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What Are Molded Cookies?

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    You can bake molded cookies in a mold or decorate them with ornaments. Before molding them, you must lightly dust the dough with cornstarch or flour. To get the best result, the dough should be cold. If it is too warm, it will become too sticky and will not hold its shape well. It is better to keep the cookie dough chilled. After chilling, you should press the mold on the dough and allow it to set for about 40 minutes. Once the dough has set, you can cut them into the desired shape using a rotary cutter or sharp knife.

    You can find different shapes of molded cookies. Pfeffernusse, Lebkuchen, and Pastelitos de Boda are popular European cookies. You can also find these shaped cookies in Mexican wedding celebrations. There are even Czech shaped molded cookies called Kipfel. They’re typically shaped like crescents. In Greece, you can even find molded cookies made around a surprise treat, such as a Hershey’s Kiss.