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what spice is similar to oregano?

    what spice is similar to oregano 1204

    If you’re looking for a substitute for oregano, you may be wondering what spice is similar to oregano? The answer may surprise you.

    Dried thyme is similar to oregano. It has a stronger flavor than oregano but is good as a garnish. If you’re looking for an alternative to oregano, try tarragon or basil. They both have an earthy flavor and are great substitutions for Italian dishes. You can also substitute marjoram for oregano. However, be sure to check the label before using any of these substitutes!

    Fresh thyme is another option. It has a similar flavor to oregano, but it is more robust and has a stronger pepper flavor. Fresh thyme is available at most grocery stores and is widely used in most cuisines. Compared to oregano, thyme can sometimes overpower a dish. To make sure you’re not overpowering your dish, you can start with only a small amount and increase the amount as needed.