cheese Moments had a unique taste with a crispy coating and smooth, gooey cheese filling. Think fried cheese flavor with a creamy melted center.

Are there vegan Cheese Moment alternatives?

Most contain milk powder so are not vegan. But some veggie crisps like Vegan Wotsits capture a similar taste profile. Making your own with vegan cheese would work too.

Can you still buy Cheese Moments on eBay?

Vintage packs sometimes appear on eBay but they'd be well past their best before date. Cheesy Footballs or other alternatives are fresher and safer.


Cheese Moments occupies a special place in the hearts of crisps fans.

While the original snack is no longer available, options like Cheesy Footballs capture that nostalgic flavor.

Trying different supermarket own-brands can also uncover good replacements.

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