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what is double milk?

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    A dessert popular in China, double milk contains two layers of cream, egg whites, and sugar. The original recipe for the drink was developed in Shunde, Guangdong. The drink is so-called because it has two skins. One of the layers is the outer layer, which forms when the boiled milk is cooled. The other layer is the inner layer, which is composed of egg whites. This dessert is especially popular in the Chinese cities of Guangzhou, Macau, and Hong Kong. It is very high in protein, and the cream is made of whole milk, but there is also a little sugar.

    The most popular milk chocolate in Belgium is the Cote d’Or Dobble Milk – Double Lait. A single bar contains 4 sticks weighing 46 grams. This unique treat is filled with cocoa pods and praline milk forage. As a bonus, it also contains more omega-3 fatty acids than skimmed milk. It has a smooth, rich texture that can be shared with a loved one or enjoyed alone.