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Best powder scales

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    To make this list possible, we have reviewed lots of powder scales and compared them by ratings and reviews. Our buying guide should help you decide what kind of product you are looking for. It’s always ideal to purchase products from the best brands because, in the end, you get a more quality product for your money’s worth. The reality is you have hundreds if not thousands of powder scales products in the same category, and everyone is claiming that their product is the best deal.

    The truth is the cheapest powder scales is sometimes better than the most expensive one. The top companies spend lots of money on their advertisement and promotion. That way, the product is as much appealing as possible to you. That’s why following a buyer’s guide is a wise choice. In our list, we made sure we included budget powder scales as well as some with a higher price.

    Best powder scales – Reviews

    1. Hornady G3-1500 Electronic Scale, 050104 - Portable Battery...

    Hornady G3-1500 Electronic Scale, 050104 - Portable Battery...
    Our Rating:
    • Perfect Addition to Your Reloading Bench - the Hornady G3-1500 Digital Powder Scale 050104 is a...
    • Hornady Reloading Scale with Precision Measuring - Hornady offers a variety of measuring tools...
    • Large, Easy to Read LCD Screen - this powder scale for reloading has backlit display, is quick to...
    • 1500 Grain Capacity - ideal for weighing large quantities of cases, cartridges, bullets, powder, and...
    • For the Reloading Enthusiast - enjoy quick and easy calibration with this precision instrument. This...

    Sale2. THINKSCALE Milligram Scale, 50g/0.001g Digital Pocket Scale,...

    THINKSCALE Milligram Scale, 50g/0.001g Digital Pocket Scale,...
    Our Rating:
    • 50g / 0.001g: Digital milligram scale are equipped with high precision sensors, with a maximum...
    • Tare & Calibration: Tare button on the scales digital weight grams .001 automatically subtracts the...
    • Portable Scale & Flip Cover :The mg scale is compact and lightweight, like a cell phone size, which...
    • LCD Screen & Indicator : The powder scale with a backlit LCD screen which gives you to read the...
    • Our Service: THINKSCALE offer 10 years warranty and lifetime support. If you have any questions with...

    3. RCBS 98923 Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser

    RCBS 98923 Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser
    Our Rating:
    • Hunting reloading scales
    • Features the ChargeMaster 1500 scale and ChargeMaster Dispenser preassembled to form an unmatched...
    • 1 lb+ capacity powder hopper
    • Use with smokeless powder only

    Sale4. Frankford Arsenal mens Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading...

    Frankford Arsenal mens Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading...
    Our Rating:
    • ACCURACY: 750 grain (50 gram) capacity with 0.1 grain (0.01 gram) accuracy, auto calibration and...
    • EASE OF USE: Features an LCD display with blue backlight, an auto shut-off after 60 seconds and is...
    • VERSATILITY: Measures in grains, grams, ounces and carats and features a tare function and counting...
    • DURABLE: Features an integrated protective cover
    • INCLUDES: Powder pan, soft carry case and calibration weight

    5. RCBS 98915 M500 Mechanical Scale

    RCBS 98915 M500 Mechanical Scale
    Our Rating:
    • Hunting reloading scales

    6. RCBS Scales Chargemaster Lite 120/240 Vac-US/Intl

    RCBS Scales Chargemaster Lite 120/240 Vac-US/Intl
    Our Rating:
    • Refer user manual below.

    Sale7. Ohaus SPX123 Scout Analytical Balance, 120 g x 0.001 g

    Ohaus SPX123 Scout Analytical Balance, 120 g x 0.001 g
    Our Rating:
    • Capacity 120g
    • 0.001g Readability
    • Weighing Applications: Weighing, Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing, Totalization,...

    Sale8. Reloading Scale 50 x 0.001g High Precision Gem Scale...

    Reloading Scale 50 x 0.001g High Precision Gem Scale...
    Our Rating:
    • 【Upgraded】-Milligram scale comes with 4 different size powder pans, stainless steel tweezer, 2...
    • 【Multifunctional】-Milligram scale with large 5-digital backlit LCD display for easy reading in...
    • 【Accurate】-Milligram scale with readability/resolution: 0.02 grains / 0.001 grams / 0.005...
    • 【Smart Button Functions】-Milligram scale with The "PCS" function enables you pieces counting...
    • 【Customer satisfication】-Milligram scale with 10 YEARS Limited Warranty, All of the mg scales...

    9. Lyman Pocket Touch 1500 Scale Kit with Powder Pal Funnel Pan...

    Lyman Pocket Touch 1500 Scale Kit with Powder Pal Funnel Pan...
    Our Rating:
    • High Capacity - Measures up to 1500 grains
    • Convenient - Touch screen controls for power, tare, calibration, and grams/grains measurement
    • Easy to Read - Lighted display is visible in any light
    • Great Value - Kit includes a funnel pan, powder scoop, calibration weight, and two AAA batteries

    Sale10. Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure 115V (7750550),Multiple

    Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure 115V (7750550),Multiple
    Our Rating:
    • Package length: 17.2 cm
    • Package width: 18.2 cm
    • Package height: 38.0 cm
    • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

    powder scales Buying Guide

    When choosing a powder scale, accuracy is the most important feature. You want to make sure that your scale is accurate to 0.1 grains or less, but if the numbers are too high, you will end up wasting money and time. Many brands of powder scales have different levels of sensitivity, allowing you to accurately measure the amount of gunpowder. However, all of them are not the same, and the level of accuracy will depend on your application.

    To get the most accurate readings, you can purchase a scale that measures in grains rather than grams. This method is easier to read and requires less time to calibrate than weighing by grams. A good powder scale will be easy to use and require little maintenance. Depending on the capacity, it can measure up to 2000 grains. If you want to get a larger capacity, you can purchase one that holds up to 50,000 grains.

    Another advantage of a high-quality scale is accuracy. The most accurate scales will have 0.1-grain accuracy. You can adjust the scale’s accuracy by pressing a button on its display. You can also adjust the display’s sensitivity by pressing buttons. Most digital scales also come with additional buttons to allow you to set the desired measurement in grams and grains. It is also inexpensive and comes with a large capacity.

    A powder scale is a convenient way to weigh gems, chemicals, and other products. They’re easy to use and accurate and are intuitively designed. A shield on top protects the device from dust and other air currents from messing with the readings. They come in a sturdy, square-shaped case with a corresponding powder pan. You’ll also find two calibration weights and two AAA batteries in the package.

    You can buy your powder scales on Amazon. The best place to find a great deal is Amazon. By comparing prices, you can easily find the best deal on the scale. When buying from Amazon, you should consider the brand name since different sellers may sell different brands. Oftentimes, the most popular brands are more expensive than cheaper brands. When purchasing a powder scale online, you should also consider the size of the powder pan.

    A single-use powder scale is a great option for beginners. It is important to note that digital scales are more sensitive than mechanical ones. This means that they can easily misjudge the amount of gunpowder they weigh. It is important to check the grain inaccuracy of your scales before purchasing them. Inaccuracy can ruin a cartridge or shooters’ work. A multi-purpose scale is a must for pro users.

    A single-use scale is ideal for weighing small amounts of powder. A multi-use scale can cause residue to build up and ruin gunpowder. If you don’t want to spend money on a scale that is more sensitive than one gram, a one-use scale may be enough for your needs. Alternatively, a digital powder scale may be a better choice for a small-scale user. A ten-use scale is great for testing gunpowder.

    Another common type of reloading scale is a pocket-sized unit that fits in your pocket. This compact model is extremely lightweight and runs on two AAA batteries. Its weighing surface is covered with a plastic film that needs to be removed before you can weigh powder. It has five buttons and a large LCD with a blue backlight. A portable reloading scale will fit into a small backpack or a handbag and not take up much space.

    There are several types of powder scales available. Some are automatic, and others are manually operated. A manual powder scale will be more convenient for a beginner and will not cost more than a manual one. Once charged, the scale will display the weight of the powder in milligrams. Ensure that the weight is accurate and reliable. If you’re using a digital scale, you should select one that has an anti-static feature.

    A digital scale with a digital display can give you accurate measurements within milligrams or grams. These devices are typically powered by four AA batteries and are powered through an AC adaptor. Generally, the price of a digital scale depends on its weighing capacity, and most of them have an LCD display. For the most accurate reading, look for a scale with a large number of decimal places. A good reloading scale will be easy to clean.

    powder scales Buying Checklist

    Ingredient list: You’ve got to pay attention to the ingredient list. Some ingredients are more harmful than others.

    Materials: The same goes for the material. Some are harmful, while other companies focus on a safer powder scales product and aim for more satisfied customers.

    Storing and maintenance: Storing and maintenance of the powder scales the right way is important. Make sure to research how to store and maintain your product, so the quality remains high for a long time.

    Shelf life: Check the shelf life of the product. If buying appliances, make sure that the items are durable so you can use them for years.

    Functionality: Get to know the functions of each product and learn how to use it. Check that there are no additional functions you don’t need because you will pay less for the powder scales if they don’t.

    Brand recognition: Buy from a reputable brand. It will increase the chance that the powder scales are made of quality.

    Need or want: Decide if you need the powder scales or you just want them. In the end, the product may have no significant value to you, and it will just collect dust.

    Calculate the cost: In advance, calculate the costs and think if it fits in your budget.

    Can you make it yourself: If you have spare time, some products might be cheaper if you make them yourself. Buying the materials and making them yourself might even be enjoyable.

    Take a break: Before making the final decision, take a 30-minute break and rethink the value the powder scales will give you and how it will affect your budget.

    What the effect will be: Give a thought if the product has an impact on your life in other areas. Sometimes we think we need something badly. Then we find out it negatively affected other areas of our life.

    Peer pressure: It is wise not to purchase something just because your friend has it and it looks cool. It may lead to disappointment when you find out it is not as good as your friend showed you.

    Train restraint: If you are on a tight budget and don’t need the product right away, wait for a couple of days and decide then.


    We hope we helped you out and you have a better idea of which powder scales are best for you. If you are on a tight budget, don’t forget to check out the products that are the least expensive. Keep in mind that they are still very usable and worth purchasing because they are highly reviewed and liked by customers.

    However, if you are looking for more high-end products, we are certain that you will be satisfied with the more pricey powder scales because customer satisfaction speaks for itself. We review a lot of food-related products and if you got some spare time, feel free to navigate to our main page, where you can find more top 10 best lists.