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Best crank pepper mill

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    To make this list possible, we have reviewed lots of crank pepper mills and compared them by ratings and reviews. Our buying guide should help you decide what kind of product you are looking for. It’s always ideal to purchase products from the best brands because, in the end, you get a more quality product for your money’s worth. The reality is you have hundreds if not thousands of crank pepper mill products in the same category, and everyone is claiming that their product is the best deal.

    The truth is the cheapest crank pepper mill is sometimes better than the most expensive one. The top companies spend lots of money on their advertisement and promotion. That way, the product is as much appealing as possible to you. That’s why following a buyer’s guide is a wise choice. In our list, we made sure we included budget crank pepper mills as well as some with a higher price.

    Best crank pepper mill – Reviews

    1. Zassenhaus Speyer 5.1-Inch Dark Stained Beech Pepper Mill

    Zassenhaus Speyer 5.1-Inch Dark Stained Beech Pepper Mill
    Our Rating:
    • STURDY GRINDER: Patented CeraPlus German ceramic grinding mechanism is harder than carbon steel.
    • QUALITY DESIGN: This crank handle grinder's exterior was designed using a 100 year old antique...
    • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: This high end refillable pepper mill will elevate your home kitchen experience.
    • EASY CARE: To keep the pepper mill clean on the outside, wipe with a soft, slightly damp cloth.
    • ZASSENHAUS TRADITION: Zassenhaus has produced high quality spice and coffee mills since 1867.

    Sale2. Trudeau 7-Inch Easy Grind Pepper Mill

    Trudeau 7-Inch Easy Grind Pepper Mill
    Our Rating:
    • Powerful pepper grinder by Trudeau
    • Carbon steel grinder stays sharp forever
    • High output; 4 times more power than most pepper grinders
    • Easy to use; no effort required
    • Lifetime warranty

    3. AdHoc Smoos Pepper or Salt Geared Mill - Manual Salt &...

    AdHoc Smoos Pepper or Salt Geared Mill - Manual Salt &...
    Our Rating:
    • Simple Salt & Pepper Grinder: The gear supported crank system helps for easy spice grinding
    • Refillable Salt & Pepper Grinders: The mill is easy to refill by removing the gear head with crank
    • Adjustable Salt & Pepper Mill: An adjusting screw lets you select between fine or coarse grinds
    • Ceramic Grinders: These efficient spice tools and grinders are odor-free, taste-free and wear-free
    • High-Quality Kitchen Tools: AdHoc is devoted to tasteful designs for one-of-a-kind products

    4. AdHoc Select Salt or Pepper Grinder - Manual Salt & Pepper...

    AdHoc Select Salt or Pepper Grinder - Manual Salt & Pepper...
    Our Rating:
    • Simple Salt & Pepper Grinder: The gear supported crank system helps for easy spice grinding
    • Automatic Grinder Set: Salt and pepper mill has an automatic adjustment for a high-efficiency mill
    • Adjustable Salt & Pepper Mill: These grinders have 12 adjustable fine or coarse grind levels
    • Ceramic Grinders: These efficient spice tools and grinders are odor-free, taste-free and wear-free
    • High-Quality Kitchen Tools: AdHoc is devoted to tasteful designs for one-of-a-kind products

    5. OXO Good Grips Radial Grinder Pepper Mill, 0.385 lbs, White

    OXO Good Grips Radial Grinder Pepper Mill, 0.385 lbs, White
    Our Rating:
    • Non-slip, oversized knob is easy to grip and turn
    • Long arm makes grinding easy
    • Ceramic mechanism is adjustable for coarse or fine grinding
    • Snap-on base keeps pepper grinds off the table
    • Clear door indicates when it is time to refill and opens wide for easy filling

    Sale6. Norpro Pepper Mill, Metal

    Norpro Pepper Mill, Metal
    Our Rating:
    • Measures: 4" x 2.25" x 2.25" / 10cm x 5.5cm x 5.5cm. Capacity: 3oz
    • Easy to use and grind fresh pepper onto salads, soups or pasta dishes.
    • Features a pull out chute on side for easy refilling.
    • Has a zinc alloy grinding mechanism that is easily adjustable from fine to coarse grinds. Heavy...
    • To adjust grind, turn tension nut on top of pepper mill, while holding handle.

    Sale7. PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill 723 - Turnkey High Volume...

    PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill 723 - Turnkey High Volume...
    Our Rating:
    • This elegant ceramic pepper grinder, looks great on your table, functional in the kitchen; it is...
    • EASY TO USE; this consistently reliable pepper mill features variable settings, fine to coarse...
    • This Multi purpose pepper grinder can also be used as a salt mill, giving you a salt and pepper set,...
    • Save money the Peppermate pepper grinder is manually operated and so has no ongoing costs, no need...
    • Complete Ceramic Grinder Lifetime Warranty We at Peppermate stand behind all our products; we are...

    8. MoonShield Pepper & Salt Grinder - Turkish Coffee Mill -...

    MoonShield Pepper & Salt Grinder - Turkish Coffee Mill -...
    Our Rating:
    • Pepper Salt Grinder & Turkish Coffee Mill: With Antique Looking Mini Shovel - Salt Shaker - Zinc...
    • Easy and Practice Using: Pepper Mill Can be used with bowl and pour after grinding or use when...
    • Adjustable & Stylish Design: You can adjust pepper grinders size with the screws on top. Stylish...
    • Durable Materials: With complete metal body and mechanism. There is no plastic parts on this pepper...
    • Quality Guarantee: We trust the quality of our product so much that we accept to replace it with a...

    Sale9. Peugeot Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate

    Peugeot Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate
    Our Rating:
    • Mill is 5-1/4-inches tall
    • The namesake mill for Chef Olivier Roellinger, awarded 3 Michelin Stars and renowned for his...
    • To adjust grind, lift the spring tab and turn the thumbwheel (clockwise for finer grinds,...
    • Easy-access reservoir allows you to grind a full hopper of peppercorns into the drawer cavity, or...
    • Made in France

    10. 5.5" Handmade Manual Brass Pepper Mill Grinder Sozen,...

    5.5' Handmade Manual Brass Pepper Mill Grinder Sozen,...
    Our Rating:
    • Hand crafted artisanal manual pepper grinder from Sozen family, grinder maker for more than 120...
    • Our manual pepper mill's manual grounding mechanism is designed to maximize the flavor and aroma of...
    • The set up is simple and the product is very easy to use. Simply rotate the outer knob and yield an...
    • You have the advantage to use this portable grinder anywhere. Due to its optimal size and weight,...
    • Material: Brass (durable) Dimensions: 5.5" x 2.0" in

    crank pepper mill Buying Guide

    If you are looking for a simple, convenient way to grind your peppercorns, a crank pepper mill may be the answer. This type of grinder works with a crank mechanism rather than a twist-top mechanism, making it easier to grind pepper without spilling the ground pepper on the counter. The ceramic mechanism grinds coarse salt and peppercorns of any kind. And because of its easy-to-clean ceramic mechanism, a crank pepper mill is perfect for any kitchen.


    The Cole & Mason Morley Crank Pepper Mill is a geared mechanism that makes grinding pepper a breeze. Its stainless steel handle and machine-cut carbon steel mechanism reduce the number of turns needed to grind pepper. The mill is also designed for ease of use by people with arthritis, and its elegant beach-wood body is a stylish addition to any kitchen. It also comes with a spring-loaded mechanism and adjustable coarseness to grind the pepper to your desired coarseness.

    While most mills have a dial, you can easily set the grind size to fine, medium, or coarse. The fine grind is perfect for foods that do not need a noticeable pepper flavor. The medium grind is excellent for general purpose seasoning, while the coarse grind is best for marinades, meats, and salads with thick dressings. However, this mill does not have any preset grind sizes. It is rechargeable and features a removable crumb tray.

    A pepper mill is an essential kitchen tool for many households. They are often used for seasoning food and are easy to clean. Pepper mills are designed for grinding whole peppercorns. You can choose one with a handle or a round cap. Most pepper mills come with a tightening device to keep the peppercorns in place while grinding. The mechanism in pepper mills is made of hardened carbon steel or diamond-cut ceramic and is guaranteed for life.


    Using a crank pepper mill can be more convenient than manually grinding pepper, but it isn’t always practical. In the event that you want to grind your own peppercorns, consider buying a mill that uses a spring to grind the peppercorns. These mills are usually made of turned wood and contain nine teaspoons of whole peppercorns. They can also be refilled easily with new peppercorns.

    The Peugeot pepper mill mechanism is made of case-hardened steel to produce consistent grinding. This pepper mill also features a carbon-steel mechanism that produces smooth cranks. This model can also be refillable because the top portion pops off to fill it with more pepper. The mill is also guaranteed for life. It makes a wonderful gift for a pepper mill lover. If you’re looking for a mill that will last for years, Cole & Mason has many options for you.

    The Morley Crank Mill by Cole & Mason is made of durable stainless steel and acrylic. The stylish design will add a touch of sophistication to any tabletop. It comes with coarse sea salt from Belgium and premium whole black peppercorns from Vietnam. Its mechanism is designed in England to ensure durability. It also features a spring-loaded mechanism. It is easy to clean, and the beechwood body looks great. The Cole & Mason Morley Crank Mill comes in a handsome gift box.


    A Mason crank pepper mill is the perfect addition to any kitchen! Its sharp stainless steel mechanism is easily adjustable and has six different settings: fine, medium, coarse, extra coarse, and extra coarse. You can adjust the coarseness by rotating the metal base, and the pepper grind will be exactly how you like it. It has a convenient crumb tray and indicator light and is rechargeable. Its dial adjusts from very fine to coarse.

    The Morley Crank Mill is a classic design, featuring a walnut-stained beech wood base and stainless steel top. The carbon steel mechanism is geared for more even grinding, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee! It grinds from very fine to very coarse and is easy to clean and refill. The stainless steel mechanism can also hold a lot of peppercorns. Its geared design means that grinding is quicker than with a manual mill.

    Another classic and durable pepper mill is the Peugeot mill. This one takes 40 half turns to grind one teaspoon of pepper. This is among the quickest mills we’ve tested, so you can use it with confidence. The mechanism of this pepper mill grinds evenly and consistently, and its two-step grinding process releases maximum flavor. The Peugeot mill also grinds peppercorns evenly and produces little dust even on the coarsest setting.


    If you’re a serious pepper grinder, you’ve probably already heard of the ease of use of a Trudeau crank pepper mill. Designed for convenience, the Trudeau Easy Grind is four times more powerful than most pepper grinders. Its carbon steel mechanism grinds peppers evenly and consistently, making it the perfect pepper grinder for a small kitchen. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The company behind Trudeau has a long history of producing innovative products, so you can be assured of a quality pepper mill that will last for years.

    The Trudeau Professional Pepper Mill is a must-have for any kitchen, as it can grind both salt and pepper. The mill has a knob on the top that allows you to adjust the coarseness of the pepper grinder. It works by adjusting the spring on the mill, which then moves the conical burr toward the outer ring of teeth, thus adjusting the coarseness of the pepper. Its stainless steel body is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.


    The Zassenhaus company was founded in 1867 and began selling small steel goods. Pepper mills were introduced in 1904, and soon after, the company introduced a continuously adjustable grinding mechanism. These mills use German ceramic as the grinding mechanism and are made of high quality. Their distinctive, innovative products have earned Zassenhaus a reputation as a premium supplier of spice mills. Here are some of the many features of Zassenhaus mills:

    Several types of Peppermills are available. These mills can be paired with a tabletop grinder, a stand for a countertop peppermill, or a tabletop grinder for a modern kitchen. Many pepper mills come with a storage compartment on the bottom. They are an excellent decorative item and can also serve as a functional showpiece. Some mills have a transparent chamber, so you can see the peppercorn level at a glance.

    Another feature of a pepper mill is the ability to adjust its coarseness. Some pepper mills have a top screw for coarseness adjustment. However, they can be cumbersome to use and are prone to unscrewing during the process. Some mills feature a precision grind setting on the bottom, which is less convenient but may not work as well. Some pepper mills come with additional pods for grinding dry herbs or oily spices. You can buy the mill in different colors such as black, red, white, and white. Some mills are rechargeable.


    A classic French mill, the Atlas crank peppermill is easy to fill with its rounded stainless door and wide mouth. The grinder holds about an eighth of a cup of peppercorns, but the coarseness can be adjusted with a small screw. The mill has four grind settings: fine, medium, coarse, and very coarse. There are four different types of grinders, each with its own pros and cons. Some of the mills have multiple grind settings, while others do not.

    The Atlas Pepper Mill is one of the most popular grinders on the market. Its hand-crafted design and 300-year history make it a perfect kitchen accessory. The mill features a durable stainless steel inner working and is hand-made in Greece. The Atlas Pepper Mill is available in a 7″ mill as well as a large 9″ model. It has a flanged base, which makes it easy to use while standing. Because of its long history, the Atlas pepper mill has a long and proud history. The mill also features a durable stainless steel grinder. The only downside is that the grind is not as fine as you’d like, but for those who are picky about the quality of their pepper, the Atlas crank pepper mill is a great option.

    While many people have concerns about the cost of a peppermill, many consumers love the style and price. This model is priced well and can be passed down to younger generations. It has a helix-shaped mechanism to guide peppercorns to the grinding teeth. A small drawer at the base of the mill catches the ground pepper, but you can remove the drawer and grind directly over the food. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

    crank pepper mill Buying Checklist

    Ingredient list: You’ve got to pay attention to the ingredient list. Some ingredients are more harmful than others.

    Materials: The same goes for the material. Some are harmful, while other companies focus on a safer crank pepper mill product and aim for more satisfied customers.

    Storing and maintenance: Storing and maintenance of the crank pepper mill the right way is important. Make sure to research how to store and maintain your product so the quality remains high for a long time.

    Shelf life: Check the shelf life of the product. If buying appliances, make sure that the items are durable so you can use them for years.

    Functionality: Get to know the functions of each product and learn how to use it. Check that there are no additional functions you don’t need because you will pay less for the crank pepper mill if they don’t.

    Brand recognition: Buy from a reputable brand. It will increase the chance that the crank pepper mill is made of quality.

    Need or want: Decide if you need the crank pepper mill or you just want it. In the end, the product may have no significant value to you, and it will just collect dust.

    Calculate the cost: In advance, calculate the costs and think if it fits in your budget.

    Can you make it yourself: If you have spare time, some products might be cheaper if you make them yourself. Buying the materials and making them yourself might even be enjoyable.

    Take a break: Before making the final decision, take a 30-minute break and rethink the value the crank pepper mill will give you and how it will affect your budget.

    What the effect will be: Give a thought if the product has an impact on your life in other areas. Sometimes we think we need something badly. Then we find out it negatively affected other areas of our life.

    Peer pressure: It is wise not to purchase something just because your friend has it and it looks cool. It may lead to disappointment when you find out it is not as good as your friend showed you.

    Train restraint: If you are on a tight budget and don’t need the product right away, wait for a couple of days and decide then.


    We hope we helped you out and you have a better idea of which crank pepper mill is best for you. If you are on a tight budget, don’t forget to check out the products that are the least expensive. Keep in mind that they are still very usable and worth purchasing because they are highly reviewed and liked by customers.

    However, if you are looking for more high-end products, we are certain that you will be satisfied with the more pricey crank pepper mill because customer satisfaction speaks for itself. We review a lot of food-related products and if you got some spare time, feel free to navigate to our main page, where you can find more top 10 best lists.