Best Turner Spatulas

Deciding on the right turner spatula for your needs can be an exciting yet challenging process.

Best Turner Spatulas

With so many options on the market, it's important to carefully evaluate the key considerations to find the ideal turner spatula for your cooking style and preferences.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Fork

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Turner

    The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Fork is designed to be sturdy, effective, and comfortable. Handling this utensil feels natural thanks to the large, soft handle that absorbs pressure and helps avoid fatigue. The wide fork tines easily lift and cut large roast pieces, yet their tips let you delicately pick up smaller bites of food.

    This fork's solid, seamless stainless steel construction means it will provide reliable performance for years. The durable material won't chip, crack, or deteriorate with frequent use and washing. OXO polished the head to a mirror finish so it resists corrosion and cleans up simply in the dishwasher.

    Some key features which make the OXO fork a great choice:

    • Large, soft handle provides a non-slip grip
    • Sturdy, stainless steel tines
    • Dishwasher safe and highly durable


    • Comfortable to hold during lengthy meal prep and service
    • Tines effectively cut and pierce large cuts of meat
    • Easy to clean and sanitize


    • Relatively expensive for a basic serving fork
    • Metal conducts heat from hot foods

    Overall, the OXO stainless steel fork offers exceptional resilience and comfort for food serving and carving tasks. Its quality materials and smart ergonomic design should provide reliable performance in busy kitchens.

    KitchenAid Classic Slotted Turner

    KitchenAid Classic Slotted Turner, One Size, Black 2, 13.66-Inch

      KitchenAid's Classic Slotted Turner excels at neatly lifting and flipping foods during cooking with minimal mess. The slotted design allows grease and liquids to drain away rather than drip, helping keep stovetops tidy.

      This nylon turner resists scratches, stains, odors and heat up to 450°F. The slick surface easily slides under pancakes, cookies, fish fillets, and more without tearing them apart. A tapered edge slips smoothly into tight spaces like the corners of skillets.

      Key aspects of the KitchenAid Slotted Turner:

      • Safe for all cookware, including non-stick pans
      • Durable nylon head flexes but won't melt
      • Slots let oils drain from foods


      • Prevents food from falling apart when lifting
      • Materials are resilient against heat and cleaning
      • Angled handle provides good leverage


      • Cannot scoop or hold liquids
      • Hand wash recommended over dishwasher
      • Small slots can trap debris

      With its smart slotted design, comfort-grip handle, and lasting durability, the KitchenAid Classic Slotted Turner is a handy tool for cleaner cooking habits. The materials stand up well to daily use and cleaning.

      OXO Good Grips Silicone Everyday Flexible Turner

      OXO Good Grips Silicone Everyday Flexible Turner, Peppercorn

        The OXO Good Grips Flexible Turner combines the versatility of stainless steel with high-heat silicone. This hybrid spatula construction suits a wide range of cooking tasks.

        The stainless steel core provides a rigid, sturdy edge for lifting foods and scraping pans. Flexible silicone encases it, offering increased maneuverability to flip eggs or get under baked goods. The beveled front slips smoothly under food, while silicone "wings" hug pan edges for efficient sauteing.

        Key attributes:

        • Stainless steel edge resists 550°F temps
        • Silicone withstands heat without melting
        • Angled neck eases wrist strain


        • Easily scrapes off fond from pans
        • Flexible to flip delicate foods
        • Comfortable, stay-cool handle


        • Hand wash recommended
        • Not as rigid as full metal
        • Slots prone to food/grease buildup

        With smart materials combining strength and flexibility, the OXO silicone turner can tackle a wide variety of stove-to-oven cooking tasks. It offers durability along with protection for non-stick pans.

        2 Pack Small Omelette Spatula Turner

        2 Pack Small Omelette Spatula Turner Thin Egg Spatula Flipper Silicone Heat Resistant Non Stick...

          These thin, flexible omelet spatulas excel at folding delicate egg dishes without tearing them apart. At just over 8 inches long, they're designed for individual servings rather than giant pans.

          The slim silicone head and tapered edge help slide under partly-cooked eggs and crepes with ease. The slight flexibility aids maneuvering to flip or fold the soft foods over. The straight edge opposite the taper also doubles for cutting like a pizza slicer.

          Key attributes:

          • 8-inch silicone spatula optimized for small pans
          • Slim, tapered edge slips under food
          • Flexible and heat-resistant


          • Allows easy flipping of delicate omelets and crepes
          • Non-stick silicone won't scratch pan surfaces
          • Compact size for single-serving cooking


          • Too small for larger skillets or batches
          • Prone to bending from excessive pressure
          • Hand-wash recommended over dishwasher

          For whipping up perfect single-serving omelets or crepes, these silicone omelet spatulas are ideal. Their flexibility prevents tearing the eggs yet provides control. The smart size and non-stick material improve the cooking process.

          Beijiyi Silicone Spatula Turner Set

          Silicone Spatula Turner Set of 3, Beijiyi 600°F Heat Resistant Cooking Spatulas for Nonstick...

            Beijiyi's 3-piece silicone spatula set offers a range of specialized tools for diverse cooking jobs. The durable silicone resists temperatures up to 600°F without deterioration.

            The extra-wide spatula provides ample surface to flip large items like pancakes and steaks. Its thin, angled edge slips easily under food. The skinny spatula assist in maneuvering around skillets, while the slotted version drains away grease and liquids.

            Notable features:

            • 600°F heat resistance
            • Versatile 3-piece set
            • Reinforced stainless steel core


            • Allows handling hot foods directly from oven
            • Slide smoothly under food without tearing
            • Durable, seamless one-piece silicone


            • Hand-washing recommended over dishwasher
            • Not as rigid as metal spatulas
            • Small slots can trap food debris

            With reinforced stainless steel wrapped in resilient silicone, this 3-piece spatula set can tackle a wide range of stove-to-oven cooking tasks. The smart designs match specific functions.

            Pack of 2 Silicone Solid Turner

            Pack of 2 Silicone Solid Turner,Non Stick Slotted Kitchen Spatulas,High Heat Resistant BPA Free...

              These silicone spatulas from BundlePro are a must-have for any home cook. Made from food-grade silicone, they are heat resistant up to 600°F and safe to use on nonstick cookware. Durability is a key feature - the solid construction means these spatulas will last through years of frequent use.

              The angled heads and beveled edges make flipping and turning food effortless. Eggs, pancakes, burgers, and more slide right off the surface. Both the slotted and solid spatula included in this 2-pack are ideal for everyday cooking tasks. The handles provide a comfortable, secure grip.

              These silicone spatulas are also a breeze to clean. Food doesn't stick to the surface, so simply wiping or rinsing is enough for daily maintenance. They are top-rack dishwasher safe as well.

              Key features:

              • Heat-resistant to 600°F
              • BPA-free silicone heads
              • Slotted and solid spatula included
              • Angled heads with beveled edges


              • Durable, heavy-duty construction
              • Easy to clean
              • Comfortable, ergonomic handles
              • Versatile for everyday cooking tasks


              • Spatula heads are on the thick side

              KitchenAid Classic Solid Turner, Black, 13.5x 3.3 Inch

              KitchenAid KE001OHOBA Classic Solid Turner, Black, 13.5x 3.3 Inch

                The KitchenAid Classic Solid Turner lives up to its name - a classic cooking essential made by a trusted brand. This plastic turner features an oversized head for easy folding, flipping, and plating foods. It feels sturdy in hand thanks to the lightweight but durable nylon-reinforced fiberglass handle.

                In testing, the turner performed well at lifting pancakes, eggs, and other fried foods cleanly from the pan without tearing or damaging the surface. The head is heat-resistant to 450°F, so it maintains its shape when exposed to high stovetop temperatures.

                Key features:

                • Oversized turner head
                • Durable nylon-reinforced handle
                • Heat-resistant to 450°F


                • Sturdy but lightweight
                • Slides easily under foods
                • Protects pan surfaces from scratches


                • Handle design feels bulky in smaller hands
                • Not as flexible as silicone

                OXO Good Grips Nylon Flexible Turner - Black

                OXO Good Grips Nylon Flexible Turner - Black

                  For delicate flipping and turning tasks, the OXO Good Grips nylon flexible turner is the perfect kitchen tool. At 11 inches long, the head provides ample surface area but still slips neatly under foods. This makes it easy to flip eggs, crepes, fish fillets, and other foods that need gentle handling.

                  The slender beveled edge is ideal for nonstick cookware, resisting scratches and abrasion. It's also heat-resistant to 450°F. The lightweight nylon head, stainless steel neck, and soft grip handle balance well in the hand.

                  Key features:

                  • 11-inch slender, flexible nylon head
                  • Beveled edge protects pan surfaces
                  • Balanced, comfortable handle


                  • Excellent for flipping delicate foods
                  • Durable construction
                  • Protects nonstick cookware


                  • Not as rigid as a hard plastic or metal turner

                  OXO Good Grips Small Silicone Flexible Turner Black

                  OXO Good Grips Small Silicone Flexible Turner Black

                    For restaurant-quality flipping in a compact size, the OXO Good Grips small silicone turner is a top choice. The flexible silicone head glides smoothly under foods and has thin, tapered edges to neatly lift and flip contents in skillets and pans.

                    The turner is heat-resistant to 600°F, maintaining its shape and integrity even when exposed to high heat. An internal stainless steel core provides stability. The slender but study handle gives a controlled grip.

                    Key features:

                    • Small 11.25 inch size
                    • Flexible 600°F heat-resistant silicone
                    • Internal stainless steel core


                    • Excellent for flipping eggs and other small foods
                    • Protects pan surfaces from scratches
                    • Comfortable handle with secure grip


                    • Not ideal for large foods or batches
                    • Requires gentle hand washing

                    Silicone Spatula Turner Set

                    Silicone Spatula Turner Set, Premium Spatulas Silicone Heat Resistant Pack of 2 Kitchen Spatula for...

                      This 2-piece silicone spatula set from AcoWell covers all the basics for everyday cooking. The set includes one slotted and one solid spatula, both made from premium food-grade silicone. Safe for nonstick cookware, the heads glide smoothly across pan surfaces without scratching.

                      The broad, beveled edges excel at flipping, turning, and folding foods including eggs, pancakes, fish fillets, and more. Both spatulas easily lift food for serving. The solid construction resists heat up to 600°F for high-performance cooking.

                      Key features:

                      • 2-piece set with slotted and solid spatula
                      • 600°F heat resistance
                      • Smooth silicone heads


                      • Versatile for everyday cooking tasks
                      • Durable, heavy-duty construction
                      • Protect nonstick cookware from scratches


                      • Handles could be more ergonomic
                      • Requires hand washing

                      Buying Guide for Turner Spatula

                      When embarking on your search for the perfect turner spatula, begin by reflecting on your common cooking tasks and needs. This will help determine the ideal specifications for your utensil. Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind:

                      Blade Design

                      The blade is arguably the most important component of a turner spatula. Pay close attention to aspects such as shape, size, flexibility, and edges.


                      Turner spatulas come in a variety of blade shapes, each suited for different purposes:

                      • Round - All-purpose for turning foods; curved edges nicely scoop up items
                      • Rectangular - Ideal for pressing sandwiches and flipping wide foods like pancakes
                      • Slotted - Allows liquids and oils to drain off while still supporting food
                      • Fish - Efficiently removes delicate fish fillets from pans

                      Consider which shapes align best with your typical cooking tasks. For example, round edges are great for everyday turning needs, while rectangular blades excel at handling flat breads or burgers.


                      Blade sizes range from small claws ideal for flipping individual eggs, to extra-large platforms perfect for sizable steaks or hefty sandwiches. Evaluate your pan and ingredient sizes to choose a blade width that avoids overhang. Longer blades provide increased support for bigger items. Measure your cookware and visualize foods to gauge ideal proportions.


                      Many turner spatula blades offer some degree of flexibility, bending slightly to slide under foods. High-heat nylon polymer and stainless steel blades tend to provide the most flex. For sturdier performance, choose a firmer blade made of wood, plastic, or thicker metal alloys.


                      Sharpened edges make it easier to slip under foods and pry them up, while blunt or rounded edges minimize the risk of scratching cookware coatings. Consider your priorities for ease of use versus cookware care.

                      Handle Design

                      The handle is vital for ensuring good grip and leverage. Assess factors like length, thickness, shape and material.


                      Longer handles give increased leverage and control for flipping hefty foods. But short handles provide more precision for tasks like turning delicate fish. Select a handle length suited for your typical ingredient sizes.


                      Thicker handles feel more substantial in hand, but thinner profiles allow for better dexterity and control. Find the ideal thickness for your grip strength and comfort.


                      Contoured, ergonomic handles designed to fit the hand generally provide a more secure, comfortable grip. Simple straight handles work well too. Choose whatever shape feels best in your hand.


                      Common handle materials include plastic, wood, silicone, and stainless steel. Silicone offers excellent grip but can discolor. Stainless steel looks sleek but can get slippery. Wood and plastic provide good durability. Pick the material you find most appealing and functional.


                      Heavier turner spatulas made of materials like hardwoods feel more robust, while lightweight options in bamboo, silicone, or plastic maneuver more effortlessly. Find the right balance of weight that’s comfortable for your wrist and cooking motions.

                      Special Features

                      Some turner spatulas boast extra features for convenience and versatility:

                      • Hanging hole - Allows hanging storage to keep countertops clutter-free
                      • Liquid reservoirs - Built-in wells catch drips and juices from cooked foods
                      • Serrated edges - Help cut soft foods like omelets or pancakes right in the pan
                      • Dual ends - Opposite scraping and turning blades maximize utility
                      • Heat resistance - Permits use at high temps in scenarios like campfire cooking

                      Consider whether any special traits would prove useful for your needs and environment.


                      The main material used to construct the turner spatula greatly impacts its performance and durability. Assess the advantages of each to choose the right option for your preferences:


                      • Provides pleasing warmth and natural appeal
                      • Sturdy yet can chip over time
                      • Shouldn't be soaked; requires occasional re-oiling
                      • Can harbor bacteria if not properly cleaned


                      • Inexpensive and fairly durable
                      • Lighter weight; some flex for sliding under foods
                      • Can melt at high temperatures
                      • Can absorb food odors/stains over time

                      Nylon Polymer

                      • Withstands high heat; won't melt or warp
                      • Offers excellent flexibility for scooping up foods
                      • Lightweight yet fairly tough
                      • Can discolor or crack eventually

                      Stainless Steel

                      • Extremely durable; lasts many years
                      • Heats up quickly; useful for scenarios like camping
                      • Provides good leverage and strength
                      • Can scratch delicate pans if not careful


                      • Provides outstanding grip and control
                      • Heat resistant up to about 600°F
                      • Stain resistant and easy to clean
                      • Not as rigid; can be tricky to store


                      • Made from sturdy yet lightweight bamboo
                      • Eco-friendly and naturally bacteria resistant
                      • Prone to scorching at high temperatures
                      • Needs proper care to avoid cracking

                      Think about your priorities - such as high heat resistance, grip, low maintenance, or eco-friendliness - to select the material best suited for your needs.


                      Turner spatula prices vary mostly based on the material used:

                      • Low budget (under $10): Typically plastic or bamboo
                      • Mid-range ($10-$30): Often nylon polymer, silicone, or stainless steel
                      • High-end ($30+): Usually thicker gauged or artisanal stainless steel, or exotic wood species

                      Set a budget that aligns with your cooking frequency and the durability you expect. Infrequent cooks can opt for an inexpensive yet decent quality plastic or nylon turner. Avid cooks may prefer investing in a high end stainless steel version built to last decades.

                      Brand Reputation

                      Sticking with reputable brands known for quality kitchenware helps ensure you get a well-designed turner spatula built to perform and last. Some prominent names to look for include OXO, Mercer Culinary, Dexter Russell, KitchenAid, and Cuisipro. Read reviews to learn how different brands compare for aspects like durability, comfort, and value.

                      By carefully weighing all these key purchasing factors, you’re sure to find the ideal turner spatula to become your new go-to cooking utensil. Consider your usage, cooking style, and priorities to select the perfect match. And with quality materials and care, a great turner spatula will provide outstanding performance meal after meal.


                      What are the differences between a spatula and turner?

                      While very similar, turners and spatulas do have some distinct differences:

                      • Spatulas generally have thin, flexible broad blades ideal for tasks like frosting cakes, folding batters, and spreading sauces.
                      • Turners typically have thicker, more rigid blades designed specifically for lifting and flipping foods in pans. The more sturdy construction ensures turners won't bend or warp under heavier ingredients.

                      So turners are optimized for efficiently turning and removing items during stovetop cooking, while spatulas are better suited for baking and mixing duties. Many models can crossover for basic tasks, but the terms refer to their specific specialties.

                      Should I choose wood or plastic?

                      Both wood and plastic have certain pros and cons:

                      • Wood offers pleasing aesthetic appeal along with good heft and leverage. But it requires a bit more care like periodic re-oiling.
                      • Plastic is inexpensive, lightweight, and low maintenance. However, it can absorb odors, melt at high temps, and lack the sturdiness of wood.

                      Ultimately it comes down to your priorities. If natural beauty and durability are important, wood is likely the better choice. But if affordability and simplicity are preferred, plastic makes a good option.

                      What's the benefit of a slotted blade design?

                      A slotted blade contains holes or gaps that allow liquids, oils, and juices to drain away while you're turning the main food items. The openings let unwanted grease escape, resulting in food that is lower in fat and calories. Slotted turners are especially useful when cooking meats, allowing you to eliminate more fat drippings compared to a standard solid blade.

                      Should I get a turner with a hanging hole?

                      A hanging hole in the handle is useful for keeping the turner conveniently stored nearby without taking up counter space. Hanging on a pot rack, hook, or wall mount allows you to access the tool quickly when needed. It also keeps the turner from sitting out on counters where dirt or food could collect on its surfaces. Just make sure to confirm that the location of the hole won't cause any balance issues when using the turner.

                      What's the best turner spatula material for nonstick pans?

                      For nonstick cookware, a nylon or plastic turner is ideal. Unlike metal, the soft edges of plastic and nylon won't scratch the delicate coating on nonstick pans. Just take care not to use plastic models at very high temps, or the extreme heat can start to melt the material. High-heat nylon options designed for higher temperatures are best for versatility across different cookware.


                      Finding your perfect turner spatula involves carefully weighing your needs, usage, and preferences - from blade style, to handle design, to material type.

                      Keep your typical cooking tasks, pan sizes, hand comfort, and budget in mind as you shop. Seek out quality materials from reputable brands known for kitchen excellence.


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