Best Store-Bought Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are a classic holiday treat that have been enjoyed for centuries. These crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth cookies are made from just a few simple ingredients - flour, butter, and sugar. Their rich, buttery flavor makes them perfect for dunking in tea or coffee.

Best Store-Bought Shortbread Cookies

When making shortbread at home, it's important to use high-quality ingredients. Many bakers swear by using European-style butter with a higher fat content. Freshly milled soft wheat flour also makes a difference in texture. One shortcut is to purchase ready-made shortbread dough or frozen cookie dough discs. This allows you to slice and bake cookies with much less effort.

Purchasing pre-made shortbread cookies is a great option if you don't have time to bake them from scratch. Gourmet and specialty brands offer shortbread in various shapes and flavors. Elegantly packaged tins make these cookies a perfect gift idea as well.

This buying guide will outline what to look for when shopping for store-bought shortbread cookies. We'll also recommend some of the best shortbread brands and products to try. Let's start baking!

Walker's Shortbread Fingers

Walker’s Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers - 2-Count Snack Packs (Pack of 24) - Authentic Shortbread...

    You just found the perfect classic butter cookies from Scotland. These Walker's Shortbread Fingers offer a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth experience with each bite.

    Made using an original 125-year old recipe, these cookies stay true to their heritage. With just four simple ingredients - flour, butter, sugar and salt - you can really taste the quality. The pure creamy butter makes each cookie delicately crumbly on the outside and smooth on the inside.

    These authentic Scottish treats are hand-made in the Highlands. Walker's shortbread contains no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. The ingredients and preparation reflect generations of expertise in creating the ideal butter cookie.

    When you open the package, you'll be greeted with the iconic Walker's tartan design on the packaging. It's a mark of pride and timeless tradition.

    Treat yourself to these melt-in-your-mouth delights or share them as gifts. They pair nicely with tea, coffee or just for snacking anytime.

    Key features:

    • Authentic Scottish recipe since 1898
    • Made with pure butter
    • No artificial ingredients
    • Iconic tartan packaging


    • Delicate, melt-in-your-mouth texture
    • Subtle sweetness
    • Quality ingredients


    • Can be crumbly

    Walker's Shortbread Highlanders

    Walker's Shortbread Highlanders, Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies, 7 Oz Box

      Indulge in a thick, wholesome Scottish treat with Walker's Shortbread Highlanders. These crunchy, butter-rich cookies will delight your senses with their iconic texture and taste.

      Handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands, each Highlander starts with the finest ingredients - wheat flour, sugar, salt and a generous portion of creamy butter. After baking, the edges get hand-rolled in demerara sugar for an extra crunchy sweetness with each bite.

      You'll love the solid, satisfying texture of these cookies. The pure butter shines through in the flavor, rounding out the subtle vanilla notes. The demerara sugar coating contrasts nicely with the smooth, melty shortbread interior.

      The ingredients reflect Walker's traditional 125-year old recipe. You'll find no artificial preservatives or flavors, just simple, wholesome goodness. The iconic tartan packaging nods to the brand's Scottish heritage.

      Whether enjoyed on their own or with coffee or tea, Walker's Shortbread Highlanders make an ideal treat any time of day. They also make great gifts or dessert additions. Indulge in a true Scottish classic.

      Key features:

      • Thick and crunchy texture
      • Edges coated in demerara sugar
      • Traditional Scottish recipe
      • No artificial ingredients


      • Satisfyingly crunchy and rich
      • Nuanced butter and vanilla flavor
      • Generous sugar coating


      • Cookies can break apart

      Walkers Classic Shortbread Fingers

      Walkers Classic Shortbread Fingers - 5.3 oz

        Treat yourself to the timeless taste of Walkers Classic Shortbread Fingers. You'll love the melt-in-your-mouth texture and sweet butter flavor in each piece.

        These authentic Scottish treats are made according to an original 1898 recipe perfected in the Highlands. The simplicity of the four ingredients - flour, butter, sugar and salt - lets the quality shine through.

        Each cookie delivers a delicate, crumbly texture that contrasts beautifully with the rich butter taste. You can really savor the sweet creaminess in every bite. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, just pure goodness.

        The iconic rectangular shape makes these classic fingers perfect for dunking in tea or coffee. They also pair nicely with fresh fruit for a simple, satisfying dessert.

        Walkers has been perfecting these shortbread for over a century, and you can taste the dedication in each batch. They're deliciously simple and totally addictive.

        Share these melt-in-your-mouth treats from Scotland with friends and family. The recognizable red tartan packaging adds festive flair to any occasion.

        Key features:

        • Traditional 1898 recipe
        • Made with pure butter
        • Delicate, crumbly texture
        • No artificial ingredients


        • Sweet and buttery flavor
        • Smooth, melt-in-your-mouth feel
        • Ideal for dunking and desserts


        • Can break apart easily

        Walker's Shortbread Assortment

        Walker’s Pure Butter Shortbread Traditional Assortment - 17 Assorted Cookies Per Box - Authentic...

        Discover a taste of Scotland with Walker's Shortbread Assortment box. With three iconic shapes baked to buttery perfection, this collection lets you enjoy the best of traditional Scottish shortbread.

        Each cookie stays true to the original 1898 recipe perfected by the Walker family in the Highlands. Made with simple ingredients like butter, flour, sugar and salt, the quality of each piece shines through.

        The Petticoat Tails are crisp and delicate, dusted with sugar for a sweet finish. Highlanders have a thick, crunchy texture withedges rolled in demerara sugar. And the classic Shortbread Fingers recall home-baked treats.

        Every batch contains no artificial preservatives or coloring - just pure goodness. The generous portion of butter makes each cookie tender and delicious. You can really savor the sweet creaminess.

        Walker's dedication shows in every detail, from the century-old recipe to the iconic tartan packaging. Treat yourself or share these melt-in-your-mouth Scottish treats with friends.

        Key features:

        • Three classic shapes
        • 1898 Scottish recipe
        • Made with pure butter
        • No artificial ingredients


        • Tender, melt-in-your-mouth feel
        • Subtly sweet and creamy
        • Generous butter flavor


        • Shortbread can crumble

        Walker's Shortbread Scottie Dogs

        Walker’s Pure Butter Mini Scottie Dog Shaped Shortbread - 51-Count Carton - Authentic Shortbread...

          Charm any pup lover with Walker's Shortbread Scottie Dogs. These cute shortbread cookies capture the endearing Scottish Terrier in a delicious, giftable treat.

          Artfully shaped, every detail of the iconic breed comes through. The tiny biscuits are a perfect bite-sized snack to enjoy with tea, coffee or on their own.

          Made in the Scottish Highlands, these shortbread dogs stay true to an original 1898 recipe. With simple ingredients like butter, sugar and flour, you get a melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich buttery taste.

          The adorable packaging makes them an instant gift for any dog lover. The collectible tin can be reused to hold knickknacks or treats after enjoying the cookies.

          While small in size, these pup-shaped treats deliver big on old-fashioned Scottish flavor. They contain no artificial ingredients, just century-old baking expertise.

          Bring a smile to a dog owner with these charming cookies. The miniature Scotties will steal their heart just like the real breed.

          Key features:

          • Cute Scottie dog shape
          • Traditional 1898 recipe
          • Made with pure butter
          • Collectible reusable tin


          • Bite-sized and pup-themed
          • Delicate, melty texture
          • Subtle butter flavor


          • Small cookie size

          Walkers Shortbread Snowman Mini Festive Shapes Holiday Box

          Walker’s Assorted Mini Shortbread Cookies in Festive Shapes- Snowman Shortbread Cookie Box (5.3...

            You'll love the festive snowman shapes and pure butter taste of these shortbread cookies from Walkers. Made in Scotland with just four simple ingredients - flour, butter, sugar, and salt - they offer a delicious old-fashioned flavor.

            When you open the decorative box, you'll find eight fanciful snowman cookies with smiling faces. Each snowman is imprinted with a different cheerful expression to make them extra fun. Bite into one and you'll discover the rich buttery flavor that Walkers is famous for. The snowmen are a perfect size for little hands to hold or pop right into your mouth.

            These premium shortbread snowmen make a wonderful gift for the holidays. Tuck the box into a stocking or use them as part of a homemade cookie assortment. They pair nicely with a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. Just be sure to hide a few for yourself, because you won't want to share them all!

            Key features:

            • Eight individually wrapped snowman cookies
            • Made in Scotland with 4 simple ingredients
            • Rich, pure butter taste


            • Cute snowman shapes with smiling faces
            • Delicious old-fashioned flavor
            • Festive holiday gift box


            • Small quantity of cookies in each box

            Walkers Classic Shortbread Assorted Selection

            Walkers Classic Shortbread Assorted Selection - 8.8 Oz

              Indulge in a taste of Scotland with this assortment of Walkers shortbread cookies. Each cookie is handmade from a generations-old recipe using pure butter for rich flavor in every bite.

              This 8.8 oz box contains a delightful variety of traditional Scottish shortbread shapes like rounds, fingers, and triangles. Each shape bakes up with a slightly different texture that adds interest when sampling. Take a moment to savor the subtle sweetness and crisp, delicate crunch of these authentic treats.

              Walkers only uses real ingredients like wheat flour, sugar, butter, and salt. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Treat yourself to a piece of history from the Scottish Highlands that goes perfectly with tea or coffee. These premium shortbread cookies also make a memorable gift for any occasion.

              Key features:

              • Assortment of classic shortbread shapes
              • Made in Scotland from a generations-old recipe
              • Only 4 simple, natural ingredients


              • Delicate, crisp texture
              • Subtle sweetness
              • Rich butter flavor


              • Higher price point

              Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread, Rounds

              Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread, Rounds, 5.3 oz

                Discover the incredible flavor of pure butter shortbread when you try this Scottish treat. Walkers has been baking their famous shortbread rounds since 1898, using just four ingredients - flour, butter, sugar and salt. Each circular cookie delivers a sublime taste and sandy, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

                Take a bite and you'll understand why Walkers shortbread is recognized around the world for quality. The dominance of creamy butter comes through in every nibble, while the sweetness remains restrained. These authentic rounds have a rustic appearance with fluted edges that add old-fashioned charm.

                Enjoy Walkers Shortbread Rounds on their own or pair them with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Keep a tin on hand for serving guests or as an after-dinner treat. Made in the Scottish Highlands, these cookies make a fine gift for any occasion. Treat yourself to the incredible flavor of Walkers made the traditional way.

                Key features:

                • Classic round shortbread shape
                • Baked in Scotland since 1898
                • Only 4 ingredients including rich butter


                • Delicious old-fashioned flavor
                • Sandy, melt-in-your-mouth texture
                • Rustic fluted edges


                • Cookies may break during shipping

                Walkers Classic Shortbread Mini Assorted

                Walkers Classic Shortbread Mini Assorted - 5.6 oz

                  Satisfy your craving for a delicious tea-time treat with Walkers Classic Shortbread Minis. This 5.6 oz box contains a delightful assortment of bite-sized shortbread rounds, fingers, and petticoat tails. Each variety is handmade from a generations-old Scottish recipe to deliver incredible old-fashioned flavor.

                  The minis feature the same sandy texture and pure butter richness that Walkers is famous for. Their petite size makes them perfect for snacking or sharing a taste of Scotland with others. Savor the subtle sweetness that balances beautifully against the crisp cookie crunch.

                  Walkers shortbread minis contain no artificial ingredients - just flour, butter, sugar, and salt. Pop a few in your mouth and take a moment to appreciate their simple goodness. They pair wonderfully with a hot cup of tea. These traditional cookies also make great party favors or holiday gifts.

                  Key features:

                  • Bite-sized shortbread shapes
                  • Generations-old Scottish recipe
                  • Only 4 simple ingredients


                  • Delightful variety in one box
                  • Petite size perfect for snacking
                  • Old-fashioned flavor


                  • Box contains a small quantity

                  Knott’s Berry Farm Strawberry Shortbread Cookies

                  Treat yourself to a delicious fruit and cookie combo with Knott's Berry Farm Strawberry Shortbread. Each pack contains 36 individually wrapped cookies that combine sweet strawberry jam with a smooth shortbread crunch.

                  Take a bite and you'll taste why these have been a favorite for decades. The jam filling provides juicy fruit flavor while the shortbread melts in your mouth with buttery richness. They have a playful pink hue from the natural color of the strawberries.

                  Enjoy the portability of tossing a pack in your purse or lunch box. Each 2 oz pouch contains about 6 cookies, perfect for an energy boost any time of day. Kids will love the fun fruit taste in snack time. For a special occasion, arrange them nicely on a platter to share at the office or a party.

                  Key features:

                  • Shortbread with strawberry jam
                  • 36 individual 2 oz packs
                  • No trans fat


                  • Sweet fruity taste
                  • Individually wrapped portions
                  • Smooth, buttery shortbread


                  • Limited availability, often out of stock

                  Shortbread Cookies Buying Guide

                  When purchasing pre-made shortbread cookies, here are some factors to consider:


                  Always check the ingredient list for quality components. Look for butter as the first ingredient, followed by wheat flour and sugar. Avoid vegetable oils, tons of extra flavorings, or chemical preservatives. The fewer ingredients, the better to allow the buttery flavor to shine.


                  Shortbread can be shaped into rounds, fingers, wedges, or even bars. Rounded shapes with fluted edges are traditional. Fingers and wedges are nice for dunking or serving a larger crowd. Shortbread bars covered in chocolate provide another tasty option.


                  Shortbread is quite fragile, so it should be protected in sturdy packaging. The cookies are best kept in resealable tins or high-quality boxes to maintain freshness after opening. Many tins are beautifully designed to gift. For travel, individual packs or plastic containers help prevent breakage.


                  Homemade shortbread is cheap to prepare, but pre-packaged brands can get pricy. Artisanal, all-butter recipes with premium ingredients will cost more. Large gift tins and fancy packaging also increase the price tag. Expect to spend $5 to $15 for smaller packs, and $15 to $30 for larger gift tins.

                  Brand Reputation

                  Established brands that focus on quality ingredients and traditional methods are a safe bet. Scottish and European brands are known for their stellar shortbread recipes. Be wary of discount brands using vegetable oil or glycerin instead of butter. Read reviews to help determine overall freshness and flavor.

                  Best Shortbread Brands and Products

                  Based on popular reviews, here are the top store-bought shortbread cookies to try:

                  Walkers Shortbread Scottish Shortbread

                  Walkers is a Scottish family bakery known for extremely buttery, authentic shortbread. Their hand-cut shortbread rounds are deliciously crumbly with a hint of salt. They also offer fingers, wedges, and shortbread dipped in chocolate. The shortbread comes packaged in iconic red-plaid tins for gift-giving.

                  Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies

                  These thin, crispy shortbread cookies have a simple, nostalgic flavor. The classic shortbread finger shape is perfect for dunking in milk. Lorna Doone has been baking these dusted shortbread cookies since 1912 using a time-honored recipe. They come in convenient packaging for snacking anytime.

                  Anna's Swedish Thins

                  Cardamom and cinnamon give these crunchy "Swedish biscuits" a subtle sweetness. The round cookies have a pleasant sandiness from rice flour. Anna's bakes them in small batches with European butter for excellent freshness. The resealable pouches are nicely portable for lunches and road trips.

                  Marks and Spencer All Butter Shortbread

                  This luxuriously rich shortbread is made with 100% butter for intense flavor. Marks and Spencer hails from the UK and excels at traditional British biscuits. Their thick, round shortbread cookies have a generous sprinkle of sugar and perfectly crumbly bite. They come in variety packs or vintage tins.

                  McVitie's Scottish Shortbread

                  McVitie's bakes this melt-in-your-mouth shortbread in small batches using time-honored techniques. Their rounded cookies have a delicate, buttery taste with a hint of salt. Customers love the hearty, whole wheat texture. It's imported from the UK and packaged in stackable boxes.

                  TeaBisk Shortbread Cookies

                  For those who enjoy a strong tea-dunking cookie, TeaBisk makes extra thick shortbread rounds. They have a satisfying crunch that softens with a nice chew. Their pure butter taste and traditional recipe gets rave reviews. The cookies come in convenient tins that match their colorful packaging.

                  Daelmans Stroopwafels Caramel Waffle Cookies

                  These beloved Dutch cookies are made from two thin waffles stuck together with gooey caramel. Stroopwafels are essentially a filled shortbread waffle with crispy edges and chewy center. Daelmans has been perfecting their recipe since 1879 for the ultimate sweet treat with coffee or tea.

                  Trader Joe's Shortbread Cookies

                  Fans rave about TJ's buttery shortbread that simply melts in your mouth. The round, tender cookies are sprinkled with crunchy sugar crystals. Trader Joe's manages to balance quality and price with this customer favorite. Their fun packaging also makes them a great hostess gift for parties.

                  Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies

                  These crisp, buttery cookies are artfully decorated with Danish designs. Royal Dansk has been baking their melt-in-your-mouth biscuits since 1966 using only the finest ingredients. Customers love the pretty tin this shortbread comes in - perfect for gift-giving and storage.

                  Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux Cookies

                  This decadent, chocolate-covered shortbread is one of Pepperidge Farm's most beloved cookies. The rich chocolate and smooth velvety texture make them irresistible. These luxurious cookies are perfect for chocoholics who want an elegant cookie for gifting or sharing at parties.

                  Shortbread Cookies: FAQ

                  Still have questions about purchasing and enjoying shortbread cookies? Here are some frequently asked questions.

                  What's the difference between shortbread and other cookies?

                  Shortbread has a high butter-to-flour ratio compared to sugar cookies or biscotti. This gives shortbread its signature crumbly, melt-in-mouth texture. The simple recipe also enhances the pure butter flavor. Shortbread often does not contain leavening agents like baking powder or baking soda.

                  Should shortbread be crispy or crumbly?

                  Traditional shortbread should have a crisp bite that quickly dissolves into crumbs with gentle chewing. A sandy texture is ideal over a tough, chewy consistency. Properly made shortbread should be tender and delicate.

                  How long does shortbread last?

                  When stored properly in an airtight container, shortbread can last 1-2 months. To maximize freshness, keep shortbread in a cool, dry place. Avoid humidity and heat. Shortbread may last longer refrigerated but can absorb other odors. For peak flavor, consume opened packages within 2-3 weeks.

                  Can you freeze shortbread cookies?

                  Freezing can extend the shelf life for 3-6 months. Make sure cookies are fully cooled before freezing in an airtight container. Allow to come to room temperature before eating for best texture. Shortbread may absorb moisture in the freezer, so wrap tightly.

                  What are good shortbread cookie recipes?

                  Some stellar recipes to try are traditional Scottish shortbread, World's Best Shortbread, or Alton Brown's Vanilla Shortbread. Get creative with chocolate-dipped, lemon, ginger, or earl grey flavored shortbread. Use different shapes like fingers, bars, trees, or rounds.

                  What do you serve with shortbread cookies?

                  Shortbread pairs wonderfully with tea, coffee, or milk. Its simple flavor complements everything. Serve on cookie trays, or crumble into trifles or parfaits. Gently dunk in wine or liqueurs for dessert. Accompany shortbread with fruit spreads or caramel for a decadent treat.


                  With a long history and devoted fan base, shortbread cookies are a cherished classic worth savoring. When purchasing pre-made shortbread, look for reputable brands that use all-butter recipes. Consider the shape, packaging, and ingredients that fit your needs. Award-winning European brands like Walkers and McVitie's guarantee traditional flavor. For holiday gifting and snacking, you can't go wrong with a quality tin of shortbread. With so many varieties available, find your new favorite brand to enjoy this timeless treat.


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