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What is truffle cream?

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    Truffle cream is a unique culinary creation with a rich, earthy taste and smooth paste-like texture. It is a versatile, elegant addition to many dishes.

    White truffle cream is a fine-grained, non-GMO product. It pairs perfectly with risotto and filet. It’s perfect for vegetarian or gluten-free diets and is made from a combination of white and Bianchetto truffles. The ingredients are also non-genetically modified, so they’re ideal for those following a gluten-free or vegetarian diet. And since they’re non-dairy, they don’t add a strong flavor to other foods.

    Black truffles are the most expensive and sought-after types of truffles. Among other food items, they’re the most expensive and desirable. As such, they’re considered the ultimate gourmet delicacy. The price of a single truffle is equivalent to the price of a bottle of fine champagne. A delicious pasta dish with a truffle cream sauce is an absolute feast for the eyes and the taste buds. With its unmistakable earthy flavor and unmistakable beauty, it’s a dish that should not be missed.