Best Cashews To Buy

Cashews are one of the most popular nuts around the world. Their sweet, creamy taste makes them a versatile ingredient for both sweet and savory recipes. Cashews can be enjoyed on their own as a tasty snack or used in a variety of dishes, from Thai curries to rich, creamy desserts.

Best Cashews To Buy

When shopping for cashews, there are a few key things to consider. This guide will provide an overview of the different types of cashews, factors to look for when purchasing cashews, and how to store them to maintain freshness and quality. With the right information, you can ensure you select the best cashews for your needs.

PLANTERS Deluxe Lightly Salted Whole Cashews

Planters Lightly Salted Deluxe Whole Cashews (1lb 2.25oz Canister)

    Planters Deluxe Lightly Salted Whole Cashews are a tasty and satisfying snack. The cashews are roasted to a nice crunch and only lightly seasoned with sea salt, allowing the natural nutty sweetness to shine through.

    Opening a fresh canister, you are greeted with the delightful aroma of warm cashews. The generous 18.25oz container provides plenty of wholesome snacking. The resealable lid ensures optimal freshness. These premium whole cashews have an impressive creamy texture with a delicate saltiness.

    Key features:

    • Made by Planters, a leading nut brand
    • Lightly salted to enhance flavor
    • Roasted for crunchy texture
    • 18.25oz resealable container


    • Satisfying nutty taste
    • Good source of plant-based protein
    • Shelf-stable and portable
    • Keeps cashews fresh longer


    • Contains peanuts (allergy risk)
    • High in calories like most nuts
    • Can be prone to breakage

    PLANTERS Deluxe Salted Whole Cashews

    PLANTERS Deluxe Salted Whole Cashews, Party Snacks, Plant-Based Protein 33oz (1 Container)

      A go-to snack for nut lovers, Planters Deluxe Salted Whole Cashews offer satisfying crunch and robust flavor in every bite. These premium nuts are expertly roasted for crisp texture, then seasoned with sea salt to balance the sweet nuttiness.

      The generous 33oz airtight canister provides cost-effective snacking. An inner seal and sturdy resealable lid maintain optimal freshness. Every hearty handful delivers a delightful medley of flavors and textures. These protein-packed cashews make a perfect portable snack for road trips, hiking, and beyond.

      Key features:

      • Produced by Planters, a leading nut brand
      • Generous 33oz container for value
      • Sealed for freshness


      • Hearty, satisfying crunch
      • Touch of sea salt enhances flavor
      • Good source of plant protein
      • Portable for snacking on-the-go


      • High in sodium and calories
      • Allergens present for those with nut sensitivities
      • Resealability not always reliable

      Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Fancy Whole Cashews

      Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Fancy Whole Cashews, Roasted and Sea Salted, 44 ounce (Pack of 1)

        For premium cashews with rich flavor, try Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Fancy Whole Cashews. Carefully selected and roasted to perfection, these nuts offer an impeccably smooth and creamy taste.

        The cashews have an attractive uniform crescent shape with minimal breakage. Their pale yellow color indicates optimal freshness. Each bite boasts a subtle sweetness and delicate crunch. The touch of sea salt provides a savory complement without overpowering the natural cashew essence.

        This 44oz bag keeps the nuts fresh and is easy to tightly reseal after each use. Happy Belly cashews make a satisfying plant-based snack rich in healthy fats and protein. They lend well to recipes too.

        Key features:

        • Amazon's brand of affordable quality
        • Fancy whole cashews grade
        • 44oz resealable bag


        • Sweet, buttery cashew flavor
        • Attractive shape and color
        • Light sea salt seasoning
        • Good source of protein


        • Contains allergens
        • Perishable nutrition
        • Needs air-tight storage

        PLANTERS Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces

        PLANTERS Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces, Party Snacks, Plant-Based Protein, 1LB 10oz Canister

          For a delicious grab-and-go snack, try Planters Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces. The mix of sizes offers variety in texture with each crunchy bite. Expertly roasted then seasoned with sea salt, the cashews deliver a satisfying blend of sweet and salty flavors.

          The 26oz plastic jar provides portable and convenient snacking. Its airtight seal and inner lid help lock in freshness. Each serving offers a good boost of plant protein and antioxidants. These tasty cashews work well as midday snacks, party nibbles, hiking trail mix add-ins, and more.

          Key features:

          • From Planters, a leading nut brand
          • Mix of cashew halves and pieces
          • 26oz jar for grab-and-go snacking


          • Delicious sweet, salty taste
          • Crunchy and satisfying texture
          • Resealable jar retains freshness
          • Good source of plant protein


          • Contains allergens
          • High in sodium and calories
          • Prone to broken pieces

          Fisher Snack Oven Roasted Never Fried Whole Cashews

          Fisher Oven Roasted Never Fried Whole Cashews, 24 Ounces (Pack of 1), Snacks for Adults, Made With...

            For naturally delicious cashews, try Fisher Snack Oven Roasted Never Fried Whole Cashews. Fisher starts with top-quality whole nuts, perfectly roasted to achieve a signature crunch. A touch of sea salt provides a subtle savory boost.

            These premium cashews offer a clean, fresh taste without heavy seasoning or added oils. The 24oz package provides ample nutritious snacking. An inner foil lining maintains freshness after opening. Roasted instead of fried, Fisher cashews deliver satisfying flavor and crunch with less fat.

            Key features:

            • Roasted in the shell for premium flavor
            • Lightly seasoned with sea salt
            • 24oz resealable package


            • Natural sweet nutty taste
            • Lower fat than fried cashews
            • Crunchy, satisfying texture
            • Convenient resealable pack


            • Contains allergens
            • Doesn't indicate non-GMO
            • Prone to some breakage

            PLANTERS Salted Cashews

            PLANTERS Salted Cashews, 1.5 oz. Bags (18 Pack) - Individually Packed Snacks On the Go - Snacks for...

              Cashews are a popular nut known for their sweet, subtly buttery flavor. PLANTERS Salted Cashews offer lightly salted roasted cashews packed in convenient single-serve bags for easy snacking anytime, anywhere.

              Individually wrapped 1.5oz bags make these salted nuts perfect for grabbing and going. Each resealable packet helps maintain optimum cashew freshness and crunch. The pre-portioned bags also encourage sensible snacking.

              These salty nuts have a satisfying crunch and delicious hint of salt that creates irresistible flavor. PLANTERS carefully roasts and seasons cashews in peanut oil and sea salt to bring out aromatic nutty notes. Every crispy bite delivers a savory and salty snack experience.

              Kosher certification ensures this cashew snack meets dietary guidelines. Made in the USA, these roasted cashews offer protein and other nutrients to help fuel busy days. The lightweight bags tuck neatly into pockets, purses, bags and desks for nutritious snacking.

              Key features:

              • Single-serve 1.5oz resealable bags
              • Lightly salted roasted cashews
              • Kosher certified


              • Convenient portable packets
              • Fresh and crunchy
              • Good source of protein


              • Only available in salted flavor
              • Bags not completely airtight

              PLANTERS Apple Cider Donut Cashews

              PLANTERS Apple Cider Donut Cashews, 12.5 OZ

                Apple cider donut flavor gives these PLANTERS cashews an irresistible sweet and savory taste. Whole cashews are enrobed in a blend of cinnamon, sugar and other spices that mimic the flavor of apple cider spiced donuts.

                The rich cashews offer a satisfying crunch that contrasts with the soft, chewy coating. Hints of sweet cinnamon and apple pair nicely with the nutty cashew flavor to create a delightful blend. Just one bite and you'll crave more of these unique gourmet nuts.

                Weighing in at 15.5 ounces per resealable container, this snack has generous portions to share or ample amounts for personal snacking. The nuts stay fresher when sealed after each use. A few handfuls make a perfect portable snack to tuck in your bag or keep at your desk.

                Made in a peanut-free facility, these nuts work well for school, office, lunches, road trips, parties and more. They also make a nice gift for nut lovers looking for something beyond ordinary mixed nuts. The kosher donut cashews provide malnutrition and satisfy sweet and salty cravings.

                Key features:

                • 15.5 ounce resealable container
                • Apple cider donut flavor coating
                • Roasted and salted whole cashews


                • Unique sweet and savory flavor
                • Generous portion size
                • Resealable storage container


                • Contains sugar and sodium
                • Can be messy to eat

                Sunshine Nut Whole Roasted Cashews

                Whole Roasted Cashews by Sunshine Nut Co., Gluten Free, Peanut Free and Vegan Individual Snack Packs...

                  Sunshine Nut Co. Whole Roasted Cashews deliver the rich, nutty flavor of raw cashews with a satisfying crunch after gentle roasting. The plain nuts have no added oil, salt or other seasonings - just the natural flavor of high-quality cashews.

                  Sold in 7-ounce packs, the perfectly plain cashews offer easy grab-and-go snacking at home, work or on the go. The resealable pouches help seal in freshness and prevent broken pieces. Enjoy the nuts raw or use them for recipes.

                  These unsalted nuts come from a dedicated peanut-free facility for safety. They also have certification to reassure those with dietary restrictions or seeking vegan snacks. And the plain nuts work well for recipes when you control seasoning.

                  Made in small batches, great care ensures uniform roasting that brings out the best attributes of these simple cashews. Their sweet, delicate flavor and hearty crunch make for satisfying, wholesome snacking anytime.

                  Key features:

                  • 7-ounce resealable packs
                  • Gently roasted plain cashews
                  • From a peanut-free facility


                  • All-natural unsalted cashews
                  • Good source of protein
                  • Resealable pouches


                  • Only available in plain flavor
                  • Pricier than some similar products

                  PLANTERS Fancy Whole Cashews with Sea Salt

                  PLANTERS Fancy Whole Cashews with Sea Salt, 26 Ounces ( Pack of 1) Resealable Jar - Made with Simple...

                    Jumbo PLANTERS whole cashews deliver a richly satisfying crunch with a hint of sea salt for added flavor. These fancy nuts are carefully roasted in peanut oil then sprinkled with sea salt to bring out the cashew's natural sweetness and subtle nuttiness.

                    The 26-ounce plastic jar contains premium sizable cashew halves and wholes. A convenient twist-off lid allows easy access while keeping contents securely sealed between snacks. Generous portions encourage grab-and-go snacking at home or work.

                    A one-ounce serving provides 160 calories, 5 grams protein plus vital minerals. These kosher nuts make a protein-packed addition to trail mixes or stand-alone snack. They also work well for recipes when you want whole pieces with light seasoning.

                    Made from simple quality ingredients, each crunchy bite gratifies with a tasty hint of salt. An ingredients list of just cashews, sea salt and peanut oil ensures this snack is free of artificial flavors or preservatives.

                    Key features:

                    • 26 oz. resealable container
                    • Fancy whole roasted cashews
                    • Lightly seasoned with sea salt


                    • Good source of protein and nutrients
                    • Satisfying crunch and flavor
                    • Generous portion size


                    • Contains some sodium
                    • Only available salted

                    Nut Harvest Sea Salted Whole Cashews

                    Nut Harvest, Sea Salted Whole Cashews, 2.25 Ounce (Pack of 16)

                      Nut Harvest Sea Salted Cashews deliver the rich, nutty flavor of cashews balanced with a touch of savory sea salt. Each 2.25-ounce packet contains dry roasted cashews seasoned with sea salt to enhance their natural taste.

                      The portable packs are perfect for tucking into your bag or keeping handy at home and work. The single-serve pouches offer easy grab-and-go snacking when you need a quick energy boost or nutritious bite. They're also suitable for lunch boxes.

                      Roasted in peanut oil, these whole cashews offer a satisfying crunch and just the right amount of saltiness without being overwhelming. The dried roasted nuts have no unnecessary additives - just simple, quality ingredients to delight your taste buds.

                      Each 16-count convenience pack provides about two weeks' worth of on-the-go snacks. The pouches help seal in freshness and flavor. Made in the USA, these lightly salted nuts contain nutrients like protein, minerals, and healthy fats.

                      Key features:

                      • 16 x 2.25-ounce snack packs
                      • Whole cashews roasted in peanut oil
                      • Lightly seasoned with sea salt


                      • Single-serve portable pouches
                      • Just the right amount of salt
                      • No artificial additives


                      • Only available salted
                      • Contains some sodium

                      Buying Guide for Cashews

                      Selecting Raw vs Roasted Cashews

                      One of the first decisions when purchasing cashews is whether to select raw or roasted nuts. Both have their advantages depending on the intended use.

                      Raw cashews have a firm texture and more subtle, nutty flavor. Because they haven't been roasted, they retain their crunchiness. Raw cashews are ideal for cooking applications where you want to control the doneness and seasoning yourself. They can be roasted at home with olive oil or butter to bring out the nuts' full flavor. Raw cashews also work well for making creamy sauces in recipes like cashew cream pasta sauce or dairy-free cheesecakes.

                      Roasted cashews have been cooked to bring out their naturally sweet, buttery flavor. The roasting process softens the cashews and gives them a toasted taste. These nuts are perfect for snacking and adding to salads, trail mixes, or desserts when you want that roasted flavor. Avoid roasted cashews for recipes where a firmer, crunchier texture is needed.

                      Selecting Whole vs Pieces

                      Cashews can be purchased whole or in smaller pieces. Here are the differences:

                      Whole cashew nuts provide the satisfaction of cracking the shell yourself to remove the creamy nut inside. They have an appealing visual look for garnishes. Whole cashews also tend to be more expensive than cashew pieces.

                      Cashew pieces include cashew halves as well as smaller broken pieces. The pieces are ready to eat without any shelling required. Cashew pieces are often less expensive than whole cashews. They also save prep time in recipes where chopped cashews are called for.

                      Choose whichever type fits your needs. Whole cashews work well for snacking or adding visual interest to dishes. The pieces are ideal when easy snackability or convenience in recipes is preferred.

                      Choosing Between Salted vs Unsalted

                      Cashews can be purchased salted or unsalted. Here's an overview of each type:

                      Unsalted cashews have a mild, subtly sweet flavor without any additional seasonings. This allows their natural cashew flavor to shine. Unsalted nuts are often recommended for cooking so you can control the amount of salt added. They also provide dietary flexibility for those watching their salt intake.

                      Salted cashews are tossed with salt to add a salty, savory taste. The salt accentuates the nutty flavor of the cashews. Salted varieties are great for snacking or adding crunch and flavor to salads, trail mixes, stir fries, etc. However, they may limit the recipes they can be used for due to the additional salt content.

                      In general, unsalted cashews provide more versatility in cooking applications where you want to control seasoning. Salted cashews are a quick, easy snack on their own. Either type can be used in sweet preparations like cookies or desserts.

                      Selecting Smoked Cashews

                      In addition to salted versions, cashews are also available smoked. Smoked cashews are roasted and flavored with a smoky taste, adding complexity. The smoky flavor pairs especially well with creamy dips, rubs, barbecue sauces, and cheese plates. However, smoked cashews may overpower more delicate recipes.

                      Choosing Between Flavored vs Plain

                      Another choice is between plain or flavored cashews:

                      Plain cashews have no additional flavorings so you taste just the nutty richness of the cashew. Plain nuts offer versatility for either sweet or savory recipes. They also accommodate special diets with no added ingredients.

                      Flavored cashews are tossed with various seasonings to add excitement beyond the natural cashew flavor. Popular flavors include chili lime, brown sugar cinnamon, honey roasted, and chili pepper. Flavored cashews provide ready-to-eat snacking options. But the added seasonings limit their use in recipes.

                      Ultimately, the choice between plain or flavored cashews comes down to intended use. Plain lets the natural taste shine through while flavored spices things up for snacking.

                      Selecting Organic

                      Organic cashews are grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals. Organic cashews appeal to those wishing to avoid conventionally grown foods. However, organic designation also comes with a higher price tag. Non-organic cashews are perfectly safe and nutritious. So the extra cost of organic may not be warranted for some buyers.

                      Choosing Roasted vs Raw

                      As mentioned earlier, you can buy cashews raw or roasted. Here's some more detail about each form:

                      Raw cashews are fresh, uncooked cashews. They have a firm, crunchy texture and mild flavor since they haven't been roasted. Raw cashews are suitable for recipes where you'll be adding other ingredients like sugar or chocolate that could caramelize or burn at high temperatures. Their firm texture also holds up well in food processing applications.

                      Roasted cashews have been cooked to develop their natural nutty, buttery flavor. Dry roasting caramelizes the nuts' starches to produce sweetness. Roasted cashews have a softer, chewier texture than raw. Their toasty flavor makes them an appealing ready-to-eat snack on their own. However, they can lose their texture when processed or cooked further.

                      Criteria Beyond Type

                      In addition to selecting a type of cashew, there are other important criteria to evaluate:

                      Freshness - Check the best by date and look for cashews with a long shelf life remaining. Avoid old, stale nuts with soft or shriveled shells.

                      Size - Some recipes may specify a certain cashew size, like large whole nuts for garnishing. In general, size won't impact flavor significantly.

                      Color - Raw cashews should have a creamy ivory color without any dark spots. Roasted cashews will show some golden brown along the curves.

                      Texture - Cashews should feel dense and firm, not soft or crumbly. Steer clear of any limp or soggy-looking nuts.

                      Aroma - Fresh cashews have a sweet, nutty aroma. Pass on any nuts that smell bitter, musty, or unpleasant.

                      By keeping these quality markers in mind, you can pick the freshest, best tasting cashews.

                      Cashew Pieces and Meal Prep

                      When preparing meals ahead of time, cashew pieces can be a handy ingredient to have on hand. Here are some reasons why:

                      • Pre-portioned - Pieces mean you don't have to chop whole nuts to add to meals. Measure out the amount needed.
                      • Quick prep - Because they're already chopped, cashew pieces cut down on prep work when assembling dishes.
                      • Long lasting - Properly stored, cashew pieces maintain quality and freshness for months in the pantry.
                      • Added protein - The nuts bring extra plant-based protein to boost nutrition in meals.
                      • Versatile flavor - Their subtle nuttiness complements both sweet and savory dishes.
                      • Texture contrast - The crunch of cashews gives a pleasing textural contrast against soft or creamy foods.

                      Some easy ways to use cashew pieces in meal prep include stirring them into oatmeal or yogurt, adding to salad topping mixes, blending into homemade granola bars, or sprinkling over stir fries and roasted veggies. Keeping a jar of pieces handy saves time while adding nutrition.

                      Cashew Buying FAQs

                      Are cashews raw or roasted?

                      Cashews are most commonly sold raw in the shell or shelled. Raw cashews have a light ivory color and crunchy texture. Roasted cashews are cooked to bring out their sweet, nutty flavor. Roasting gives them a brown color and soft, chewy texture. Both raw and roasted cashews are available either in the shell or shelled.

                      Why are raw cashews toxic?

                      Raw cashews contain a resin called urushiol, which is irritating to the skin and toxic if ingested. To make raw cashews safe to eat, they are steam-treated or roasted to break down the urushiol. Commercially available raw cashews have undergone this process, making them safe for consumption while retaining their crunchy texture.

                      Are cashews gluten free?

                      Yes, cashews are naturally gluten free. Cashews do not contain any gluten proteins found in grains like wheat. As long as cashews are not processed in a facility that also handles gluten-containing foods and are not mixed with any gluten ingredients, they can be safely consumed on a gluten free diet.

                      Can you eat cashew apples?

                      No, the cashew apple should not be consumed. Cashew nuts grow attached to a cashew apple, which is the fruit of the cashew tree. While the nuts are edible after proper processing, the apple contains poisonous compounds and should not be eaten. Only the cashew nuts are suitable for human consumption once detached from the apple and processed.

                      Why are cashews so expensive?

                      There are several reasons why cashews are one of the more costly nuts:

                      • Labor intensive harvesting - Individual cashews are handpicked after falling from the apple. Difficult to mechanize.
                      • Shelling process - Shelling cashews requires care to not break the kernel inside. Additional processing beyond other nuts.
                      • Tropical climate - Cashews grow in tropical areas like India and Vietnam limiting global supply. Requires careful temperature control.
                      • Delicate nature - Cashew kernels are fragile and prone to cracking compared to nuts with hard shells. More waste drives up costs.
                      • Imported - The majority of cashews sold in the U.S. are imported, adding transportation costs.
                      • Demand - Cashews are highly desired for their sweet taste, boosting prices. Limited global cashew supply struggles to match demand.

                      What do different cashew grades mean?

                      Cashews are sorted into various grades that determine their size, shape, color and overall quality. Here is what the different designations mean:

                      • Whole - Refers to cashews sold in their shells or as whole kernels.
                      • Splits - Cashew kernels that have been cut in half.
                      • Large pieces - Big, chunky broken sections of the kernel.
                      • Small pieces - Smaller crumbled bits of cashew.
                      • Baby bits - Very tiny, powder-like particles and crumbs.
                      • White wholes - Whole cashew kernels with ivory white color.
                      • Scorched wholes - Whole light brown kernels with slight surface scorching.
                      • Dessert pieces - Mix of large and small pieces for use in sweets and desserts.
                      • Food processing - Chips, meal and flour made by further grinding cashew pieces. Lower grades but useful for certain applications.

                      Higher grades like whole nuts and large pieces demand higher prices. Lower grades work well for recipes where appearance is less important.

                      How long do cashews last?

                      If stored properly in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, cashews can last:

                      • Raw cashews - 9 to 12 months.
                      • Roasted cashews - 6 to 12 months. Shorter shelf life due to oils released during roasting.
                      • Flavored cashews - 3 to 6 months. Flavorings reduce shelf life compared to plain.
                      • Cashew pieces - 6 to 12 months. Broken pieces expose more surface area to air.
                      • Cashew butter - 6 to 12 months once opened. Refrigeration extends life to 2 years.
                      • Cashew milk - 7 to 10 days opened. 4 to 6 months unopened.

                      Freeze cashews in airtight packaging for maximum freshness up to 12 months. Properly stored, they will maintain quality and flavor over time.

                      What are some substitutes for cashews?

                      If you don't have cashews, possible substitute nuts include:

                      • Almonds - Closest match. Sweeter and lighter in texture but provides nutty flavor.
                      • Pistachios - Slightly fruity flavor. Lower fat content.
                      • Pecans - More subtle, sweet flavor. Similar fat content.
                      • Walnuts - Bolder, earthy flavor. Higher fattiness.
                      • Peanuts - Much stronger peanut flavor. Won't mimic true cashew taste.
                      • Sunflower seeds - Milder. Provides texture in recipes but not cashew richness.

                      Adjust quantity when substituting to account for variance in oil content between nuts. While not exactly the same, these nuts can work in a pinch.


                      With their sweet, creamy taste, cashews are a versatile nut that can be used in both sweet and savory recipes or enjoyed on their own. Selecting the right cashew depends on your intended use, whether snacking, cooking or processing. Raw versus roasted, whole versus pieces, salted or flavored - each type provides a different experience. Where possible, opt for high quality grades for optimal freshness, texture and flavor. Proper storage will help cashews retain their quality for longer use. With so many options to choose from, cashews offer something for every taste and recipe need.


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