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What Is Modified Whey?

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    Various methods of chemically altering whey proteins have been developed in recent years, including hydrolysis, esterification, amidation, phosphorylation, and thiolation. Enzymatic protein modification involves partial proteolytic hydrolysis and the incorporation of specific functional groups or crosslinks in the conformation of the protein. Physical modifications are the result of thermal treatment or biopolymer complexing. The goal is to achieve enhanced caking properties while still maintaining the functional properties of whey.

    Modified whey is a type of milk protein that doesn’t clump when exposed to acids. It is used for making cheese and other food products that are higher in fat and calories. The added enzymes provide a better texture than the original whey. It is also considered to be a more potent protein than whey isolates. It is often sold at a higher price than whey isolates and is more expensive.

    Modified whey is an effective supplement for building muscle. It can be taken in the form of a powdered soft drink or as a food additive. It is typically made of proteins that come from cows. However, researchers identified a protein in whey that didn’t raise GLP-1 levels. By removing the protein from whey, the remaining proteins were increased. This new product is designed to increase the levels of other proteins in the body.