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what is raw butter?

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    Aside from the obvious health benefits, raw butter is incredibly delicious. It has a bright yellow color that is obtained naturally from grass-grazing cows. Unlike other types of butter, it is easy to digest and contains 87% raw butterfat. There are many other advantages of raw dairy products, as well.

    Another benefit to raw butter is that it contains an enzyme called alkaline phosphatase, which decreases inflammation in the body. The alkaline pH level helps inhibit the growth of pathogens, which is another great reason to consume raw milk and butter. In addition, it prevents weight gain. You can also get a variety of other nutrients from raw butter, including vitamins A, D, E and K.

    Raw milk is better for your health than pasteurized milk. It contains more beneficial bacteria and enzymes than pasteurized milk, and it has more nutrients than bottled milk. In addition, raw milk has a lower pH level, which prevents the growth of pathogens. But despite its lower pH, it is still beneficial to consume raw butter. This dairy product has a higher content of nutrients than its pasteurized counterpart.