What Is Cheese Fudge?

Cheese fudge is a unique type of fudge that incorporates cheese into the traditional chocolate fudge recipe. It marries the sweet, creamy flavors of fudge with the rich, tangy taste of cheese to create a surprising yet delicious candy confection.

What Is Cheese Fudge

The main ingredients in cheese fudge are some form of cream or processed cheese, chocolate or cocoa powder, sugar, butter, and sometimes nuts or other mix-ins. The cheese blended into the chocolaty fudge batter gives this candy its distinctive flavor and smooth, fudgy texture.

How Cheese Fudge Is Made

Making cheese fudge is a relatively simple process similar to regular fudge. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Melt the butter and cheese together. Typically a processed cheese like Velveeta or cream cheese is used. The cheese should be fully melted and incorporated into the butter.
  2. Add in sugar, cocoa powder, nuts, vanilla and any other flavorings. Dry ingredients like confectioners' sugar and unsweetened cocoa are essential for the classic fudge taste and texture. Nuts add crunch while vanilla enhances flavor.
  3. Mix everything together well. Beat the cheese-butter mixture into the sugar and cocoa powder until completely smooth and uniform.
  4. Pour into a pan and chill to set. Allowing the fudge to chill helps it set up with the perfect firm yet creamy finished texture.

Once chilled and hardened, the fudge can be cut into small, bite-sized squares. Store cheese fudge covered in the refrigerator.

Key Takeaway: Cheese fudge is made by melting butter and cheese together, then mixing into a fudge batter with cocoa, sugar, nuts, and flavorings before chilling to set.

Popular Ingredients in Cheese Fudge Recipes

There are a few key ingredients that show up frequently in cheese fudge recipes:

  • Cream cheese - Known for its tangy flavor, cream cheese is probably the most popular type of cheese used in fudge. It gives the candy a cheesecake-like taste.
  • Velveeta - This smooth, creamy processed cheese melts easily into fudge for great consistency. It has a mild flavor that complements the chocolate.
  • Butter - Butter is almost always used along with the cheese, as it also melts smoothly and helps form the creamy fudge texture. Unsalted is best for full buttery taste.
  • Cocoa powder - Unsweetened cocoa powder gives cheese fudge its chocolaty identity. Cocoa lends rich flavor without adding more sweetness.
  • Confectioners' sugar - Also known as powdered sugar, confectioners' sugar is essential for achieving the right sweetness, moisture and smooth texture.
  • Nuts - Chopped nuts like pecans, walnuts or peanuts provide delicious crunch and flavor contrast. Toasting nuts beforehand brings out more flavor.
  • Vanilla - This popular baking extract often features in cheese fudge, as it enhances overall flavor with its sweet, aromatic taste.

Mix-ins like chocolate chips, peanut butter, dried fruit, or marshmallows are also popular tasty additions to jazz up cheese fudge.

Why Cream Cheese or Processed Cheese Works Well

Using a soft, creamy cheese product is the secret to getting an ultra smooth, melt-in-your-mouth fudge texture in cheese fudge. Here's why these cheeses excel:

  • Easy melting - Cream cheese and processed cheeses like Velveeta melt very easily, even at low temperatures. This allows them to seamlessly integrate into warmed butter.
  • Creamy consistency - These soft, spreadable cheeses lend a lush, velvety consistency to fudge when melted. The texture is much creamier than regular cheddar or other firm cheeses would be.
  • Mild flavor - Although they taste distinctly cheesy, cream cheese and processed cheeses aren't overpoweringly strong in flavor. Their subtle dairy taste balances nicely with sweet ingredients.
  • Sweet flavor affinity - Cream cheese has a little sweetness to its flavor profile already, making it highly compatible with sugary desserts. Tangy cream cheese is a familiar taste with cheesecake and frosting.

In short, going the cream cheese or processed cheese route makes for smooth, creamy fudge with the essence of cheese rather than an overwhelming cheesy presence.

Popular Variations

While the standard cream cheese or cheddar cheese combo with chocolate is a favorite, there are endless ways to customize your own cheese fudge creation:

  • Fruits and nuts - Toasted pecans, dried cranberries, coconut, cherry pieces
  • Flavor extracts - Almond, orange, mint, peanut butter
  • Spices - Cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne pepper
  • Salty elements - Caramel, peanut butter, bacon pieces
  • Chocolate styles - White chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate chips
  • Creative swirls - Marshmallow, caramel, peanut butter, Nutella

Feel free to mix and match different add-in combinations to invent your own signature cheese fudge flavor!

Tips for Making Cheese Fudge

Follow these tips for whipping up the perfect pan of crowd-pleasing cheese fudge:

  • Toast nuts beforehand to intensify their flavor. Chop them coarsely.
  • Use good quality ingredients like real chocolate and premium cream cheese.
  • Let cheese and butter soften to room temperature before starting for quicker melting.
  • Beat vigorously until completely smooth and uniform in color.
  • Chill thoroughly in the refrigerator (at least 2 hours) to firm up.
  • Store airtight in refrigerator to maintain freshness. Allow to come to room temperature before serving for best texture.


What kind of cheese works best?

For the best flavor and texture, use a quality cream cheese or processed cheese like Velveeta. Avoid harder cheeses like regular cheddar.

Can I use white chocolate instead?

Absolutely! White chocolate makes delicious cheese fudge. Go for a high quality real white chocolate rather than candy melts if possible.

Do I have to use nuts?

Nuts are optional, but highly recommended as they provide great crunch and flavor contrast. Toasting nuts intensifies their taste.

How long does cheese fudge keep?

Stored airtight in the fridge, cheese fudge will stay fresh for 1-2 weeks. For maximum freshness and texture, serve at room temperature.

What oil can I use if I don't have butter?

You can substitute equal amounts of coconut oil or vegetable/canola oil for the butter. But butter provides the best flavor.


Cheese fudge is an inventive sweet and savory treat that just might become your new favorite twist on classic fudge.

With its smooth, creamy texture and tangy cheese flavor paired with rich chocolate, it makes for a uniquely indulgent candy experience.

The basic method is easy - simply melt cheese into chocolate fudge batter and chill to set.

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