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what is a bento cake?

    what is a bento cake 1243

    A bento cake is a small, miniature version of a regular-sized cake. It’s perfect for baking beginners and is the best way to save money on food. The mini-cakes don’t take a lot of time to prepare and are frosted with fresh whipped cream, making them great eye candy!

    A bento cake has simple ingredients and can be made in any size. Its name comes from the Japanese word for “lunch box.” The Japanese have been using them for centuries and are known for their minimalist approach. The traditional Japanese version is four to six inches, serving three to four pax. A small 4″ cake is good for 3-4 pax.

    Most of these cakes only weigh four to six inches. The smallest versions come in tiny takeaway boxes and can even fit a burger! For a party, a 4″-size cake is perfect.