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What is Suya Spice?

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    Although typically made with lean beef, suya is also great for marinating fish and chicken. While the traditional recipe calls for dried habanero peppers, you can substitute smoked scotch bonnets or cayenne pepper if you can’t find these. In addition to adding a nice spiciness to the meat, suya spice is also good for adding a dash of heat to a roast potato.

    The best way to prepare suya is to mix together roasted peanuts and cayenne pepper in a spice grinder. The resulting mixture is fragrant and nutty. However, it is not suitable for people with nut allergies, since it contains peanuts. This seasoning can be easily prepared at home without heavy equipment, and it tastes even better. You can purchase the dried form of suya at your local store, but make sure you read the label before using it.

    Another way to enjoy suya spice is by cooking with it. This spicy blend goes well with rice, but it is also great with veggies. It holds up very well when mixed with vegetables, such as broccolini and cauliflower. It can also be added to soups, coconut milk-based sauces, and popcorn. It also goes well with homemade vinaigrette. The flavor will enhance any dish with suya.