What is Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza?

The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza is a specialty pizza offered by Domino's Pizza that features six cheeses all from Wisconsin. This pizza was introduced in 2010 as an extension of Domino's American Legends specialty pizza line, which highlights iconic regional flavors from across the United States.

What is Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza

The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza includes the following cheeses:

The goal with this pizza was to create a premium pizza experience packed with a variety of high-quality, Wisconsin-based cheeses. Domino's worked closely with Dairy Management Inc. to source authentic cheeses from Wisconsin to deliver a unique and flavorful pizza.

History of the Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza

Domino's first introduced the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza in October 2010 as the chain's first new product launch in that year.

The pizza was rolled out alongside a marketing campaign that poked fun at the myth that Domino's uses fake cheese on its pizzas. Commercials for the Wisconsin 6 Cheese highlighted that the cheeses come directly from Wisconsin dairy farms to emphasize the use of 100% real cheese.

When it launched, Russ Weiner, Domino's chief marketing officer at the time, said:

"The Wisconsin 6 Cheese is the perfect addition to our line of American Legends specialty pizzas. We continue to develop inspired, quality, great-tasting product choices - and we are especially excited for the commercial to begin so all can see our latest 'Oh Yes We Did' moment."

The marketing campaign for the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza focused on bringing consumers behind the scenes to show the source of the cheeses used at Domino's. This allowed the chain to highlight the quality and story behind the ingredients.

Some key facts on the debut of the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza:

  • First extension of Domino's American Legends specialty pizza line
  • First new product launch by Domino's in 2010
  • Part of campaign to emphasize use of 100% real cheese after recipe overhaul
  • Focused on Wisconsin as cheese leader to bring high-quality ingredients

The Wisconsin-inspired pizza was designed to deliver a creative new option while showcasing the improved quality of Domino's products after its major recipe overhaul.

Key Takeaway: The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza debuted in 2010 as a specialty pizza using six real Wisconsin cheeses.

Description of the Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza

The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza starts with Domino's classic hand-tossed pizza crust and hearty tomato sauce. On top of that is a generous portion of six cheeses all from the state of Wisconsin:

  • Mozzarella: Provides the classic, familiar cheese flavor
  • Feta: Adds a tangy, salty flavor
  • Provolone: Brings a smooth, mild cheese flavor
  • Cheddar: Gives a sharp, nutty cheese kick
  • Parmesan: Contributes a bold, rich cheese flavor
  • Asiago: Provides a punchy, robust cheese flavor

The six cheeses each add their own unique flavor profile to create a multi-dimensional cheese experience. Domino's uses 40% more cheese than its regular pizzas to ensure there is plenty of cheesy goodness in every bite.

After baking, the pizza comes out hot, fresh, and bubbling with melted Wisconsin cheeses. The texture ranges from crispy and caramelized on the cheese edges to soft and gooey in the cheese-packed center.

Domino's suggests adding a sprinkle of oregano on top to provide an extra layer of flavor. The herbs and spices complement all the cheesy richness.

Key Takeaway: The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza features six real Wisconsin cheeses on Domino's signature crust to deliver a creative and flavorful specialty pizza.

Nutrition Information

Here is the nutrition information for one slice of a Domino's large (14”) Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza:

Nutrition Facts
Saturated Fat6g
Trans Fat0g

As you can see, one slice of this cheese-loaded pizza delivers 290 calories, 12g of fat, 33g of carbs, and 15g of protein.

The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza makes a filling option packed with cheese, but is still lower in calories than some meat-topped pizzas. Overall, it provides a satisfying amount of protein and flavor.

Of course, exact nutrition totals can vary by the size of pizza and number of slices. But in general, expect the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza to be a higher calorie option given the focus on extra cheese.

Price of the Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza

The price of the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza depends on the location and size ordered. It is typically priced as one of the more premium pizzas on the Domino's menu given the specialty nature and abundance of cheese.

Here are some average prices for the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza:

  • Small (10”): $12.99
  • Medium (12”): $15.99
  • Large (14”): $17.99
  • Extra Large (16”): $19.99

As you go up in size, the price increases by around $2-3 per step. So expect to pay somewhere in the $13 to $20 range.

The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza costs a few dollars more than Domino's basic cheese pizza. But it provides the opportunity to try a unique specialty pizza made with high-quality Wisconsin cheeses.

There are always deals and coupons from Domino's that can help bring down the price. So the Wisconsin 6 Cheese can sometimes be ordered for less with a good promo.

Key Takeaway: The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza ranges from $13 to $20 depending on the size, costing slightly more than a basic cheese pizza.

What Do People Think of the Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza?

The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza seems to get positive reviews overall from customers who have tried it. Many cheese lovers appreciate the abundance and variety of cheeses layered on this pizza.

Here's what some online reviewers have said about the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza:

  • "A cheese-lover's dream! You get 6 unique cheeses that each add their own flavor. An absolute gem from Domino's."
  • "Whoever thought of this pizza is a genius. You get to taste every cheese, I loooove it."
  • "The generous portion of real Wisconsin cheeses puts this pizza over the top. Way better than just plain cheese pizza."
  • "The addition of Asiago gives the 6 cheese pizza an awesome kick. And you can tell it's loaded with the good stuff."
  • "It looks and tastes great! You can tell the cheeses are high quality. Glad I tried it."

The abundance of cheeses seems to be the major selling point. Most reviewers say you can detect the flavors from each distinct cheese, rather than it just blending together into one note.

Some people say it's an upgrade over the typical cheese pizza, providing way more flavor. The added cost also feels justified given the quality ingredients according to fans of this specialty pizza.


What are the 6 cheeses on this pizza?

The six Wisconsin cheeses are mozzarella, feta, provolone, cheddar, Parmesan, and Asiago. Each was selected to provide a unique cheese flavor profile.

What's the calorie count?

One slice of a large Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza has around 290 calories. It will be higher in calories than some pizzas due to the focus on extra cheese.

Does it have a creamy or stringy texture?

It has a mix of textures. The mozzarella provides stringiness while cheeses like cheddar and provolone add creaminess. The result is a gooey, cheese-packed pizza.

What's the difference between this and a basic cheese pizza?

This uses six premium Wisconsin cheeses compared to just mozzarella on a basic cheese pizza. It has a more complex, robust cheese flavor.

Is it considered a good pizza for vegetarians?

Yes, the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza contains no meat. The abundance of cheese makes it a filling veggie option.

Do you recommend any dipping sauces with it?

Marinara sauce and ranch dressing both pair nicely if you want to dip the crusts. The flavorful pizza stands well on its own too.


The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza from Domino's provides a creative twist on classic cheese pizza. It takes things up a notch by using not just one but six distinctive Wisconsin cheeses. Wisconsin is known for its cheese production, which allowed Domino's to source an array of high-quality cheeses.

This specialty pizza delivers a multidimensional cheese experience. Customers praise the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza for standing out from a basic cheese pizza thanks to diverse flavors from cheeses like Asiago, cheddar, feta, and more. The abundance of ooey, gooey cheese also helps satisfy serious cheese lovers.

While it costs a few dollars extra, the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza makes for an indulgent, flavorsome treat for cheese fans. It highlights the improved food quality Domino's was aiming for when it overhauled its core pizza recipe. If you like specialty pizzas packed with cheese, the Wisconsin 6 Cheese is hard to beat.

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