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what is milk pudding?

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    Milk pudding is a traditional dessert popular with Muslims, especially during the month of Ramadan. It is traditionally served during the iftar meal when fasting Muslims break their fast. This simple recipe requires a little cornflour/cornstarch, which is dissolved in a little milk. Next, the rest of the milk is heated with the other ingredients. Once the mixture is thickened, the pudding is poured into serving bowls. Garnishes such as nuts and raisins are usually added before serving. Traditionally, cornflour/cornstarch is used to thicken the pudding, but some recipes use rice flour.

    Milk pudding is also an excellent source of protein and is often flavored with sugar, rosewater, vanilla, cinnamon, and cornflour. Typically, whole milk is used for this dessert. Sometimes, cornflour is used in place of gelatin, so the pudding is a vegetarian-friendly option. When preparing this recipe, use cold milk and mix in the sugar. Make sure to stir constantly to prevent lumps. Once the pudding is cool, top it with fruit or syrup and enjoy.

    For the most flavorful milk pudding, add a touch of cinnamon or vanilla. Either type is tasty. It doesn’t matter which kind of pudding you make – chocolate, vanilla, or rosewater are all delicious. You can also mix a small amount of cornflour with evaporated milk and raisins. This will increase the amount of protein and flavor in your milk pudding. Once the mixture has cooled, you can cover the entire thing with fruit and syrup, and it will be ready for slicing.