Best Popcorn Butter Spray

Popcorn is a beloved snack for people of all ages. The light, fluffy kernels bursting with flavor are perfect for movie nights, parties, or just snacking at home. While popcorn can be enjoyed plain, adding butter takes it to the next level. Melted butter adds a rich, creamy taste that perfectly complements the salty popcorn. However, pouring melted butter or margarine on top of popcorn can be messy and leave pools of grease at the bottom of the bowl. This is where popcorn butter sprays come in handy.

Best Popcorn Butter Spray
Buttery popcorn

Popcorn butter sprays provide an easy and convenient way to get that delicious buttery flavor without the mess. Unlike liquid butter or margarine, these sprays stick evenly to the popcorn for perfectly buttered pieces in every bite. Popcorn butter sprays are typically made with canola oil, natural or artificial butter flavoring, and added salt. Some sprays also contain real butter for an extra creamy taste. The butter is emulsified into the oil so it sprays out smoothly and evenly coats the popcorn when tossed. A quick spritz or two is all it takes to get movie theater style buttered popcorn at home.

Winona Popcorn Butter Spray 5 Ounce

Winona Popcorn Butter Spray 5 Ounce (Pack of 6)

    Winona Pure Popcorn Salt is a great way to add flavor to your popcorn without extra calories or additives. This all-natural salt alternative helps make popcorn taste delicious.

    With its fine grain, the salt disperses evenly over each popped kernel. Just a couple shakes over freshly popped popcorn is enough to give it a salty, buttery movie theater taste. Kids and adults alike will love the flavor enhancement.

    Unlike regular table salt which can make popcorn soggy, Winona Pure Popcorn Salt absorbs nicely without dampening. The kernels stay crispy and crunchy. It's also certified gluten-free and non-GMO.

    Key features:

    • All-natural salt alternative
    • Gluten-free and non-GMO certified
    • Fine grain disperses evenly
    • Gives popcorn a buttery theater taste


    • Enhances flavor without extra calories
    • Kernels stay crispy and crunchy
    • No artificial additives or preservatives
    • Easy to use with just a couple shakes


    • Only available in one size option
    • More expensive than regular table salt

    Winona Pure Popcorn Butter - Theater Style

    Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Spray Oil - Delicious Popcorn Seasoning, 0 Calories per Serving, Movie...

      For popcorn lovers looking for a quick and convenient way to add buttery flavor, Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Spray is a great option. This non-aerosol spray delivers delicious buttery taste without extra calories, carbs, fat, or gluten.

      A few sprays is all it takes to give freshly popped popcorn a rich, indulgent movie theater butter flavor. The fine mist coats each kernel evenly so every bite tastes great. It's made with all natural ingredients and has no artificial additives.

      Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Spray is ideal if you're limiting dairy or watching your weight. With zero calories per serving, you can satisfy cravings without the guilt. The spray nozzle makes it easy to control portions. Just a couple seconds of spraying is sufficient.

      Key features:

      • Adds rich buttery taste
      • 0 calories per serving
      • Non-aerosol sprayer
      • All natural ingredients


      • Gives popcorn a movie theater butter flavor
      • Allows portion control
      • No extra fat, carbs, gluten or dairy
      • Convenient spray application


      • Can be messy if oversprayed
      • Not as cost effective as butter

      Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Theater Style 5oz.

      Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Theater Style 5oz.

      For a quick and easy way to make your homemade popcorn taste like it came straight from a movie theater concession stand, Winona Pure Popcorn Butter is a great solution. This liquid popcorn topping adds rich, indulgent butter flavor without the Extra calories, carbs, and fat.

      Made with a straightforward list of all-natural ingredients, this buttery seasoning contains no artificial additives or preservatives. It's also certified gluten-free and non-GMO.

      After popping your kernels, simply shake the bottle and drizzle the Winona butter sauce over your popcorn. Just a little bit is needed to evenly coat each piece with delicious butter taste. Kids and adults alike will love the movie night flavor.

      Key features:

      • Adds rich buttery taste
      • All-natural ingredients
      • Gluten-free and non-GMO
      • No artificial additives


      • Gives popcorn a movie theater butter flavor
      • Easy pour spout for quick application
      • Less calories than real butter
      • Allows portion control


      • Can make popcorn soggy if overused
      • Only comes in one size option

      Kernel Seasons Movie Theater Butter Spray

      Kernel Season's Movie Theater Butter Spritzer, 5oz Bottles, Butter, 5 Ounce (Pack of 6)

        For a quick and tasty way to make your homemade popcorn just like the movie theater style, Kernel Seasons Movie Theater Butter Spray is a great choice. With a quick spritz, you can elevate popcorn night without extra calories, carbs, or fat.

        This non-aerosol spray delivers rich, indulgent butter flavor that coats each kernel evenly. It's made with simple, natural ingredients and contains no artificial additives. The fine mist ensures even coverage without dampening the crunch.

        In addition to popcorn, this spray works great on veggies, chicken, and more, adding a boost of flavor to everyday meals. The spray nozzle makes it easy to control how much you use. Just a few seconds of spraying is enough to get that tasty movie night experience.

        Key features:

        • Non-aerosol spray
        • All-natural ingredients
        • Rich buttery flavor
        • Also great on meals


        • Quick and easy butter flavor
        • Allows portion control
        • No extra calories, carbs, or fat
        • Versatile for popcorn and cooking


        • Can be messy if oversprayed
        • Small 5 oz bottle

        Winona Pure Popcorn Butter - 2 Pack

        Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Theater Style, 5 Ounces (2 Pack)

        For popcorn aficionados who love the rich, indulgent flavor of movie theater style butter, Winona Pure Popcorn Butter is a top choice. With a delicious and natural buttery taste, this liquid seasoning takes homemade popcorn to the next level.

        Formulated from simple, high quality ingredients, this popcorn topping contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, dairy, fat, or gluten - only great buttery flavor. Just drizzle over freshly popped kernels and enjoy the rich taste of movie night.

        The Winona Pure Popcorn Butter absorbs nicely into each piece without dampening crunch. Its versatility also allows use on air popped popcorn for a low calorie treat. For portion control, shakes work better than pouring. A little goes a long way to get that concession stand experience.

        Key features:

        • All-natural buttery taste
        • Made with simple ingredients
        • Gluten-free and dairy-free
        • Versatile uses


        • Gives popcorn rich buttery flavor
        • Allows portion control
        • No artificial additives
        • Works on air popped or traditional


        • Can make popcorn soggy if overused
        • Only available in 5 oz size

        Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Spray - 3-Pack

        Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Spray Oil - Delicious Popcorn Seasoning, 0 Calories per Serving, Movie...

          Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Spray provides a delicious buttery flavor with 0 calories per serving, making it the perfect addition for all popcorn lovers. Unlike real melted butter that can make popcorn soggy, this convenient spray evenly coats each popcorn kernel with a light layer of flavor. Users report it tasting 65% like real butter, thanks to its natural butter flavoring.

          With each quick spray from its aerosol can, you can transform plain air popped popcorn into a tasty movie-style snack. The spray allows you to control the amount of flavor added, so you don't have to worry about overdoing it on calories. It's an ideal way to create guilt-free snacking for the whole family.

          This dairy-free and low-fat popcorn topping is made with 100% natural canola oil. It contains no questionable additives or preservatives. The rich, real butter taste comes from natural flavoring. The product's simplicity makes it a smart choice for health-conscious households.

          Key features:

          • Adds rich buttery flavor with 0 calories per spray
          • Dairy-free, low-fat formula
          • Natural butter flavor derived from oil and natural flavors
          • Convenient aerosol spray for even kernel coverage


          • Provides authentic movie theater butter taste
          • Allows flavor control over regular melted butter
          • Creates healthy snacking option with no guilt
          • Applies evenly with no soggy kernels


          • Slightly more expensive than regular butter
          • Can't fill up an entire tub in one use

          Winona Popcorn Butter Spray

          Winona Popcorn Butter Spray 5 Ounce Pack of 2

            With its real butter flavoring, Winona Popcorn Butter Spray transforms plain popcorn into a delicious snack. This convenient aerosol spray makes it easy to achieve an authentic movie theater taste without the saturated fat and calories of regular melted butter. It provides full coverage and even distribution.

            The Winona spray allows you to control how much flavor gets added. So you don't have to worry about overdoing it on fat and calories. Just a few quick sprays are enough to make popcorn tasty. This gives you flexibility in creating healthier snacking options. If avoiding dairy, this product is a smart choice since it contains no milk ingredients.

            Users love the rich, indulgent taste it gives popcorn. The fact that it's low-calorie and gluten-free makes it guilt-free for enjoying anytime. It can also be sprayed over vegetables, chicken, tomatoes or other foods to give them a boost of buttery flavor. This versatility extends its usefulness beyond just popcorn.

            Key features:

            • Adds real butter taste without the fat
            • Allows for flavor control
            • Gluten-free and low-calorie
            • Versatile for use on other foods


            • Gives popcorn an authentic butter flavor
            • More flexibility than regular butter
            • Guilt-free snacking for any time
            • Good for those avoiding dairy


            • Need to re-apply for large batches
            • Not as cost effective as butter

            Kernel Season's Movie Theater Butter Popcorn Spray Bundle

            Popcorn Spray Bundle. Includes Three-5 oz Kernel Season's Butter Spritzer and Five Popcorn Bags....

              Kernel Season's Butter Spritzer transforms plain popcorn into a mouthwatering theater-style snack without the guilt. It adds a burst of real butter flavor with zero calories or fat per serving. The taste comes from real butter combined with natural flavors, not artificial substances. This makes it an indulgent, yet healthier choice than melted butter.

              The convenience of the aerosol spray bottle allows you to quickly coat popcorn kernels evenly. It also allows precision in controlling butter flavoring. Just a few sprays is enough to make popcorn deliciously savory. This gives flexibility for light or heavy flavoring as desired.

              This gluten-free and trans-fat free popcorn topper contains no questionable ingredients. It's kosher-certified and uses simple, natural flavors to provide an authentic butter taste. Users love that it delivers a rich, classic movie theater flavor without the need for butter's saturated fat. For guilt-free snacking, it's an ideal solution.

              Key features:

              • Adds real butter taste with zero calories per serving
              • Convenient aerosol sprayer for even flavor distribution
              • Allows user control over flavor intensity
              • Uses natural flavors to deliver rich butter taste


              • Gives popcorn authentic movie theater butter flavor
              • More calorie and fat conscious than real butter
              • Quick, mess-free application method
              • Control over light or heavy butter taste


              • Not as cost effective as regular butter
              • Needs reapplication for very large batches

              Dash Electric Butter Sprayer

              Dash Electric Butter Sprayer, Cordless Butter Sprayer for Popcorn, Toast, Entrees and More - White

                The Dash Electric Butter Sprayer offers a convenient method for adding butter flavor without the fat and calories. This handheld, rechargeable sprayer holds up to a half stick of butter in its chamber and heats it into a smooth, easily dispensed liquid. Compared to spooning on butter, it allows more control and precision.

                Just a squeeze of the trigger provides a fine, even mist of butter to coat foods perfectly. From preparing cookware for baking to finishing off popcorn, it's easy to achieve the right amount of butter coverage. The battery-powered sprayer is portable for quick butter flavoring wherever needed. It's an ideal solution for those monitoring fat and calories.

                This electric gadget simplifies buttering tasks that previously required more effort. With its cordless convenience and targeted nozzle, anyone can achieve professional results. The sprayer neatly melts, stores, and dispenses butter on demand. No more cold, hard butter tearing food or the greasiness of overdoing it.

                Key features:

                • Holds and melts up to 1/2 stick of butter
                • Portable, battery-powered butter sprayer
                • Precise control over butter flavoring
                • Evenly distributes butter with targeted nozzle


                • Adds butter flavor without heavy fat/calories
                • Gives more control than spooning butter
                • Quick and convenient cordless use
                • Simple release button for targeted spray


                • Can be tricky to fully clean nozzle
                • Needs occasional recharging

                Winona Popcorn Butter Spray 5 Ounce Sprayer

                Winona Popcorn Butter Spray 5 Ounce Sprayer

                  With its natural butter flavoring, Winona Popcorn Butter Spray is a smart choice for boosting taste while monitoring fat intake. This no-mess aerosol sprayer allows you to easily achieve optimal butter coverage with a fraction of the calories of real melted butter. Just a quick spritz gives popcorn authentic flavor.

                  The spray technology is precise in coating each kernel while minimizing waste. You get full control over flavor intensity. This gives flexibility whether you want a light butter accent or heavier movie theater-style taste. Since the product is dairy-free, it accommodates those avoiding milk ingredients.

                  When using real butter, it's easy to overdo it on saturated fat and sodium while under-flavoring portions. With this spray, you can customize popcorn recipes for the whole family according to their preferences. No need to sacrifice taste for health.

                  Key features:

                  • Adds natural butter taste with less fat than real butter
                  • Allows user control over flavor intensity
                  • Aerosol sprayer ensures even kernel coverage
                  • Dairy-free formula accommodates food restrictions


                  • Provides butter flavor with fewer calories
                  • Gives coating precision and waste minimization
                  • Customizable levels of flavor intensity
                  • Easy push-button application


                  • Not as cost effective as butter
                  • Can't coat extremely large batches in one use

                  When shopping for popcorn butter spray, there are a few factors to consider:

                  Buying Guide for Popcorn Butter Spray

                  Spray Bottle Type

                  Popcorn butter sprays come in a few different bottle types:

                  Aerosol Cans - These contain the butter spray mixture along with propellant under pressure to force it out. Aerosol cans allow for an even, wide spray and are convenient for quickly covering popcorn. However, they contain propellants like nitrous oxide which may be harmful to the environment.

                  Pump Bottles - Pump spray bottles do not use chemical propellants. You simply pump the handle to build pressure and spray the butter. Pump bottles allow you to control how much you dispense. They are environmentally-friendly but may require more pumping and passes to fully coat the popcorn.

                  Mister Bottles - These fine mist sprayers rely on squeezing the bottle to force out the butter spray. They provide a very light application which works well for lightly buttering popcorn. However, more squeezes may be needed to fully butter the popcorn.

                  Consider your needs and the amount of control desired over the spray when choosing a bottle type. Aerosol cans are easiest for quick, heavy coating while pump and mister bottles allow more customization of spray amount.

                  Butter Type

                  Popcorn butter sprays are made using:

                  Real Butter - Sprays made with real butter contain a percentage of actual butterfat along with the oil and flavorings. This provides the richest, most authentic butter taste. However, real butter sprays tend to be more expensive.

                  Butter Flavoring - Most popcorn butter sprays use artificial or natural butter flavors to create the buttery taste rather than real butter. This makes them more affordable and convenient for stocking in quantity. The flavor quality can range however, from excellent to artificial tasting.

                  Clarified Butter - Some sprays use clarified butter (ghee) as the oil base along with butter flavoring. Clarified butter provides butter flavor without the milk solids that can spoil. This gives a real butter taste with longer shelf stability.

                  Consider whether the convenience of flavored spray or the taste of real butter is more important to make the best choice for your needs and budget. Also pay attention to quality of the flavoring used.

                  Oil Base

                  The types of oil used in popcorn butter sprays include:

                  Canola Oil - This is the most common oil base because it has very little flavor. This allows the butter flavor to shine. Canola oil also has a light texture that sprays well and evenly coats popcorn.

                  Coconut Oil - Some sprays use fractionated coconut oil. Coconut oil stays smooth and liquid at room temperature so sprays well. It provides a subtle sweetness.

                  Olive Oil - Light olive oil is sometimes used for its healthy fatty acid profile. The olive oil flavor is much stronger than canola though and may overpower the butter taste.

                  Combination - Some sprays blend oils like canola and coconut to balance flavor and performance.

                  The oil base has little impact on nutrition since the serving size of spray is small. Canola oil allows the butter flavor to come through most purely. Coconut oil adds a tropical flair while olive oil enhances the richness. Consider the flavor profile you prefer.

                  Nutrition Profile

                  When evaluating popcorn butter sprays, look at the nutrition facts per serving:

                  • Calories - Calories range from around 25-60 per 1/4 second spray. The longer the spray time, the more calories applied.
                  • Fat - Amount and types of fat depend on the oils used and whether real butter is included. Typical fat content per serving is 2-5g. Limit sprays with trans fats.
                  • Sodium - Many sprays add salt, ranging from around 25-150mg sodium per serving. Compare brands and select one to suit your dietary needs.

                  Factor in how much spray you plan to use when considering the nutrition stats. Moderated use of most popcorn butter sprays can fit into a healthy diet. Limiting sodium and saturated fat intake is advised.

                  Special Diet Formulations

                  Those with dietary restrictions can find popcorn butter sprays catered to their needs:

                  • Dairy-Free - Most sprays are dairy-free and vegan since they use oil and artificial flavors. Check labels if avoiding dairy.
                  • Low-Sodium - Some brands offer low-sodium or unsalted options for those restricting salt intake.
                  • Non-GMO - Sprays made with non-GMO oils are available for consumers wishing to avoid GMOs.
                  • Organic - Organic certified sprays use organic ingredients and avoid artificial anything.

                  Carefully read ingredient lists and nutritional info to choose an appropriate popcorn butter spray for your specific diet. Most major brands now cater to popular food preferences with their formulations.

                  Flavor Variety

                  Beyond plain butter flavor, popcorn butter sprays come in an array of flavors:

                  • Sweet flavors like caramel, cheddar cheese, and ranch are popular varieties.
                  • Savory flavors like garlic parmesan, buffalo, and jalapeño provide bolder flavor.
                  • Holiday flavors like pumpkin spice and peppermint are released seasonally.

                  Flavored sprays provide fun variety for popcorn. They often contain stronger seasonings though which may overpower the popcorn. Sampling small sizes is recommended to find flavors you enjoy before purchasing larger cans.

                  Consider whether you want a pure butter taste or are interested in flavored options when selecting your popcorn butter spray. Flavors allow for creative popcorn recipes and snack experiences.


                  As with most products, price varies among popcorn butter spray brands based on factors like:

                  • Ingredients used - real butter brands tend to cost more than artificial flavoring.
                  • Size of can - larger sizes typically provide a lower cost per ounce.
                  • Quality of ingredients - premium brands made with high-quality oils cost more.
                  • Convenience packaging - ready-to-use aerosol cans may be priced higher than squeeze bottles.

                  Generally, gourmet real butter brands range from $0.10 - $0.25 per serving while regular flavored sprays cost $0.05 - $0.10 per serving. Large bulk sizes can reduce the per-serving cost.

                  Consider size, convenience, and your budget when choosing a price point. Trying affordable options first can help determine if a more costly premium spray is worth the splurge for your tastes.


                  Is popcorn butter spray healthier than pouring on melted butter or margarine?

                  Popcorn butter spray is often the healthier choice compared to pouring on melted butter or margarine. The light spritz coats the popcorn more evenly using less fat and calories. For example, 2 seconds of spray has about 1/2 gram of fat while a teaspoon of melted butter has about 5 grams fat. Spray allows better portion control.

                  How is butter flavor achieved in popcorn butter sprays?

                  Most sprays use natural or artificial butter flavoring rather than real butter to achieve the buttery taste. Emulsifying the butter flavor into the oil base helps distribute it evenly so every piece of popcorn gets buttery flavor. Some sprays do include a percentage of real butterfat for a more authentic taste.

                  What is the best way to use popcorn butter spray?

                  To evenly coat the popcorn, spray the butter lightly over popped popcorn while tossing. Shake the bottle to disperse the butter if needed while spraying. Use quick sweeping motions across the top and don't oversaturate. For flavored sprays, spray lightly after tossing with oil to avoid an overly strong seasoning taste.

                  Can you use olive oil spray instead?

                  While olive oil spray can be used, it won't provide the butter flavor and richness. Real butter spray or flavored spray will give a more authentic movie-style buttered popcorn taste. If using olive oil, shake on some popcorn salt after spraying for a tasty alternative.

                  How long does popcorn butter spray last after opening?

                  An unopened spray butter can typically lasts 9-12 months past its best by date if stored properly. Once opened, the butter spray lasts 3-6 months as long as the nozzle hasn't become clogged. Write the opening date on the can and smell before use. Discard if the spray smells rancid or odd.

                  Is there a risk from inhalant use of canned butter sprays?

                  Yes, inhaling the propellant chemicals in canned butter spray to get high poses serious health risks including sudden death from irregular heartbeat. The propellant replaces oxygen and causes damage. These sprays should only be used as directed on popcorn.

                  What oil is best for air popping popcorn?

                  The best oil for air popped popcorn is one with a high smoke point that won't burn at high heat. Refined avocado oil and grapeseed oil are good choices. Use a mister spray bottle rather than aerosol for air popper use. Aim the spray above the popcorn avoiding direct contact with the hot heating element.


                  Popcorn butter spray offers the quickest and easiest way to get hot, freshly popped popcorn coated with rich, buttery flavor at home. The spray allows you to precisely control how much butter taste you want without the mess and hassle of preparing melted butter to pour. Flavored sprays provide fun variety to spice up your popcorn. Just a quick spritz delivers big flavor enhancement whether you're craving a classic movie night treat or a bold, new popcorn creation. Consider factors like spray bottle type, ingredients, nutrition profile, and price to select the ideal popcorn butter spray for your taste and needs. Follow proper usage guidelines and your popcorn will turn out perfectly buttered every time. Popcorn butter spray is sure to become your go-to pantry staple for making this cherished snack truly pop.


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