Dolcelatte Cheese Substitutes

Dolcelatte cheese is a creamy, mild, blue-veined Italian cheese known for its sweet and milky flavor. Its name literally translates to "sweet milk" in Italian. While delicious, Dolcelatte can be difficult to find depending on where you live.

Dolcelatte Cheese Substitutes

If you don't have access to Dolcelatte, don't worry! There are several excellent substitutes that can mimic its sweetness and texture.

What is Dolcelatte Cheese?

Dolcelatte is an Italian blue cheese made from cow's milk. It has a smooth, creamy texture and a mild, tangy, and slightly sweet flavor.

Compared to other blue cheeses like Gorgonzola, Dolcelatte is much milder in taste and aroma. It melts very well too, making it perfect in pasta dishes, pizza, sandwiches, salads and more.

Some key characteristics of Dolcelatte cheese include:

  • Smooth, creamy, spreadable texture
  • Subtle blue veining
  • Mild, sweet, tangy flavor
  • Notes of butter, cream, grass, hazelnut
  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk

While delicious on its own, dolcelatte really shines when melted or blended into dips, sauces, soups and baked dishes.

Key Takeaway: Dolcelatte is a creamy, mild Italian blue cheese known for its subtle sweet flavor. It melts very smoothly too.

7 Best Substitutes for Dolcelatte Cheese

If you can't find dolcelatte cheese, these substitutes will mimic its texture and flavor well:

1. Gorgonzola Dolce

Gorgonzola Dolce, also called Sweet Gorgonzola, is probably the closest match you'll find. Like dolcelatte, it has a creamy texture and a sweeter, milder blue cheese flavor.

Since dolcelatte was created to be a milder form of Gorgonzola for the British palate, swapping in some Gorgonzola Dolce is an easy substitution.

2. Cambozola

Cambozola is a triple cream blue cheese that combines French soft-ripened cheese with Italian Gorgonzola. The result is a very creamy, mild blue cheese with a subtle sweetness.

It makes an excellent stand-in for dolcelatte in dips, spreads, pasta sauces and more thanks to its smooth texture and mild flavor.

3. Stilton

Crumbly English Stilton blue cheese can work nicely too. Opt for the "creamy" style Stilton which will be softer and milder tasting. The strong "firm" or "hard" Stilton may overpower some recipes.

While more pungent than dolcelatte, a little Stilton brings nice texture and a pleasant bite to dishes.

4. Danish Blue

As a mild, semisoft blue cheese, Danish Blue makes for a good flavor and texture match. It has those familiar blue veins and a creamy, crumbly texture when at room temperature.

In cooked applications, Danish Blue nicely mimics how smoothly dolcelatte cheese melts. Some even find it sweeter tasting than Dolcelatte.

5. Blue Castello

Denmark's Blue Castello cheese can mimic dolcelatte's texture perfectly. It has a white interior with evenly dispersed blue veining. At room temperature, it is soft and spreadable.

While stronger in flavor when eaten plain, Blue Castello melts extremely well - great for blending into sauces or baking. Some also describe its flavor as sweeter than other Danish blues.

6. Boursin Cheese

The classic French cheese spread, Boursin is creamy, garlicky, rich and mild all at once - somewhat similar to Dolcelatte!

Boursin won't replicate that familiar "blue cheese" flavor but makes an excellent texture substitute. It blends smoothly into recipes needing a creamy element.

7. Mascarpone Cheese

While not a blue cheese, soft and creamy Mascarpone can mimic dolcelatte's rich, spreadable texture. For a sweet dessert twist, try using a dollop of mascarpone in place of dolcelatte next time.

Just note that you may need to add other strong flavors to make up for mascarpone's very mild flavor.

Key Takeaway: Great dolcelatte substitutes include mild blue cheeses like Gorgonzola Dolce, Cambozola and Danish Blue or creamy cheeses like Stilton, Boursin and Mascarpone.

Dolcelatte Cheese SubstituteKey Similarities to Dolcelatte
Gorgonzola DolceCreamy texture, mild blue cheese flavor
CambozolaTriple cream, mildly sweet
StiltonSubtle flavor when creamy style
Danish BlueSmooth, mildly tangy
Blue CastelloVery soft, spreadable
BoursinCreamy, spreadable
MascarponeRich and creamy

How to Choose a Dolcelatte Cheese Substitute

With so many options to replicate dolcelatte, it can get confusing. Here are some helpful tips for picking the best dolcelatte cheese substitute for your needs:

  • Consider the flavor - If dolcelatte's mild sweetness is important, pick an equally mellow blue cheese substitute like Danish Blue or Cambozola. Or amplify the sweetness with Mascarpone.
  • Focus on texture - Do you specifically need something spreadable and creamy? Then a rich triple cream cheese like Cambozola or Boursin works.
  • Determine cooking needs - If the cheese will be melted or cooked, focus on substitutes that blend up creamy and smooth like Stilton, Blue Castello or Gorgonzola Dolce.
  • Mind your budget - Cheaper supermarket mascarpone or Danish Blue can pinch hit if artisan Dolcelatte is too pricey.
  • Read the recipe - Does the dish include other strong flavors that can handle assertive cheese? Then creamy Stilton or Gorgonzola Dolce work nicely.

So first, analyze what qualities are essential to that recipe - the flavor, melt factor, budget or other ingredients can help determine the ideal sub.

Key Takeaway: When choosing a Dolcelatte substitute, consider the flavor, texture, cooking method, cost and supporting ingredients needed.


Is dolcelatte cheese the same as gorgonzola?

No, dolcelatte and gorgonzola are two distinct cheeses. While related, dolcelatte is considered a much milder, sweeter creamier version of the stronger flavored gorgonzola.

What is the difference between dolcelatte and gorgonzola piccante?

Gorgonzola Piccante is much sharper and more pungent than the subtle, sweet dolcelatte. Gorgonzola Piccante is aged longer which gives it a more crumbly texture and intense bite too.

Why does dolcelatte have two names?

Dolcelatte originated under the Galbani Italian cheese company, which trademarked the name. However, other brands also produce very similar mild blue cheeses. These are often informally referred to as "Gorgonzola Dolce" meaning sweet Gorgonzola.

What cheese is most similar to dolcelatte?

The most similar cheeses to dolcelatte are Gorgonzola Dolce (a milder gorgonzola), Cambozola (a combination of French and Italian cheesemaking) and mascarpone (for texture). All offer a similar creamy, subtly sweet profile.

Can I use goat cheese instead of dolcelatte?

Yes, goat cheese can substitute for dolcelatte thanks to its rich, spreadable texture. Just keep in mind that goat cheese has a more distinct, tangy flavor. Its tartness may not suit all recipes originally crafted for sweeter dolcelatte.


Dolcelatte may have a funny name but its sweet creaminess is no laughing matter - which is why finding substitutes is key when this Italian cheese is nowhere to be found.

Luckily there are many worthy alternatives. The mild, buttery notes of Danish Blue or Cambozola cheese perfectly mimic Dolcelatte's subtle flavor. Need perfect meltability? Nutty Stilton or ultra-creamy Boursin blend seamlessly into sauces. And for a quick texture sub, smooth Mascarpone cheese fits the bill.

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