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What Is cooking liquid?

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    Unlike broth, a cooking liquid is usually made up of water, wine, or stock. It may also refer to the flavorful liquid left behind from a particular type of dish. Other common types of cooking liquids include canola oil, vegetable oil, and honey. Here are some ways to use your kitchen staples as cooking fluids.

    Soaking is an excellent way to prepare foods without using fat. This cooking method involves heating a liquid to a simmer, then gently slipping the food into the water. When the temperature is right, you’ll see bubbles forming on the surface of the liquid, which indicates that the food is tender. Simmering means cooking in a liquid that’s not quite boiling.

    Boiling is another method for preparing foods. A water-based liquid reaches 212 degrees and then transforms into a gas. When this happens, the water turns into steam, which cooks the food without losing any of the nutrients. This method is particularly popular for vegetables and seafood. In addition to reducing the amount of food that must be heated, simmering also improves the texture and mouthfeel of the finished product.