Best Blender for Almond Milk

Making almond milk at home is a great way to save money and control the ingredients that go into your milk. With a good blender, it's easy to make smooth, creamy almond milk from scratch in just minutes. But not all blenders are created equal when it comes to making nut milks. The best blender for almond milk will pulverize the almonds into a very fine texture and emulsify the milk so it is perfectly smooth with no separation.

Best Blender for Almond Milk

When shopping for a blender for homemade almond milk, there are a few key features to look for. You want a powerful motor, sharp blades, and a pitcher design that will create a vortex to thoroughly blend the ingredients. Variable speed controls allow you to go from low to high as needed to fully grind the almonds and blend the milk. You'll also want to consider the size and number of pitchers included, as larger capacity pitchers are more efficient for making bigger batches.

In this buying guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the best blender for making smooth, creamy, and delicious homemade almond milk.

Enfmay Smoothie Blender

Enfmay Smoothie Blender Maker 1450W High Performance Blender for Kitchen with 4 Preset Programs 8...

    Looking for a powerful, versatile blender that can handle all your smoothie cravings? The Enfmay Smoothie Blender is an excellent choice. This blender features a robust 1450W motor and sharp stainless steel blades that can easily handle frozen ingredients and hard nuts without a problem.

    With its large 2L Tritan container, you can make smoothies for the whole family in one batch. The LCD display allows you to monitor blending times clearly. There are also 4 preset programs and 8 speed levels, giving you customization for the perfect blend every time.

    Key features:

    • 1450W powerful motor
    • 3 layers + 8 stainless steel blades
    • 4 preset programs
    • 8 speed controls
    • 2L large capacity


    • Strong enough for hard ingredients like frozen fruit
    • Large capacity for family-sized batches
    • LCD display for clear blending times
    • Customizable with speed and program settings


    • Base cannot go in dishwasher
    • Louder than some blenders

    AlfaBot N1 Nut Milk Maker

    Nut Milk Maker, Automatic Almond Milk Machine for Homemade Plant-Based Milk, Oat, Soy, Dairy Free...

      Tired of store-bought nut milks filled with preservatives? The AlfaBot N1 Nut Milk Maker allows you to easily make fresh, homemade nut milk right in your kitchen.

      This handy appliance features a powerful 600W motor and sharp stainless steel blades that quickly blend nuts into perfectly smooth, creamy milk. The automatic programs take out the guesswork.

      You'll love the versatility - it can make almond, coconut, cashew and more. The 20oz capacity is great for one or two servings. Cleaning is a breeze with the self-cleaning function.

      Key features:

      • Powerful 600W motor
      • Sharp 6 stainless steel blades
      • 1-touch automatic programs
      • 20oz capacity
      • Self-cleaning function


      • Makes fresh nut milk easily at home
      • Sharp blades yield smooth, creamy milk
      • Versatile for different nut milks
      • Compact size great for small households
      • Easy cleaning with self-clean function


      • Small capacity not ideal for large batches
      • Contains plastic components

      KOIOS 850W Countertop Blender

      KOIOS 900W Countertop Blenders to Make Shakes and Smoothies Protein Drinks Baby Food Nuts Spices,...

        Searching for an affordable countertop blender that can whip up smoothies, shakes, and more? The KOIOS 850W Countertop Blender is a great choice.

        This blender delivers with its 850W motor and unique 6-leaf blade design that blends efficiently. The 47oz total capacity meets the needs of most households. It comes with two 18.6oz to-go cups - perfect for blending up portable breakfasts and snacks.

        Cleaning is easy thanks to the detachable blades and cups. The pulse technology gives you great control over texture.

        Key features:

        • 850W motor
        • Unique 6-leaf blades
        • 47oz total capacity
        • Comes with two to-go cups
        • Easy to clean


        • Powerful enough for smooth purees
        • Large capacity for batches
        • Portable cups are convenient
        • Easy to clean and assemble
        • Affordable price point


        • Base can move during blending
        • Not the quietest model

        Homeleader 5-Cup Food Chopper

        Electric Food Chopper, 5-Cup Food Processor by Homeleader, 1.2L Glass Bowl Grinder for Meat,...

          Chopping vegetables, nuts, and meats by hand can be tedious. The Homeleader 5-Cup Food Chopper makes prep work a breeze.

          This electric chopper has a 300W motor and sharp stainless steel blades that pulverize foods in seconds with the touch of a button. The 1.2L glass bowl accommodates small batches suitable for 1-4 people.

          Operation is safe and user-friendly thanks to the non-slip base, easy grip handles, and safety interlock lid. Cleaning the removable blades and dishwasher-safe bowl is simple.

          Key features:

          • 300W powerful motor
          • Sharp stainless steel blades
          • 1.2L glass bowl
          • Safety lock lid
          • Dishwasher-safe


          • Chops food incredibly fast
          • User-friendly and safe to operate
          • Suitable for small households
          • Easy to disassemble and clean
          • Durable construction


          • Not ideal for large batches
          • Requires food to be cut into smaller pieces first

          Arcmira Automatic Nut Milk Maker

          Arcmira Automatic Nut Milk Maker, 20 oz Homemade Almond, Oat, Soy, Plant-Based Milk and Dairy Free...

            Tired of store-bought dairy milk? The Arcmira Automatic Nut Milk Maker offers a convenient way to make plant-based milk at home.

            This nut milk machine can quickly produce milk from almonds, cashews, coconut and more with the touch of a button. It features automatic programs, temperature controls, and a stirring column for smooth results without grit.

            The 600ml capacity makes single servings. Operation is simple with the LED screen and sound alerts. Cleanup is easy thanks to the self-cleaning function.

            Key features:

            • 1-touch automatic programs
            • Temperature and time controls
            • Built-in stirring column
            • 20oz capacity
            • Self-cleaning


            • Makes fresh homemade nut milk easily
            • Customizable results
            • Compact size great for small households
            • Easy to use with LED screen
            • Convenient self-cleaning


            • Small capacity not ideal for batches
            • Contains plastic components
            • Noise during operation

            Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder

            Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder, Stainless/Black, Mini

              Looking for an easy way to grind fresh spices and nuts? The Cuisinart SG-10 electric grinder allows you to unlock powerful flavors and aromas with the touch of a button. Simply add your spices, nuts or coffee beans and press down on the push-top lid to activate the durable stainless steel blades. They pulverize ingredients in seconds for immediate use or storage.

              The compact size is perfect for small batches of spices. No more waste from buying pre-ground spices in bulk. The 90 gram capacity bowl with lid has just enough room to grind what you need. The heavy-duty 200-watt motor handles hard spices like cinnamon sticks or allspice berries with ease. Cleanup is a breeze thanks to the dishwasher-safe removable bowl and lid.

              Key features:

              • Specially designed blades optimized for grinding
              • Push-button on/off control for simple operation
              • Built-in safety interlock prevents accidental activation
              • Storage lid doubles as a cover for extra spices


              • Quickly grinds spices, nuts and coffee beans
              • Compact size great for small batches
              • Bowl and lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
              • 200-watt motor handles hard spices with no problem


              • Small capacity not ideal for large batches
              • No variable speed control

              BUAIAHUG 20oz Nut Milk Maker

              BUAIAHUG 20oz Nut Milk Maker Machine - Multi-Functional Automatic Almond with 10 Blades,...

                Tired of store-bought nut milks filled with preservatives and additives? The BUAIAHUG nut milk maker allows you to easily make fresh, homemade nut milk in minutes. It uses a powerful 600-watt motor and 10 surgical-grade stainless steel blades to perfectly crush nuts and seeds for smooth, delicious milk.

                The intuitive touchscreen gives you precise control with 9 auto programs. Make soy or oat milk on "Boil" setting or chilled almond milk using "Room Temp". The integrated heating system even allows you to make latte-style drinks. Cleaning is a cinch with the self-cleaning mode.

                This versatile appliance can also blend fruit for baby food or whip up a fruit smoothie drink. At 20 ounces, it makes the perfect single serving size to avoid waste. The compact size tucks neatly on your countertop for everyday use. Ditch store-bought milk filled with gums and emulsifiers you can't pronounce.

                Key features:

                • 10 high quality stainless steel blades
                • Touch screen with 9 auto programs
                • Integrated heating system with precise temperature control
                • Self-cleaning mode cleans interior in 2 minutes


                • Makes fresh nut milk easily at home in minutes
                • Strong 600W motor pulverizes nuts and seeds
                • Compact size great for single servings
                • Easy to use pre-programmed settings


                • Small capacity not ideal for large batches
                • Makes some noise when grinding nuts

                NUTR Nut Milk Maker

                NUTR Nut Milk Maker, Homemade Almond, Oat, Coconut, Soy, or Plant Based Milks and Non Dairy...

                  Tired of milk alternatives loaded with thickeners and stabilizers? The NUTR nut milk maker allows you to take control and make fresh, homemade plant-based milk easily. It uses a powerful motor and stainless steel blades to perfectly grind nuts, seeds, grains or beans into a smooth, creamy milk alternative in minutes.

                  The intuitive control panel features pre-programmed settings for soy, almond, rice or oat milk. Simply add ingredients, water and press start. The integrated heating system even allows you to make steamy lattes or warm milk for cereal or oats. Cleaning is easy with the 90-second self-cleaning mode.

                  At just 8-13 ounces, it makes the perfect single serving to avoid waste. The compact countertop size tucks neatly into any kitchen. Ditch store-bought milk filled with carrageenan and sunflower lecithin by making your own. You control the ingredients so you know exactly what's in your milk.

                  Key features:

                  • Stainless steel blades design optimized for nut grinding
                  • Programmed temperature settings for any milk type
                  • 90-second self-cleaning mode for easy cleanup
                  • Makes 8-13 oz single servings to prevent waste


                  • Makes fresh homemade plant-based milk easily
                  • Versatile heating options for hot or cold milk
                  • Compact size great for single servings
                  • Easy to use pre-programmed settings


                  • Small capacity not ideal for large batches
                  • Filter may need additional straining for smoothest milk

                  KOIOS PRO 850W Bullet Blender

                  Tired of cheap blenders that can't handle frozen drinks or ice? The KOIOS Pro bullet blender is built with power and versatility in mind. It uses a heavy-duty 850-watt motor and 6-edge stainless steel blades to crush ice, frozen fruits, tough veggies and nuts with ease.

                  The unique blade design provides smoother blending and mixing compared to standard 4-leaf blades. Pulsing technology lets you control texture and prevent over-blending your smoothies or shakes. The two portable cups with lids make it easy to blend protein shakes at home or work.

                  This versatile blender pulls triple duty for smoothies, coffee grinding and food prep. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the detachable cups and blades that are top-rack dishwasher safe. Ditch your underpowered blender and step up to the KOIOS Pro for power and consistency.

                  Key features:

                  • Powerful 850-watt motor pulverizes ice and frozen fruits
                  • Upgraded 6-edge stainless steel blade design
                  • Pulse technology for controlled blending
                  • 2 portable cups with lids for maximum convenience


                  • Crushes ice and frozen ingredients with ease
                  • Unique blades provide smoother blending
                  • Portable cups great for travel or work
                  • Easy to clean with detachable components


                  • Not ideal for large batches or family-size portions
                  • Noise level may be unpleasant for some users

                  JAWZ High Performance Blender

                  JAWZ High Performance Blender, 64 Oz Professional Grade Countertop Blender, Food Processor, Juicer,...

                    Is your current blender struggling with tougher ingredients? The JAWZ high performance blender packs professional power into a home blender. It uses up to 600 watts of blending power with stainless steel blades that can easily crush ice, pulverize seeds, obliterate frozen fruit and emulsify nut butters.

                    The variable 10 speed dial provides precision control over texture and consistency. Pop it on high speed to liquefy ingredients in seconds or low speed for delicate mixing. The 64 ounce BPA-free pitcher has plenty of room for larger smoothies, batters, dressings and more.

                    Cleanup is easy thanks to the dishwasher-safe removable pitcher. Durable construction and professional-grade power make this an ideal long-term blender investment for your kitchen. Kiss weak, inconsistent performance goodbye and enjoy smooth, tasty results every time.

                    Key features:

                    • Up to 600 watts of professional blending power
                    • Variable 10 speed dial for precision control
                    • 64 oz BPA-free pitcher for larger batches
                    • Durable stainless steel blades pulverize tough ingredients


                    • Crushes ice, seeds, frozen fruit with ease
                    • Large pitcher perfect for big batches
                    • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup
                    • Powerful performance comparable to commercial blenders


                    • Loud noise level during operation
                    • No pre-programmed settings or auto modes

                    Blender for Almond Milk Buying Guide

                    Making almond milk requires a blender that can completely pulverize almonds into a fine powder and blend the milk until smooth and creamy. Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a blender for almond milk:

                    Motor Power

                    The motor power determines how effectively the blender can grind hard almonds and blend the milk. For almond milk, you need a powerful motor of at least 1000 watts. 1800+ watts is ideal for the most efficient almond breakdown. More powerful motors have the strength to finely grind almonds in one go rather than needing to stop and stir frequently. They also create a fast-moving vortex for smooth emulsification. Look for a motor with advanced motor engineering that runs quieter while delivering optimal power.

                    Blade Design

                    The best blenders for almond milk have a durable, sharp blade assembly that can grind almonds into a super smooth powder. Four-prong blades work better than three for thoroughly chopping and pulverizing. Stainless steel or titanium blades are most durable. The blades should be easily removable for cleaning. A tamper is also useful for pushing unblended almonds into the blades while running.

                    Pitcher Size and Design

                    A blender pitcher between 48-64 ounces is ideal for almond milk batches. The pitcher should have a narrow base and curved walls to create a vortex that continuously folds ingredients into the blades. This is key for smooth emulsification of the milk. A pour spout on the lid makes it easy to transfer the milk into storage containers. Ventilated lids allow you to add ingredients while blending.

                    Speed Settings

                    The best blenders have variable speed settings ranging from low to high, plus pulse. Start slowly to get the almonds chopping, then go high speed to finely grind into powder. Use pulse for short bursts and low for blending in ingredients. Pre-programmed settings are also convenient for walk-away convenience.

                    Ease of Use and Cleaning

                    Look for dishwasher-safe, BPA-free blender pitchers that are simple to clean and assemble. Touchpad controls are sleek and easy to operate. A built-in scraper blade removes stuck-on bits. Auto clean settings make cleaning faster.

                    Brand and Warranty

                    Stick with reputable small appliance brands known for quality and durability. Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja, and Oster are top options. Opt for at least a 5-year or longer warranty on motor base and blades. This ensures your investment will last.


                    Expect to spend $100 to $700+ for a good blender for almond milk depending on the wattage and features. More powerful motors, larger pitchers, and advanced controls come with a higher price tag. But they allow you to make almond milk more efficiently in bigger batches.


                    How long does it take to make almond milk in a blender?

                    With a good blender, it only takes about 5-10 minutes to make almond milk from start to finish. Soaking the almonds overnight helps soften them for more efficient blending. Then it takes just minutes to grind the almonds into powder, blend with water and strain the milk.

                    Can you use a regular blender to make almond milk?

                    You can make almond milk in a regular blender but it won't be as smooth and creamy as with a more powerful model designed for grinding. For the best homemade almond milk, invest in a high-speed blender with a motor over 1000W. This ensures the almonds get finely ground.

                    What's the best milk to water ratio for almond milk?

                    The typical ratio is 1 cup raw almonds to 4 cups water. Adjust to taste if you prefer a thicker, creamier milk. Soak almonds 8-12 hours before blending for more milk yield.

                    Should you add oil to homemade almond milk?

                    Oil isn't necessary but can help make the milk creamier. Add 1-2 tsp avocado, coconut or olive oil after blending the almond milk. Oil is especially recommended for neutral-flavored milk.

                    How long does homemade almond milk last?

                    Homemade almond milk will keep fresh in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Freeze extra almond milk in ice cube trays or plastic freezer bags. It keeps frozen for 3 months. Shake before using as separation can occur.

                    What's the healthiest milk to use in homemade almond milk?

                    The healthiest milk bases for almond milk are water or coconut water, which have a neutral flavor. For a creamier milk, try coconut milk or cashew milk. Avoid cow's milk as the proteins don't blend well with almonds.

                    Should you strain homemade almond milk?

                    Yes, you need to strain almond milk after blending to remove the leftover almond pulp. Use a fine mesh bag, nut milk bag, cheesecloth or thin kitchen towel placed over a large bowl. Pour the milk through slowly and squeeze the bag to extract all the liquid.

                    How can you make smooth almond milk without grittiness?

                    To avoid gritty homemade almond milk, make sure to soak the almonds well before blending. Blend on high speed for at least one minute to fully grind the almonds into a powder. Strain the milk through a very fine nut milk bag without pressing too hard.


                    Making your own almond milk at home is easy and economical with the right high-powered blender. Look for a blender with at least 1000 watts, sharp blades, variable speeds, and a large pitcher capacity. Key features include pre-programmed cycles, a tamper, hands-free auto clean, and dishwasher-safe pitchers. With a quality blender designed specifically for making nut milks, you can quickly whip up fresh batches of smooth, creamy homemade almond milk anytime.


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