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What Is Whole Spice?

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    Whole Spice is a store with a unique approach to spices. The company’s founders, Ronit and Shuli Madmone, source only the freshest, highest-quality products from all over the world. They grind and blend spices only when they need them, ensuring that the flavor compounds remain as fresh as possible. They offer a wide range of different spices and seasonings, including cinnamon from Saigon, sarsaparilla from Mexico, and paprika from Hungary.

    You can purchase whole spices at farmers’ markets and local gourmet food stores. The company also sells herbs and salts in its shop, which is located in Oxbow public market in Napa. If you don’t have time to shop, you can also use its onsite online store, which carries both whole and ground spices.

    Besides using whole spices in recipes, you can also make your own. They have more flavor and are easier to store. When you make your own spices, don’t mix them with other types of spices. Instead, grind them with a blender or processor.