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what is the density of cooking oil?

    what is the density of cooking oil 1319

    The density of cooking oil is different depending on the type and temperature of the oil. The typical density ranges between 0.91 and 0.93 grams per cubic centimeter at temperatures of 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. By comparison, water has a density of 1.00 grams per milliliter. The difference in density between different types of oils is largely due to their differences in the density of their components. Below we will discuss some of the differences between cooking oils and their densities.

    To calculate the density of cooking oil, you should divide the volume of the cooking oil by half. Then pour a similar amount of water into a different plastic sandwich bag. Seal the bag and use it as a measuring cup. If you do not have a measuring cup, you can use the half-cup mark on a drinking glass as a guide. It doesn’t matter how much the oil weighs because the goal is to compare the two substances.