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What Is fried bean curd?

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    Fried bean curd is a popular side dish from Chinese cuisine. The humble curd, also called tofu, has been a mainstay of Chinese cooking for over 2,000 years. Its popularity spread throughout Asia, and each cuisine has a unique way of preparing it.

    Bean curd is a popular Asian snack. It is used in many dishes as a savory alternative to meat. It’s often served as a first-course appetizer or as part of a buffet menu. The only important tip is to use caution when adding and removing the bean curd from the hot oil. A slotted spoon or tongs are recommended when lowering the curd into the oil, as spattering can cause the skin to burn. Once fried, remove it from the oil and place it on absorbent paper to drain. You can sprinkle the fried bean curl with soy sauce or a salt and pepper mixture.